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Motorola Vs. Apple: Battle is On!

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As soon as new technology is introduced in the smart phones, sales war starts among the competitive companies. Now is the time for online sellout for Motorola’s Droid X. Although the companies do not reveal their actual sales data, the Droid X seems to be sold out in advance on internet sales and soon it will be short.

Droid’s Sale

Droid X and iPhone

According to research, the Verizon version of Google’s smart phone is doing great sale and in short supply at Verizon stores. Soon it is will be the same with retailers. So everyone wants change, other than Apple’s I-phone, whose sale is now reduced due to its reception difficulty. Verizon also promoted the Droid a lot, which is offered by other carriers too. Droid has not very quick sale now and it is unfamiliar to many but it is said to the potential to catch the sales of Apple’s iPhone.

Droid’s Advantage

The droid promoters say that apple is only at the top for its sales not for its usability. According to them Droid is more user friendly than Apple in many applications. In Droid the users are being able to create their own applications without having to submit them to Apple. It has multiple carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

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Jailbreak – Unlocking Apple iOS devices

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Do you need unlocking your iPads, iPhones and iOS devices for installation and use of applications?

This can be done now with a technique called “jailbreaking” on the website “jailbreakme.com” by following easy steps listed below:

Jailbreaking? What is it?

Jailbreaking is a process of getting into file system of your iPhone, iPad or any iOS device to make changes inside operating system of device.

It looks amazing that you can install more applications in your device and enjoy the stuff in your own way. Isn’t that???

Now what you have to do is exactly follow steps below. This method will work for iOS 3.2.1 version iPads, iPhones and iPhone 4 also.

Procedure Of Jailbreak:

  • Navigate to website  “www.jailbreakme.com” on your iPad, iPhone or iPhone4 device
  • Slide the unlock button on main page to unlock the device.


The Jailbreaking Laws:

You will need to plug in the iOS device which you want to JailBreak. The process seems to be quite simple and easy and no doubt it is.

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2010 Rumors About iPod: Truth and Fiction

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It is fair to say that iPhone makers have had a few hectic months. Antenna gate still some gloss off the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple is trying to move quickly to the whole affair under the carpet shame once and for all.So how does the Cupertino Company to compensate for missed unhappy past events? Be ‘, Apple’s special event “to show off a huge revised iPod Nano and iPod Touch might just do the trick.

Surveying what has already sunk into cyberspace on a possible new addition to the family of Apple PMP, see below for our race to the bottom of rumors about the new iPod Touch.

iPhone OS 3.2 Reveals New iPod Touch

In April this year as the iPad has been hitting the stores, Boy Genius Report has noticed that the OS supports in terms of new models of iPod, iPhone and iPad. While this may not be a surprise since Apple tends to update their programs regularly these days, it was still enough to get these fanbois speculate what Apple had lined up next.

New iPod Touch Specifications

UK retailer John Lewis leaves more than the cat out of the bag, revealing not only an updated iPod Touch was on the cards, but they had an idea about the specifications which they said was based on “sound that we hear from suppliers.”

During an event to show his range in July, saying the retailer that there was a five mega pixel camera with flash, HD video, an accelerometer and a camera gyroscope forward facing to forward video calls FaceTime.

Face Time

He had a new iPod Touch picture that shows the face of a space-time camera. This feature is only working between the iPhone four handsets.

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Best Battery Extenders for iPhone

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Many best mobile phone companies are also providing many good and beneficial accessories for the mobile phones. Out of these best companies, iPhone is also providing many good accessories for the iPhone mobile users. These accessories help the iPhone users to use their iPhone more easily and conveniently. These accessories also include some battery extenders. These battery extenders help the iPhone user to use the battery for a long time, during long journeys or in long working days.

Best five battery extenders for iPhone

There are many good and useful accessories for the iPhone.

There are also some battery extenders in these accessories. Out of hundreds of such accessories, following are the best five battery extenders for the iPhone mobiles to ease the iPhone users.

1. Kensington K33457US charging dock with mini battery pack

This battery extender is especially designed for iPhone4. This battery extender is considered to be the best battery extender for iPhones. For those iPhone users who can not charge their iPhone battery ever day can use this iPhone battery extender. This will help to extend the time of the battery up to 30 to 35 hours, if you only listen to music, six hours for video and three hours for talking time.

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Best iPhone WinterBoard Themes

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If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you have an iPhone and want to make it more beautiful and eye-catching. The best way to do that is by downloading themes from Cydia, a free software that lets you download loads of fun themes. You would also need the iPhone Winterboard, which is the best and easiest way to Jailbreak and download free iPhone aps.

Following is a compilation of the hottest iPhone Themes available on Cydia Themes.

iphone winterboard themes

Doodle Christmas Theme

Ho Ho Ho. Heres a theme from Santa and his workers to rekindle your iPhone’s Christmas spirit

iOS 4.0 Winterboard Theme

You don’t have to download the iPhone 4.0 Software to get its classy look. This theme gives you that Elegent look

Alit Winterboard Theme

This theme gives your iPhone a glossy and appealing look, and is very eye catching

GinoAwesome Theme

Go back in time and be young again with the colourful and cute icons in this theme.

Classica iPhone 4 Winterboard Theme

Every iPhone 4 must have this theme. Its HD icons will captivate your eyes.

Blue Thunder WinterBoard Theme

Addicted to power? Theres nothing more powereful than the lighting! And this theme gives you exactly that.

Ferrari WinterBoard Theme

Use your iPhone to show your addiction to the Hot Red Ferrari with this theme

Avatar HD Video iPhone Theme

The movie that captivated the imaginations of billions of people across the globe is now on your iPhone in this amazing HD video Theme.

iComplete 3 iPhone Theme

The iComplete 3 theme is full of surprising icons that will capture your attention every time!

Ultimate Chrome Theme

This theme makes your iPhone mettalic and shiny, enough to make your friends take a second look

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How to Sync iPhone 4 with iTunes

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Syncing your iPhone 4 with iTunes is not difficult. If you have an iPhone 4 and you want to have it synced with iTunes, you just need to follow a simple procedure and you will get done with it. Following are some details about the procedure.

Syncing your iPhone 4 with iTunes

Syncing iTunes

People who owe iPhone 4 and get that synced with their iTunes account are showing positive response regarding this. They love this feature. It is quite interesting as well. The beginners may not have much idea and knowledge about it, but they shouldn’t worry. It is quite easy. It is to inform the starters that you have got a lot of options to get synced the following features of your iPhone 4. These features are photos, videos, contacts of your phone book, calendars; you Email settings, Notes, Ring tones, Bookmarks, Music, Web page bookmarks, books, audio books and Pod casts.  This is really interesting and appealing.

Steps for Syncing Between iPhone 4 and iTunes

There are several simple steps that you need to follow in order to execute this and setting up your iPhone for syncing.

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Top 10 Best Android 3.0 Features

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The Android 3 can be made widely popular amongst the customers with the incorporation of following features:

Battery Life/Power Management Improvements

The most popular Android enhancements is battery life. The smart phones are infamous because of having little battery time period.  Android is, however, best amongst the worst lot. This feature varies between the different handsets. Nonetheless, some of the Android phones are really with pathetic battery life.

Now with the splashing technological breakthrough and more active magnitude of power usage, Android has been much ahead of its competitors in having a better battery life

Homing/ Tracking Facility

This feature has must amazed many of the customers, especially those who want to keep a track of their friends and loved ones; certainly with their permission. Tracking is also a good choice, especially in case of loss of your phone; generally you will require another phone or a personal computer to locate your missing phone.

New Android Market

There has been an exceptional growth in the Android marketing.  However, it is very unfortunate that technologically Android is not compatible with thousands of applications.  You don’t really find a good way to look for the applications that you have not used so far.

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Unlock iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1/4.0 with Ultrasnow 1.0-1

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Recently, the Dev-Team released the carrier unlock for the iPhone 4. The version 1.0-1 of Ultrasnow supports unlocking iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.1/4.0. It is hoped that this will solve many problems.

The Carrier Unlock

The Ultrasnow 1.0-1 will be able to unlock two things. Firstly, the iPhone 4 baseband 01.59. Secondly, 3G/3GS basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, and 05.13.04.

Unlocking the iPhone 4

For unlocking the iPhone 4 certain steps need to be followed. However it must be noted at first that T- Mobile USA users must disable 3G first. For doing this they must, firstly, open settings, go to general, which will lead them to the network option. Over here, they must turn the “Enable 3G” switch to OFF.

Steps To follow To Unlock The iPhone 4

The first step to follow is to jailbreak your iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1/4.0 with Jailbreakme. Secondly one will have to go to “Cydia” , which will lead to the option of “Manage”. After doing this you will press on to “Sources”, and then the “Edit” option. Lastly you will go for the option “Add”.

After one has successfully followed the previous instructions, you will have to enter the URL, which is repo666.ultrasn0w.com. After this you will press the option of “Add Source”. The next step is to tap the Search tab in Cydia and search for “Ultrasn0w”.

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iPhone 4: Signal Loss, Yellow Spots Problem

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iPhone 4 has been a much awaited phone. However, it seems to be jinxed. Since the moment of its release this phone has been causing problems for its users.


The first new feature added by Apple in the iPhone 4 is that of two cameras. The one in the front is for taking pictures. The second one is for the option of video conferencing.

The second new feature is that of a Retina Display. It has four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models. This allows the images and text on the phone to appear more sharper and clearer.

They are many other features in the iPhone. These include HD Video Recording and Editing and multitasking. The camera has also been updated into one of 5 mega-pixel, with built-in LED Flash.


Apple has been very successful in the market with their electronics. The iPhone and the iPad have been huge hits all over the world. Apple seems to be monopolizing the market.

The Problem

It is the success enjoyed by Apple that is being questioned by many consumers, all over the world. Users of the iPhone 4 are not satisfied with the performance of there phones.

Firstly, the retina display seems to have a yellow spot on its screen. This has caused complaints of the device looking very ugly. This is not a problem that is arising in all the iPhone’s, but is present in some of them.

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How to Transfer iPhone 3G Apps to iPhone 4G?

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With the rapidly changing models of iPhone, the users of iPhone must also come across the question ; How I can transfer the iPhone 3G apps to iPhone 4G, especially when you and your close relatives, like wife, son or brother are using different models of iPhone with the distinction of 3G and 4G. You, don’t need to worry; as it is pretty simple to do so. Not only this, but through this process; you can also copy any licensed iTunes from one PC to another. This method is adopted to transfer the apps from iPhone 3G to iTunes and then to the ultimate object iPhone 4G.

Instructions that need to be followed are:

  1. The foremost step is to open iTunes on the PC that you uphold with the iPhone 3G.
    : You must ensure to use the iTunes that assimilates to the targeted iPhone 4G. There is a great probability of muddling up the things, if you sync your iTunes with iPhone 4G (the one with your wife).

  2. You must permit iTunes to utilize and access your account details, which is dissimilar to the one on PC at present. This can be done at the most to five separate computers. It is in fact very easy; go to “Store> and click authorize computer”
  3. You need to verify your iTunes account details and then click “Authorize”. The software will let you know, if you have authorized more than five computers. In this regard, you will have to free the one on copy of iTunes that you have already authorized. Subsequently choose “Store> De authorize Computer”.

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