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Happy Birthday To Google Chrome

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Looking back in time makes you wonder how things have changed over time. Likewise, after Google Chrome’s second anniversary, if we look back then it could be said how much has changed in such less span of time. The idea of a multiprocessor flourished at the time when there was no HTML5, pathetic JavaScript support, which was why the idea remained a mere project. However now with the great advancement in connectivity, in two years span, browsers have taken on a whole new dimension. Google Chrome is exactly that browser that has taken on the browsing world by storm with its trendy and easy to use features. Its been two years now and we celebrate Google Chrome’s birthday with the hope of getting to see its Chrome 6 version releasing soon for users to enjoy a fantastic browsing experience.

Since its introduction in the market as a beta version, major developments have been such as, customized new tab page, browser themes, side by side view, password manager, better privacy controls, built in Adobe Flash Player, Autofill, Automatic Translation, HTML5 capabilities and synchronization of various things.

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How to Speed up Your Computer in 4 Easy to Steps

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Is your computer being very slow in shutting down and switching on? Are you clouded with the pop up errors that suddenly comes when you switch in your system or always when you are using your PC.

Is your computer stuck while you are trying to browse internet, there are some ways you do to make your computer execute faster.


  • Step 1

Close all the currents programs you are running down like internet browser, Microsoft office, etc.

  • Step 2

Follow these steps now, first of all clean up your Disk. For this follow these steps:

Go to all programs> Go to Accessories> System Tools> Finally Disk cleanup.

Now select the drive you have to clean up, and that is most probably C drive. Now follow the instructions that pop up with in the window. When it goes to the final box before choosing continue you may check out uncheck some of the options given with the check boxes.

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Browser Wars of 2009: Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer

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For many weeks, I have been exploring a lot, all three of the popular Web browsers, and thus reached some conclusions. This is not any kind of review in a way; it is just what I, as a layman, who never has less than three browser windows and many tabs open simultaneously, have observed.

Google Chrome:

When Chrome first came out, I liked it very much. With version out, I like it today also all the same.

There are two simple reasons for my liking: Its speed and security. Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine is literary faster than fast. Only Apple‘s Safari even comes close to keeping up with Chrome. Others are nothing but a bunch of slowpokes.

Now, most of the times when you come through review articles with benchmarks the differences, in real life, are not really visible. That’s not the matter with Chrome vs. its competitors. If this was a NASCAR competition, it would be beating them to the checked flag by laps.

Chrome was the only browser hackers failed to crack in secs or minutes in the recently organized PWN2OWN hacker competition. Actually, Chrome never was busted.

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