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Types of Internet Browsers

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Though the Safari and Internet Explorer are good for browsing, but these have now become old fashioned. It is like living with your parents as you are born into these, and now ultimately, you need to discover the external world.

You have been using these browsers, since the time you have started to use your PC. Now in order to have the superlative knowledge, you need to spread out your e-horizons.

That comparison may not be more appropriate, as working with the Internet Explorer can be a better option.  Experimentation can be regarded as meaningful exercise, because a browser can radically change the approach, interrelated to internet.

Each of the browsers has its own characteristics and add-ons that you may like or you have never felt the need for using these.

The choice of using internet browsers is unrestrained. The most widely used are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but it would be practically non-viable to unearth the diamond in the jagged.

The below is a small list to help you in your browsing journey, and optimistically it will enhance your joy of using internet.

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In 2009 Firefox shows 40% Growth

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The browser market has been raised up by Mozilla Firefox, and it has set up many new records. It has taken huge market shares from Internet Explorer and up till the ending of 2009 the browser has received huge profits.

Variations in levels of rise Worldwide

Firefox that has proved itself to be the browser of choice for billions across the web has seen a growth of 40% around the last quarter 2009. We can see variations in levels of rise all over the world, having Asia recording a 73% rise in Firefox users. In Africa the growth was above 80% and according to the reports most of this growth occurred recently, at the latter half of the year.

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Opera’s New Internet Browser

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New Opera browser is much faster as well as more stable. Opera acquires 3 pct of browser market share, equally to Google and Apple.

Download Opera 10

Norway’s Opera Software (OPERA.OL) unleashed on Tuesday the latest edition of its browser, Opera 10. It delivers faster downloads, new design and new features.

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Opera 10 Beta 3; Check out this fresh version

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There was a time when there was no Firefox and no Internet Explorer, but Opera was serving. But it is not the oldest graphical web client. There were some like Mosaic. The difference is it is the only oldest graphical web client which is still kicking around.

It is also one of the most useful and powerful, with browsers on the Wii and Nintendo DS coming with best versions for cell phones. The Norwegians at Opera Software have been very hard working till producing Opera 9.64 and now they come with Opera 10 beta 3.

Now Opera offers Opera 10 beta 3 on their site; download it and see what the difference is? Opera on its official websites claims for bringing in many big improvements in beta 3. I discussed almost all here.

Tab tweaks: Majority of Opera users urged the need for some more visual tab options which were lacking in earlier beta versions. So, Opera responds in its beta 3 version by putting tab placement options. Now user view his visual thumbnail tabs on the right or left side of the browser screen with placement options still there on top or bottom. You can resize your Visual Tabs. Thumbnail view is optional.

Renovated User Interface: Designer Jon Hicks always renovated user interface (UI) of Opera and this time he did it by implementing many new tweaks allowing users to run opera more efficiently.

Multilingual: Beta 3 comes with big total of 38 languages. Opera’s beta 3 efforts to design it in more easier form so that users around the world can feel more at home when online.

Crash Prevention: You are riding on a rock-solid browser with Opera’s integrated crash logger.

Turbo Speed: Opera Turbo is more refined. You will be amazed by its increased speed while browsing over your slow network connection.

I hope you will download Opera 10 beta 3 today and tell me how it works

Download it from http://www.opera.com/browser/next/

People often overlook Opera in favor of Firefox or Chrome, but it really is quite prolific and worth using it.

Firefox crossed one billion download milestone

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It was reported that Mozilla Firefox marked a peak of 1 billion downloads this Friday.  This was noticed on the Spread Firefox site along with Firefox Counter Twitters marks digits of ten numbers.  It’s a success of Mozilla to get a place in the market that hit 1 billion downloads.

Mozilla planned to launch a website of URL as onebillionplusyou.com, but for the meantime it has designed graphical pictures to expose the event.

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More Holes Found in Web’s SSL Security Protocol

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Some serious flaws have been found by the security researchers in software that uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protocol which is used to secure communications on the Internet.

On Thursday, at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas , a number of attacks has been unveiled by the researchers that could be used in order to compromise secure traffic that is travelling between Web sites and browsers.

This type of attack could make an an attacker able to steal passwords, he may hijack an on-line banking session or even a Firefox browser update can be pushed out by him that contained malicious code, all these things have been told by the researchers.

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Browser Wars of 2009: Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer

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For many weeks, I have been exploring a lot, all three of the popular Web browsers, and thus reached some conclusions. This is not any kind of review in a way; it is just what I, as a layman, who never has less than three browser windows and many tabs open simultaneously, have observed.

Google Chrome:

When Chrome first came out, I liked it very much. With version out, I like it today also all the same.

There are two simple reasons for my liking: Its speed and security. Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine is literary faster than fast. Only Apple‘s Safari even comes close to keeping up with Chrome. Others are nothing but a bunch of slowpokes.

Now, most of the times when you come through review articles with benchmarks the differences, in real life, are not really visible. That’s not the matter with Chrome vs. its competitors. If this was a NASCAR competition, it would be beating them to the checked flag by laps.

Chrome was the only browser hackers failed to crack in secs or minutes in the recently organized PWN2OWN hacker competition. Actually, Chrome never was busted.

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Faster Browsing on Internet Explorer Download ie7pro

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Good news for Internet Explorer users. There is a cool add-on available for free which includes a lot of features and tweaks to make your IE friendlier, more useful, secure and customizable.

Features of this add-on includes

  • Tabbed Browsing Management
  • Spell Check
  • Inline Search
  • Super Drag Drop
  • Crash Recovery
  • Proxy Switcher
  • Mouse Gesture
  • Tab History Browser
  • Web Accelerator
  • User Agent Switcher
  • Webpage Capturer
  • AD Blocker
  • Flash Block
  • Greasemonkey like User Scripts platform
  • User Plug-ins

and many more power packed features.

You can customize not just Internet Explorer, but even your favorite website according to your need and taste using the add-on. The add-on is named as IE7Pro and is completely free.

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Will Internet Explorer 8 Survive the Browser Wars?

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After the release of Internet Explorer 8 that debuted Thursday, Microsoft tried to make her position better in the internet browser’s market but it doesn’t seem that Microsoft will be able to win that battle at all.

Browser Market Shares

As compared to users of other browsers , IE users are not running towards IE 8 to embrace it; the new release of the Web browser that debuted Thursday. According to StatCounter, there was only 0.17 percent increase in users, making the stats IE 8 users from 1.39 percent to 1.56 percent until Friday 1 p.m EDT. To this, Aodhan Cullen, CEO and founder of StatCounter, stated that “I suppose the kindest description of user reaction to IE 8′s first public outing would be underwhelming”

The situation of IE seems really worst against other browsers, for example Firefox which is also the major competitor of IE. According to StatCounter, when Firefox 3 was in its beta testing, its usage was accounted for 7.8. But in June, the official release of FireFox 3 amazed everyone and site stats increased up to 18.9 percent of web usage in just first 3 days of release. This shows that Firefox is much more famous than IE because of its usage and advanced features.

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Problems and Bugs in IE 8

Issues have been reported by testers and users of of IE 8 about its crash and also about not displaying websites properly or not displaying them at all. Web compatibility issues have also been reported to the software vendor by its testers.

Browser Wars Intensifies

The situation is really getting worse for Microsoft when it comes to the browsers. Either Microsoft is not taking it seriously, or is really unable to compete with Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Google’s Chrome. Although IE is also available for free, but is no more a hot cake for users of internet; so rapidly losing its market share as a result.

5 Reasons Why People Use Internet Explorer

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First reason is obvious, It comes with Microsoft Windows Operating system. rest of the reasons to use internet explorer are mention in the chart below.

To prove that the browser usage data depicted above is true, let’s take a look at the market shares of different browsers as of today.

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