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Connectivity With Wireless Network

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Wireless internet access has made it possible for their users to operate a laptop computer to its maximum performance. Nowadays portable computers are more in use so for that they surely want their web connections to wireless internet access. Advance technology has enhanced the business structure by increasing productivity and accuracy. Moreover it surely saves time of the employees and the management with wireless internet access.

Mobility Of Internet

It has become so common that users can have internet access everywhere they go around the globe. For those who want to use internet all the time can now take their laptops with wireless internet access everywhere. With modern technology marketing and industries are being modified. Due to laptop wireless internet access there is no need to be dependant on wires; it can be used anywhere like offices, schools, public places etc. Moreover it can be moved freely anywhere without the problem of wire.

For connection only thing required is wireless service with the coverage area. Offices use network providers and ISPs for internet access. On the other hand in homes internet service is provided by using gateways to networks connecting with small electronic devices. Adding to this Wi-Fi has increased the access to internet in public areas and in offices. Through this users can log in with Wi-Fi facility available in location nearby. Customers are amazed by the incredible speed and the accessibility of the wireless internet access.

Availability Of Wireless Network

With passing time new technologies are rapidly being introduced in the market; making internet access easier and more reliable. Hotspots have added more convenience for businessmen especially for those who travel all the time can easily log in anywhere with wireless LAN connections. Salespeople and dealers can now save their time while waiting for their flights at terminals with notebook wireless internet access. Read the full story

Broadband Internet

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Broadband Internet is the fastest and the most advanced form of connection available in the market today. It is fast, reliable and new. In broadband internet the modem is always connected so the user can connect and use the internet anytime. Pages on the internet appear instantly on the browser and downloading speeds are almost the fastest available. In addition to this new advancements are also popping up in this type of connection. We shall discuss all of this and advantages and disadvantages of using broadband internet in this article.


Well the best thing about the broadband internet is that it is fast and easy. While using broadband internet one can view videos, download huge files in minutes. While using broadband internet service you can also visit websites with higher traffic of users conveniently. But if you are using a dial-up connection things are almost opposite. The biggest advantage of using broadband internet is you don’t have to worry of someone picking up the phone which cancels the connection of a dial up internet. Some people specially buy a separate phone for using the internet which increases the cost of using the internet which a person would never want.

Phone Service

Broadband Internet offers telephony services to its customers. This is an exciting new service offered by broadband internet service. By using broadband internet a user can call on local and international destinations easily and conveniently. This service is also cheaper when compared to other services. Phone calls are connected through the internet as data packages which are sent through the internet to receiving end. Many companies offer packages starting from $15 to $30 and offer many features such as unlimited minutes to any place in the world which offers internet service. But the phone service while using broadband internet has disadvantages as well. Read the full story

Wireless Internet

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Wireless Internet service providers basically provide hassle free internet service connection. No wires are required in the installation of a wireless internet service. Instead they give the customer a modem which picks up the signal that has already been planted in the computer. Wireless connections are faster than conventional wired internet connections. People are starting to see the differences between the two types of internet connections i.e. wired and wireless and are finding the wireless internet connection much better in terms of use.

Wireless Service Providers

Now most internet providers are providing wired as well as wireless internet connections. Now while choosing an internet connection we have to choose the best in terms of its connectivity and browsing capabilities. Wireless internet providers must provide most of the benefits to their consumers. Here are a few tips while you choose your wireless connection.

Choosing a Wireless Connection

The first thing you must see is the affordability. Most internet providers give speedier connections at a higher rate. Then you have to check the mobility of the internet connection which means that internet access should be available at all places. This feature is best for on the go businessmen who require a fast and reliable internet connection while they are at fields. This feature is also good for students as they will also be able to connect their laptops absolutely anywhere.

Giving something to get Something Else

Money matters a lot when choosing an internet connection. Faster and more reliable internet service providers charge extra money for their performance as compared to others. This is completely reasonable as for extra speed you also give extra money while you choose a car. Read the full story

Complete List Of Free Fast DNS Servers

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Converting website names into IP addresses is the main role the DNS servers. It is for our ease and convenience that human readable domain names have been created. Actually these human readable domains that we type are again changed into IP addresses. So in simple words the fundamental job of the DNS is to convert the domain name into its particular IP address and IP address to its corresponding domain name. Both domain and IP addresses have the same task i.e. to open a website. So accordingly it can be just said that a particular IP address cannot be of more than one domain.

DNS Server Types

DNS Server Types

Recursive & non-Recursive are the two main types of DNS Servers. In a recursive, the client sends queries and receives complete feedback from the ISP’s recursive DNS Servers. This could also result in engaging the servers. A non-recursive DNS is one which provides a record of the domain without engaging other servers. Recursive server is mostly used at lower level such as in LAN networking. While the non-recursive servers are probably used for elite levels because of a higher number of requests, so that it provides partial results without engaging other servers.

Safety promotion

Using Chroot network is highly recommended for security reasons. Chroot environment is a process that produces a file that clones the main root system so that if an attacker is cracking the network to reach the root system, he cannot damage the whole system, because he has no access to those files which are not on that network.

Safety Risks

There are many issues resulting in the compromising on the DNS Security. Redirection is also a major problem in which an attacker is able to redirect name queries to the DNS servers controlled by him. Flooding one or more DNS servers on a network with recursive queries is a way by which an attacker denies the availability of network services. This is known as Denial of Service Attack. There is a process called foot print in which DNS Zone data could be obtained by the attacker to get information about domain names, computer names and IP addresses.

Advantages of DNS Server

The main advantage of DNS Server is that it is free and fast. One could surf on internet not only safely but also quickly. One can add the DNS domains manually in TCP / IP networks, so it is not only easier but also safer.

Free DNS

When it comes to surf the internet, free and fast DNS Servers are readily available. One can find many free DNS Providers on the internet that could act as a solid rung towards providing the particular DNS server according to requirement. Some of best providers are given below:



SpeakEasy (Seattle, WA, US)

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How to Make Your DSL Faster?

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DSL is a term used to describe range of high speed communications services. These services are provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) company over Telephone network .PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) uses a pair of copper wires to connect our telephone services to the national telephony network. DSL technology uses these wires to send or receive data.

Ways to Enhance the Speed of the DSL Connection

A user of DSL usually gets much lesser speed as compared to speed advertised by the company. A user can increased the speed of DSL Connection by using following ways:

1. POTS SPLITTER (plain old telephone service)

As we discussed above a user cannot get the exact speed as advertised or provide by the DSL Company. But a user can increase that speed by using POTS Splitter.

POTS splitter is a device which is used for increasing the speed of DSL connection.

It is used to divide a line into telephone and broadband by attaching it to the telephone jack. It has ability to improve the quality of voice and as well as the quality of data.

When the length of the data line is increased the quality and speed of the data is decreased.

POTS splitter is very useful device for the user of DSL. The best way for the user to use this device by attaching it at the boundary point or the network interface device which is installed by the DSL provider. By doing this user can enhance the speed and the quality of the data line from the ISP to the user’s DSL modem.

It is very beneficial for the user to put DSL modem next to the POTS splitter. In this way we make the telephone company responsible for the data quality, and they can trace out the data quality.

2. Buffer

This is another way to increase the speed of the DSL connection. A user can create Buffer in the computer’s main memory (RAM).Buffer is the cheapest and the easy way to speed up the DSL connection. It is usually ranged from 4MB to 8MB, but a user can increase its range depending on the size of the RAM.

3. Router

Router is also a device used for enhancing the speed and quality of DSL connection. It is commonly used in every DSL connection. There are so many types of routers like wireless router, multi output routers, commercial routers and consumer routers.

The software provided by the DSL provider must not be used by the user. Some ISPs restrict the use of router on the network, because they want to monitor the activities of user on internet. This does not mean that the user can not access the internet; the user only needs his user name and password provided by the ISPs to access the ISPs network. It is good for a user to use Linux Operating system instead of Windows operating system, because Linux provide better performance on a network as compared to Windows operating system.

4. TCP Receive Window

Another way to increase the speed of DSL Connection is by increasing the TCP receive window. By doing this the user can send more number of bytes.

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Why DNS Propagation Takes So Long?

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After getting your domain name registered, paying off to your web host to get hosting for your website, and uploading your website on the web server, its time to view the final shape of your website. If you cannot view your website after all this hard work then does it mean it that you are missing something or is it just something with DNS propagation?

dns propogation

Understanding DNS Propagation

Before understanding the DNS propagation, you should be aware of the working of DNS. A master DNS is created by your web hosting provider in the event when you set your website up with it. This Master DNS is recorded in the Domain Name Server of your web hosting provider. The company which registers your domain name contacts to the DNS server of your web hosting provider. Your domain name registrar does it as the master authority of your domain which you have registered with it.

How Your Website is Being Searched?

When an outsider source searches your website, it first switches to the registration database in order to find out about the DNS authority of your website. After then that it goes to the DNS sever of your web hosting service provider in order to find out the IP address of your website’s domain name. From this IP address, this outsider source locates your website and can view your website.

Caching the DNS Records

The only problem with this searching process is that when your website is searched on internet by an outside source, the search process is catalyzed, as every ISP caches it DNS records to display your website in quick time. Read the full story

Recommended Free and Fast DNS Servers

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It is very difficult to manage and DNS-server. It is quite difficult and can cause many problems to those who are unaware of this server but there are different instructions available on different websites and as well as in different DNS-server books. If a user follows these instructions, there will be no problem in managing a DNS-server. Following are some detail about the DNS-server and related problems.

Connection problem

Connection problem

Comcast is one of the most famous organization that is working against the problems of DNS-server. This organization is providing many useful tips and methods to the users to solve and fix the DNS-server connection problems. Comcast recommends the users to switch on the DNS to fix the problem as it is highly recommended.

Links provided by Comcast

Comcast is providing the solutions related to DNS-server and for this they recommend to follow their instructions and guideline. Comcast recommend following links to learn the solution;

Recommended DNS-servers

There are many DNS-servers. Every server is designed according to different countries. There are many types of DNS-servers like GTE, level-3 and Verizon. These all are too good in their performance and all provides a user, very good and fast speed. Following are the recommended DNS-servers:


ORSC’s public server

Many organizations are also recommending ORSC’s public server. This server is also very fast and good in its speed.

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Top 30 Free Fast DNS Servers

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There are different problems that occur during browsing the internet. These problems are caused due to several reasons. Some times sites are working properly and fast. But some times there are some problems occur with our servers. Our servers open BSNL and opens DNS servers, so that they can update the server. To solve this problem, you can use DNS server to open any specific website.

DNS meaning

DNS is the abbreviation of Domain Name System. This is a computer language to define any address or URL.

The DNS is in short, defines the address of different websites. For example, if you type any website in the address bar of your browser, it will automatically find the DNS server so that it could connect with the website. Without the DNS server it is not possible to connect to any website. On DNS server demand the server answer that contains an IP address. This IP address actually determines the location of the source.

Use of different DNS, when DNS default is slow

This is a normal problem when domain is moved and ISP banned the server to connect with any website. In such a case you can not view the websites and content of the page.

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Free Fast DNS Server Adresses

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The Domain Name System (DNS) is a standard technology for managing the names of Web sites and other Internet domains. DNS technology allows you to type names into your Web browser like www.yahoo.com and your computer automatically find that address on the Internet.

A key element of the DNS is a worldwide collection of DNS servers. A DNS server can also be defined as any computer registered to join the Domain Name System.

A DNS server runs special-purpose networking software, features a public Internet Protocol (IP) address and contains a database of network names and addresses for other Internet hosts.

A Common Problem

Sometimes the DNS errors are really frustrating.  Though you are connected to the internet, but quite often the browser come up with the error when you type a address “This page cannot be displayed” with the “Cannot find server or DNS error” at the bottom always shows up.

In fact, this is very common problem.  Actually, most of us use automatic settings to obtain the DNS address and by this way connect through the DNS address supplied by our Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the ISP’s DNS cannot resolve the IP address issue of the websites, you will get the above mentioned DNS error.


In order to resolve this problem, you can change the DNS address to any of the following DNS servers.  Below are also given the detailed instruction for changing DNS Server Addresses:

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