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Editor’s Choice: Best Car Apps for 2011

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This is the period of advance technology. Many social activities are now available for people. Mostly, people are not aware from all of these facilities. However, one can enjoy to pickup these facilities. Mobile apps are considering the most important part of these facilities. There are lots of mobile apps for drivers which can be used while driving the vehicle. These mobile apps can be generally divided into four main categories.

Best Mobile Car Apps

Most of the social media tools can be found in geo-location, entertainment, mobile phone integration apps and promotions. It is kept in mind that these applications are almost operated with the mobile devices. Some of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed using these applications. Mobile sets however, now become very pretty and small. But most of the auto companies are looking to share the social media with people in the vehicles.

Entertainment Apps

There are two sources of entertainment for traffic apps. These apps can easily be accessed from these sources. People can use these apps according to their requirement.

1. Aha Radio app

Aha Radio is one of the most promising free apps among all the available apps in market. This is an interesting offer for people that can be accessed from mobiles, wireless systems and many portable devices. There are lots of features of these apps including traffic data and access of stored music and navigation assistance etc. People can access the favorite music stations of their interest using these apps.

2. Pandora app

People can listen to favorite tunes of their choice while traveling. There are many features of Pandora app available mostly in mobile phones. These apps give variety of music features like other traffic apps to the people. People can share their favorite music stations with their friends and family members. There are many other music features are available in Pandora app.

Geo-location app

There are two types of geo-location apps introduced by different groups. People can easily find and access the locations of their interest using these apps.

1. Google Maps

Automobiles are generally used to move from one place to another. So, geo-location is considered to be an important app among all the mobile apps. Whenever, a person thinks about the geolocation, Google maps are immediately comes in mind.

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Opera Mini For iPhone Crosses One Million Downloads

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Just as Opera’s browser got accepted by Apple, the iPhone application got downloaded 1,023,380 times within 24 hours of its release. Currently, Opera Mini is the number one iPhone app in the 22 featured Apple App Stores on their site.

Finally launched on 14 April, Apple took three weeks to approve the program for iPhone, although it is already being used by other mobile phones.

The Opera Mini browser can provide almost six times faster download speed as compared to Apple’s own browser. It can also cut data traffic up to 90 percent. Moreover, the biggest advantage of Opera Mini is that all kinds of videos are supported, even Flash or sites like YouTube. This is due to the fact that the video is first rendered on the server and then sent to the device.

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iPhone Apps For College Students

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An iPhone has become a must-have for all age groups including college students. Although there are many apps available, there are a few that have been created especially to make life for college students easier, helping them out to organize their schedules and work. Here are some great apps that have been designed specifically for college students.

iStudiez Pro

it is quite difficult for students to keep everything organized when they are following the busy college routine. There is a lot to remember between classes, home works and exams. iStudiez Pro helps to make life a little easier for student by helping them to Organize their classes, exams and professors into a simple easy to understand interface that tells them what to do and when.This iPhone app is available for $2.99 and also offers a number of different schedule views and a view for “Today” that shows what is ahead in schedule for the day.

Search Car Parking Via Your iPhone

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A new iPhone app has been designed that will solve your ever hated problem of “where to park your car?” The service which was launched in London this week, is built on a website that helps motorists to get a hold of the hard-to-find parking spaces in central London.

Its not that this wasn’t possible before the advent of this app. People used to visit the website of Park-Up.com and enter their destination in order to locate the cheapest places to park in the city. But the launch of this app has made it much easier to do so.

The best part is that this new iPhone parking app will automatically ‘know’ where you are. The app will tell the drivers about the hours of enforcement, what charges they will have to pay for that particular parking place and what the penalties will be if they get it wrong.

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Digg App For iPhone

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Bored with twitter and Reddit? Good news is that Digg has finally made it to your iPhone, allowing you to share your links with other contacts.

The greatly anticipated app was released last week, allowing Digg members to submit and vote on links to content. This app was long due as its biggest rival Reddit had released its iPhone app more than a year back.

The Digg app, which is currently free, is meant to allow users to read content and comments from the site. The app utilizes an integrated Safari mobile browser, allowing the users to view the content.

How To Unlock Your iPhone Successfully?

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Although getting an iPhone can be really appealing, but figuring out how to unlock the device can be a big headache.

If you have been trying hard to figure a way out to unlock it, then you must have experienced a lot of scams and fake configurations or software.

Although there are thousands of iphone 3G unlocking solution providers out there, each one claiming that they offer the best unlocking solution, unfortunately most of them are just scams, offering non effective solutions.

10 Easter iPhone Apps For Kids

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Easter holidays bring a lot of excitement and fun for children, but they can prove to be hectic for parents who strive hard to keep their children busy during the ling break.

If you want to give your children some happy time, and wish for something that would keep them busy for a while, then here is a list of Easter apps for children to enjoy.

1. Sneezies Easter Edition

This is an Easter version of the game Sneezies. Having 24 levels and 8 mode levels, the player strives to rescue as many Sneezies as possible by bursting their bubbles with finger. The game has appealing graphics and good sound effects, something that attracts children a lot.

2. Dress Eggy

With Dress Eggy, you can decorate your egg, attach it to a postcard and send to your friends. The app allows you to decorate your eggs using various colors and shapes. You can also choose additional wallpapers and record your personal message or use a pre-recorded one.

Alice in Wonderland for iPhone

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With the the recent release of the film from Disney, Alice in Wonderland has made its way to iPhone with a great 2-D adventure game, and the game surely has much more to often than the movie.

In the game, you are Alice, who is an older girl (as compared to the old story) and has no memory about her last visit to Wonderland, which was ten years back. Alice must now escape the twisted Wonderland where she is trapped in.

To do this, Alice, i.e. you, will have to take help from some of your old friends which include the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, and the Mad Hatter. Each friend has a special power that you must use to solve puzzles and escape Wonderland.

Yahoo’s Sketch-a-Search iPhone App

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There are certain apps that simply make your life easier, providing you the right solution at the right time. And what is more important than fulfilling the basic human instinct of hunger.

Yahoo’s new Sketch-a-Search engine is just the application you need to find out about the nearest, and the coolest restaurant whenever you want. The app, which was released just recently is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Basically, Sketch-a-Search is a location-based dining guide. Once you turn it on, a Google map appears showing your immediate surroundings. Now comes the fun part. The app allows you to use your finger to draw on the iPhone, indicating the area around which you want to find the restaurant.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Apple iPad

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Although the pre-order for the iPad has started, but if you still don’t know what an iPad is and what can you do with it, here is a list of the main five points that distinguish an iPad from the rest of the devices.

Apple iPad

1. It looks like a big iPhone

If you compare it with the iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen, the iPad’s 9.7-inch one looks huge. But with the single home button that typical icon layout style, you can immediately recognize it as one of Apple’s device. Being half an inch in thickness, it weighs around 680g. The battery life is upto 10 hours if used continuously, or a month on standby.

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