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Wireless Internet

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Wireless Internet service providers basically provide hassle free internet service connection. No wires are required in the installation of a wireless internet service. Instead they give the customer a modem which picks up the signal that has already been planted in the computer. Wireless connections are faster than conventional wired internet connections. People are starting to see the differences between the two types of internet connections i.e. wired and wireless and are finding the wireless internet connection much better in terms of use.

Wireless Service Providers

Now most internet providers are providing wired as well as wireless internet connections. Now while choosing an internet connection we have to choose the best in terms of its connectivity and browsing capabilities. Wireless internet providers must provide most of the benefits to their consumers. Here are a few tips while you choose your wireless connection.

Choosing a Wireless Connection

The first thing you must see is the affordability. Most internet providers give speedier connections at a higher rate. Then you have to check the mobility of the internet connection which means that internet access should be available at all places. This feature is best for on the go businessmen who require a fast and reliable internet connection while they are at fields. This feature is also good for students as they will also be able to connect their laptops absolutely anywhere.

Giving something to get Something Else

Money matters a lot when choosing an internet connection. Faster and more reliable internet service providers charge extra money for their performance as compared to others. This is completely reasonable as for extra speed you also give extra money while you choose a car. Read the full story

Best Car Apps for Iphone

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Smartphone’s have become quite the rage. The main reason for this is that these Smartphone’s feature ever kind of applications possible. The most popular Smartphone is the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone has many great features. It gives you full internet access, GPS and great music as well. Additionally other companies have created new applications for Apple iPhone’s which include fantastic games. Below we shall consider the top 5 iPhone Apps that one should have in their cars.

1.  Dynolicious

Dynolicious is a performance meter which can measure braking g-forces, times and speeds, horsepower, elapsed time and trap speeds.

iphone car apps

The in-built accelerometer of the iPhone will convert your vehicle’s information into real time data. The app has been rated as four stars and can be used on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch. Dynolicious will however only interest people who are conscious about the speed and performance of their vehicles.

2. TripAlyzer

TripAlyzer plays the role of an onboard data center and calculates the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and its average speed. It can be bought for $5.99 and will help users calculate how to use your fuel more efficiently.

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Wi-Fi While You Fly with US Airways

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With the passage of time, every dream is turning into the reality in the field of Information Technology. Here again one of the most outstanding achievement is made by the US Airways with the help of Aircell by launching very first time Wi-Fi hotspot for the passenger who are flying with US Airways. US Airways has announced that this Gogo in-flight internet service will be soon available in its 50 A321 airbus. alaska-air-wifi-inflight-20090227-600

US Airways has also intention to let their consumer know whether the proposed flight has Wi-Fi options while making booking online. Although passenger might fear for another extra charges for using this facility. US Airways has planned to start this service in early 2010. So get ready and put your laptop in your packing.

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Linutop: The Compact Linux Computer

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Linutop is a ready to use, small computer that has been designed to reduce maintenance costs. It uses the Linutop operating system that is stored on an internal flash memory and cannot be altered by virus or mishap. You can always recover the initial state at each start up.


This small computer comes with free, standard ready to use Linux software, Firefox, Open Office, VLC Media player, and can be easily customized with additional software.


linutop_pocketll With no moving parts, Linutop offers a completely silent (0 dB), energy efficient operation in an extremely small package.

This amazingly compact computer is extremely useful for public access Internet Kiosks. It can be set up with Firefox, or any other Internet access software as the starting application, with predefined parameters. The kiosk settings can be protected with a password so that the initial state is always recovered at each start up. The software is stored on an internal flash memory; therefore it is safe from virus and mishap. Ideally, it can be placed in waiting rooms, hospitals, hotel lobbies and other such public places.

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Tweaking Internet Speed in Windows Vista: OpenDNS

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Here is a very impressive trick to tweak Windows Vista‘s Internet Speed. This method is very similar to what we discussed in our post titled how to increase Internet speed using host files. The other articles are also very relevant How to Turn On Your PC in Under 10 Seconds , How to Double Firefox Browsing Speed on Dialup Connection and especially How to Optimize Your Internet Connection to Get 100 % Bandwidth

I am also thankful to maria0maria for sharing this with me. I see considerable increase in my Internet speed when I use it in combination of other tricks to make my windows vista work faster. Article starts now…

Even with the FiOS (Fiber Optic Service) connection I still feel that my browsing experience is not that blazing fast. Have you ever felt the same with your internet connection as well? Follow this simple Windows hack to experience a faster, better and secure internet browsing. Read the full story


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