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Static And Dynamic Internet Protocol

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Internet Protocol address (IP address) is an exclusive identity of the user on the internet as it indicates ones location (i-e the longitude, latitude) in the cyber space. It is simply a tag dispensed to the cloud of devices sharing computer network that uses the unique IP address to connect to the internet. This internet protocol is separately assigned to each user. This is more like your internet address.

Static IP Address

Currently IP addresses are based on 32-bit addresses. There are about 4.2 trillion combinations because we have a mishmash of 4 sets of three integers (IP version 4) and now it is transferring to IP version 6 (i-e 32 bit address to 128 bit)  in forthcoming years.  This IP address is of great use in recognizing some one on World Wide Web. This is more like your telephone number. Both callers recognize each other through their specific phone numbers. This is similar here. When user visits the web site, it is recognized through its IP address. The computer of user actually seeks for website address. When it get that, the user will be directed to required server and ultimately to the correct page.

Dynamics IP Address

The rapid explosion of World Wide Web has also created some complexities and problems. With the increase of number of user, this static IP concept can’t full fill the need of assigning all users with separate IP address. In order to solve that, Dynamic IP address has been introduced.  It works in such a way that when a user started to use internet, it is assigned with some unique IP address from pool. But when user disconnects the internet. Read the full story

Website Domain Name Investment

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The domain name is the name of any website that a website or any organizations website will be identified by. It has now become a business and there are a large number of people and organizations who are making money by selling domain names. This business is called domaining while those  people who have adopted this profession and selling website domain names are called domainers. Now it has become a business people all over the world are investing on these bulk domain names to use it for their organization website or for future sell. These people who are dealing with these domain names are called domain investors. For this purpose domain name extension plays a key role.

Importance of Domain Name Extension

Investors prefers those domain names which ends with .com, .net, .org because these are the most commonly used extensions so the domain names with the extensions like .com ,.org brings value to a domain name. So that is the reason why domain investors invests more in domain names with these extensions mentioned above  as business companies pays more for the renown extensions then those extensions which are not commonly used. There are some extensions which are represents any area or country and they are also very valuable like “us” stands for United states of America and this extension is commonly sold and bought by domain investors living and doing business in USA.

Domain name business has become an uprising business where domainers and domain investors wished to buy desirable addresses and then sells it at high price to earn a living. Web domain name business is like all other businesses in the world and a large number of people are entering into this field to earn their living.

Anonymous Name Value

The second thing which intelligent domain investors prefers is buying a unique and anonymous name big business organizations are always in search of anonymous names and pays millions of dollars to buy these domain names. Read the full story

Complete List Of Free Fast DNS Servers

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Converting website names into IP addresses is the main role the DNS servers. It is for our ease and convenience that human readable domain names have been created. Actually these human readable domains that we type are again changed into IP addresses. So in simple words the fundamental job of the DNS is to convert the domain name into its particular IP address and IP address to its corresponding domain name. Both domain and IP addresses have the same task i.e. to open a website. So accordingly it can be just said that a particular IP address cannot be of more than one domain.

DNS Server Types

DNS Server Types

Recursive & non-Recursive are the two main types of DNS Servers. In a recursive, the client sends queries and receives complete feedback from the ISP’s recursive DNS Servers. This could also result in engaging the servers. A non-recursive DNS is one which provides a record of the domain without engaging other servers. Recursive server is mostly used at lower level such as in LAN networking. While the non-recursive servers are probably used for elite levels because of a higher number of requests, so that it provides partial results without engaging other servers.

Safety promotion

Using Chroot network is highly recommended for security reasons. Chroot environment is a process that produces a file that clones the main root system so that if an attacker is cracking the network to reach the root system, he cannot damage the whole system, because he has no access to those files which are not on that network.

Safety Risks

There are many issues resulting in the compromising on the DNS Security. Redirection is also a major problem in which an attacker is able to redirect name queries to the DNS servers controlled by him. Flooding one or more DNS servers on a network with recursive queries is a way by which an attacker denies the availability of network services. This is known as Denial of Service Attack. There is a process called foot print in which DNS Zone data could be obtained by the attacker to get information about domain names, computer names and IP addresses.

Advantages of DNS Server

The main advantage of DNS Server is that it is free and fast. One could surf on internet not only safely but also quickly. One can add the DNS domains manually in TCP / IP networks, so it is not only easier but also safer.

Free DNS

When it comes to surf the internet, free and fast DNS Servers are readily available. One can find many free DNS Providers on the internet that could act as a solid rung towards providing the particular DNS server according to requirement. Some of best providers are given below:



SpeakEasy (Seattle, WA, US)

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Free Fast DNS Server Adresses

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The Domain Name System (DNS) is a standard technology for managing the names of Web sites and other Internet domains. DNS technology allows you to type names into your Web browser like www.yahoo.com and your computer automatically find that address on the Internet.

A key element of the DNS is a worldwide collection of DNS servers. A DNS server can also be defined as any computer registered to join the Domain Name System.

A DNS server runs special-purpose networking software, features a public Internet Protocol (IP) address and contains a database of network names and addresses for other Internet hosts.

A Common Problem

Sometimes the DNS errors are really frustrating.  Though you are connected to the internet, but quite often the browser come up with the error when you type a address “This page cannot be displayed” with the “Cannot find server or DNS error” at the bottom always shows up.

In fact, this is very common problem.  Actually, most of us use automatic settings to obtain the DNS address and by this way connect through the DNS address supplied by our Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the ISP’s DNS cannot resolve the IP address issue of the websites, you will get the above mentioned DNS error.


In order to resolve this problem, you can change the DNS address to any of the following DNS servers.  Below are also given the detailed instruction for changing DNS Server Addresses:

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