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Email Hosting Companies for Business Firms

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Email hosting services are provided by many reputed companies all over the world. These firms offer personal domain named email addresses to their clients for professional purposes. The involvement of Email hosting services in any business is beneficial. It not only brings a lot of advantages to the owner of the firm but helps to establish a professional attitude. Brand recognition is important and attractive email addresses help achieve it.

Email Hosting Companies

Small and medium sized business companies make a lot of use of Email hosting services. This utility can be availed at a very economic package and understanding of this aspect can help develop Information Technology experience. The customers may purchase as many email addresses as they like. This ranges from a few email addresses to many hundred. All email addresses are unique and provide with a lot of help while communicating.

Features of Hosted Email

Pop3Access is the prime tool which is functional in almost all email addresses which are hosted. Most of these emails can be linked to Microsoft Outlook in the personal computer or Laptop. Email hosting also provides a very effective solution to the Spam that accumulates in the Inbox. Any hacking or Virus attacks are also monitored.

Benefits of Email Hosting

The clients can benefit greatly by resorting to Email Hosting companies. These companies keep all the data on large and secure servers accessible to authorized personal only. Many of these companies offer advanced and latest features for their customers. Mobile accessibility is also an issue which is addressed by such firms greatly.

Save Money & Time – Email Hosting

The financial burden on any business majorly reduces when email addresses are hosted. The clients get attracted to the style of work of the people in the firm. Many individuals are attracted towards the infrastructure and dynamics of a certain department. Each company differs in its requirements and needs.

Different Packages – Email Hosting Firms

The firms which provide Email Hosting solutions vary and their price also differs from each other. Several packages and plans are available to facilitate small and large business owners.

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Set Gmail Priority Inbox For Filtered Messages

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Google always brings exciting announcements and features for its valuable users. Due to reason Gmail ha become the first choice of all types of internet users i.e. from large corporations to individuals. Everybody is well aware of the great features and helping tools that are offered by Gmail. Just few weeks ago, Google announced a great inbox tool that is called as the Priority Inbox.

This is indeed another smart feature of Gmail that helps you to get rid of unwanted e-mails and to access important e-mails more conveniently.

What does this System do?

If you are not getting your important e-mails right into your inbox because of the activation of spam folder or etc, then Priority Inbox is for you. Priority Inbox is a clever function that is capable of identifying important and junk mail. It sorts out your inbox and keeps it clean from spammers. This function displays the most important e-mails on top of your inbox and fixes everything else at the bottom of your inbox.

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Google Voice for iPhone and Palm WebOS

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Google has finally released a new Google Voice mobile web app for iPhone OS 3.0 and higher and Palm Web OS devices, utilizing the power of HTML5.

The new web app lets you access a streamlined version of your Google Voice inbox. Moreover, the app also lets you display your Google Voice number as the outbound caller ID. You can now send and receive text messages for free, and place international calls at lo rates offered by the Google Voice.

Having a direct contact access, Google Voice’s new web app provides super-quick, as-you-type access to your Google Contacts.

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What is Google Buzz?

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Recently, Google announced about the launch of Google Buzz, which is basically a semantic approach to social status updates that live inside Gmail. A number of features have been added with Buzz, but what seems really exciting is what Buzz can do in your pocket.

google buzz

If you go to http://buzz.google.com from your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll be taken to a WebKit- optimized interface in order to use and connect with Google Buzz.

Then, after logging in to your Google account, you’ll be taken directly to the main Buzz screen. Here you can see Buzz from the people you follow and from nearby locations, view your own posts, and find other people.

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