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Types of Internet Browsers

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Though the Safari and Internet Explorer are good for browsing, but these have now become old fashioned. It is like living with your parents as you are born into these, and now ultimately, you need to discover the external world.

You have been using these browsers, since the time you have started to use your PC. Now in order to have the superlative knowledge, you need to spread out your e-horizons.

That comparison may not be more appropriate, as working with the Internet Explorer can be a better option.  Experimentation can be regarded as meaningful exercise, because a browser can radically change the approach, interrelated to internet.

Each of the browsers has its own characteristics and add-ons that you may like or you have never felt the need for using these.

The choice of using internet browsers is unrestrained. The most widely used are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but it would be practically non-viable to unearth the diamond in the jagged.

The below is a small list to help you in your browsing journey, and optimistically it will enhance your joy of using internet.

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Will Internet Explorer 8 Survive the Browser Wars?

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After the release of Internet Explorer 8 that debuted Thursday, Microsoft tried to make her position better in the internet browser’s market but it doesn’t seem that Microsoft will be able to win that battle at all.

Browser Market Shares

As compared to users of other browsers , IE users are not running towards IE 8 to embrace it; the new release of the Web browser that debuted Thursday. According to StatCounter, there was only 0.17 percent increase in users, making the stats IE 8 users from 1.39 percent to 1.56 percent until Friday 1 p.m EDT. To this, Aodhan Cullen, CEO and founder of StatCounter, stated that “I suppose the kindest description of user reaction to IE 8′s first public outing would be underwhelming”

The situation of IE seems really worst against other browsers, for example Firefox which is also the major competitor of IE. According to StatCounter, when Firefox 3 was in its beta testing, its usage was accounted for 7.8. But in June, the official release of FireFox 3 amazed everyone and site stats increased up to 18.9 percent of web usage in just first 3 days of release. This shows that Firefox is much more famous than IE because of its usage and advanced features.

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Problems and Bugs in IE 8

Issues have been reported by testers and users of of IE 8 about its crash and also about not displaying websites properly or not displaying them at all. Web compatibility issues have also been reported to the software vendor by its testers.

Browser Wars Intensifies

The situation is really getting worse for Microsoft when it comes to the browsers. Either Microsoft is not taking it seriously, or is really unable to compete with Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Google’s Chrome. Although IE is also available for free, but is no more a hot cake for users of internet; so rapidly losing its market share as a result.