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Top Cydia Aapplications

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After jailbreaking your iPhone, the installation procedure leaves a new app on your home screen, this app called “Cydia” allows you to access the jailbreak app databanks that are essential in downloading your favorite jailbreak applications. Once there were used to be numerous jailbreak installers on your phone or iPad, but now, with the integration of Installer into Cydia and the union of Rock into Cydia, all the jailbreak applications are now in one location. Jailbreak apps used to be free once, but nowadays there are a number of commercial apps obtainable that have a much higher standard.

After such a long time jailbreak apps, especially for your iPhone and iPad are becoming more and more stable. Now you should not worry about jailbreaking apps corrupting your system or installing worms, botnets or viruses. And now you can also Keep track of all your transactions and space inside the Cydia app. It has never been this easy, especially on the iPad.

Now here are our latest picks for the top three Cydia apps that are a must have on your iPhone.

1. Winterboard and Summerboard

What these two apps basically do is to change your background and icons and also change your entire UI. It only has this one tiny problem, which is that you’ll undergo through some delay to accomplish your preferred result, but it usually has some pretty awesome results. You can change only the keyboard, but not the UI( User Interface ), or vice versa, and also you can modify every detail of the Springboard. For 2010 and 2011 are the new “Live Wallpapers” like the android that permits your iPhone to use totally neat stirring backgrounds. This effect while making your phone look absolutely cool also drains your battery.

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Best To Do List iPhone Apps

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iPhone is used by millions of users, who use it for various purposes. The most popular uses of iPhones are to make and receive calls, playing games and capturing videos etc. Apart from these uses, iPhone offer a great number of other facilities that users can select according to their wish and requirements. You can use your iPhone as your helper such as by installing relevant applications to your iPhone you can make it a perfect helper for you to carry out daily works.

You can make the use of this gadget more productive than using it just for making calls or playing games. To do so, you have to install appropriate applications into your iPhone. You might be wondering about what applications you should install, so take a look on the following applications that are regarded as the best 5 apps for iPhone.

1. Smart Time

Smart Time is one the most useful iPhone applications. It is basically a calendar that is having a “to do list” option which makes it the best suited iPhone application. This is a unique application because it helps you to keep the record of all pending works and also helps you to manage various works of your life.

2. All in Notes

It is another “to do list” application that has made number second on this list. This application let you save a “to do list” in text format. This application also allows you to leave voice messages and a lot other options.

3. ToDo

It is a great helping tool to help you managing your day to day tasks and it helps you to keep yourself updated with your projects.

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Best Battery Extenders for iPhone

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Many best mobile phone companies are also providing many good and beneficial accessories for the mobile phones. Out of these best companies, iPhone is also providing many good accessories for the iPhone mobile users. These accessories help the iPhone users to use their iPhone more easily and conveniently. These accessories also include some battery extenders. These battery extenders help the iPhone user to use the battery for a long time, during long journeys or in long working days.

Best five battery extenders for iPhone

There are many good and useful accessories for the iPhone.

There are also some battery extenders in these accessories. Out of hundreds of such accessories, following are the best five battery extenders for the iPhone mobiles to ease the iPhone users.

1. Kensington K33457US charging dock with mini battery pack

This battery extender is especially designed for iPhone4. This battery extender is considered to be the best battery extender for iPhones. For those iPhone users who can not charge their iPhone battery ever day can use this iPhone battery extender. This will help to extend the time of the battery up to 30 to 35 hours, if you only listen to music, six hours for video and three hours for talking time.

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Top 10 Reasons: Why I did not buy iPhone 4

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The iPhone 4G released earlier this year. Sadly, this iPhone is facing many problems. We shall consider all these problems, below.

1 – Global Conversations

Firstly, AT&T does not support Skype Mobile on the iPhone. This includes international calls as well. Both AT&T and Apple also have to figure out other things. This includes allowing IP phone calls to run over the cellular data network.

2 – Wireless Syncing

Don't Buy

The iPhone 4G can only be synced with the computer, through a USB cable. It has been suggested that a better solution would have been Wi-Fi. Syncing your iPhone through Wi-Fi would have been less of a hassle.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer Android Phones. The Android Phones do not require a USB cable. Apple would also have been better without it.

However, Greg Hughes has developed an App. It is known as the Wi-Fi Sync app. It allows you to completely sync your iPhone with iTunes.

4 – Tethering with AT&T

It is available by AT&T in other countries as well. This includes the United Kingdom and Canada. Users in the United States are, however, still awaiting its arrival. Tethering lets you share your internet connection with your computer.

5 – Flash Support

Many Apple users have been waiting in the hopes that Apple will integrate Adobe Flash Support into Safari. Sadly, this will not happen. Steve Jobs is not a huge fan of Flash.

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Best Business Apps for iPhone 4G

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The iPhone 4G store presents more than 1000 business applications on weekly basis for the iPhone 4G users. Owing to its wide coverage and the number of business applications offered by Apple Computers, the demand of apple iPhone 4G has significantly increased. Apple has actually introduced apps for a diverse range of people. Now the various groups of people like gamers, music lovers, travelers or business men have their own choices for using iPhone 4G applications. Even at the beginning of 2010, Apple has introduced the best iPhone 4G  business applications for iPhone 4G fans.

Top iPhone Apps 2010

The top applications developed for iPhone 4G are the games and music softwares for the niche of teenagers/adults. The reason for its liking is its simple downloading process. Furthermore, if the user gets bored with one application, he can move on to the next one.  In the below given paragraphs, we will also provide info about some of the best iPhone 4G business applications in 2010.

Dropbox 1.2.2

This application is particularly for the people who are PC or laptops freaks. Dropbox helps you in accessing your personal files on either of them. It endows with memory card of 2GB for file storage which can be easily accessed from any of the computer. With the help of this application, you can view your saved videos, images, spreadsheets, presentations and documents on your iPhone 4G, Apple iPad and iPod Touch


Most likely, you are unable to record a video with your iPhone 3G. On the contrary, with the aid of iCamcorder you can record video; no matter, what model of iPhone you own. It can not only bang 15 pictures in a second, but can record sound as well. Actually, the iCamcorder generates a slideshow which is exactly like a video recording. With an old model of iPhone, you must have this application.

Apple iBooks 1.1

Generally people think that it is an e-book reader; but it is a superb PDF files reader too. This is a very useful application and organizes your books as well as PDF files with the help of a fancy bookshelf. Additionally, this bestows you with an opportunity to read classic literature free from online Apple store. When you work with more Apple devices, the uses of Apple iBook enhances.

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5 Must Have Chargers for iPhone 4 Owners

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Isn’t it the most irritating feeling when you’re having a conversation with your friend and i Phone 4 battery runs out? Well, for most of us it is since we love this our i Phone 4. Therefore, to keep your fun maximized, we have identified various options which would help you charge your phone if you’re at home, in the car, or on to the go.

1. Beam Box Mili Power Pack

With the use of this device, it will allow you to use your iPhone up to a period of 16 hours if you’re on the go. This is a recommended product for those who are often travel, for instance if you are traveling and have no way of charging your phone. With the sleek look, it does not ruin the physical appearance of your i Phone. This device would cost you around $70 depending where you purchase it from.

2. Belkin Tune Cast Auto

With the help of this device, you are not only allowed to charge your iPhone but also choose your favorite track on the radio to be played on your car stereo. This is a car charger and is helpful for those who wish to charge their phones while driving. For instance, if you forgot to charge your phone at night and have to rush to work the next day then you could charge it while on your way to work. It does not occupy much space and could be carried anywhere. The cost for this is up to $80.

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iPhone Software

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The latest iPhone 4G is a masterpiece in terms of being a regular phone plus a full fledged media device, determined to give you a much more fantastic user experience. The phone’s basic software is enough to keep you busy for a long long time to come, but that doesn’t seem to be enough, so the phone is now manufactured with space for holding in 2160 applications! Now that is where users would simply never leave their phones alone.

From watching movies on the phone, to read e-books, from browsing facebook to downloading games, everything related to the internet seems possible through this phone.

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Why You Should Get An iPhone 4G?

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The iPhone 4G is the latest iPhone model to hit the market. It comes with outstanding features that makes it not a mere phone, rather a full fledged media device. There are millions of apps that can be downloaded, games that could be played, and many other entertaining aspects. Besides that it is immense downloading speed, a superb processor, wider and sharper screen, thin infrastructure and built to suit all your needs, whether your a professional or simply a technology lover.

Here are some reasons as to why you should get the iPhone 4G instead of any other regular phone. But beware, the price could be a little off budget.

1). Improved Screen: The screen is now much better with 326 pix/inch, 3.5 inches in total and is more sharper and wider, which allows you to read e-books more easily.

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iPhone 4G, A Great Business Phone

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Most of the users nowadays wish for a phone that satisfies their entertainment needs, offers good emailing facility and faster web browsing, has a music player, camera facility, allows easy social networking, and not to forget, offers good call connectivity.

It is now possible to enjoy all these features in a single handset, the Apple iPhone 4G, which can offer a lot more through the various apps available on the Apple Store. What makes it more special is the fact that it will be offered by five different companies, Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-mobile and Virgin, each one offering its own unique package.

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iPhone 4G Leakage

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This news is one of the most controversial topic this month, concerning Apple and its seemingly latest product the iPhone 4G. The reason of its controversy, is that Apple Inc never announced or even hinted for the release of a latest iPhone, but unfortunately it was somehow leaked out when a prototype of the so called latest iPhone 4G was found lying on the floor of a local bar, supposedly dropped by an Apple engineer named Gray Powell in Redwood City and it was picked by a person who then sold it to Gizmodo. This is the current outline of the mishap. The point here to note is that Apple Inc’s policies about developing softwares have always been very sacred and for the first time such a critical blunder has been made.

The story revolves around Engadget a gadget blog that posted a blurred picture of which it said might be the new iPhone 4G, and also added that it was found in a local bar floor in San Jose, Calif.

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