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The Best Cell Phones of 2011

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Mobile Phone technology has rapidly evolved in the last decade. Since the introduction of pagers and simple fax smile, a lot of changes have been recorded. Mobile Phones do not only help us connect but make lives easy for us.

Cell Phones That Amaze – A Human Touch

Have a look at some of the most brilliant and fantastic mobile phones of the year 2011 and the Mobile World Conference held in Barcelona, Spain. The conference is one of its kinds and features the latest advancements of the cellular technology on the planet.

1. Sony Xperia – Gaming For Life

The Sony Xperia Play may just seem like the PlayStation Portable at first sight. It is an extremely compact yet classy tool to play games just about anywhere and anytime. This device will be available in the summers of 2011 and is an Android phone as well which supports excellent gaming features.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Cosmic Havoc

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a giant of its kind. This extremely sophisticated device is powered by Google’s Android Operation System 3.0 and is available in 16GB and 32 GB version. The device features two webcams and a Dual Core processor which makes processing extremely fast and easy. This device will surely faze you.

3. Bring the Salsa – HTC

HTC Salsa is one of the latest developments of this emerging brand. The World Mobile Conference featured the HTC Salsa. It is a touch screen Android Cell Phone with a dedicated Facebook key. The Cell Phone has received positive reviews and is recording a growth in its sales.

4. The Optimus Prime – LG Gone 3D

The LG Optimus 3D is one Cell Phone that has literally shocked the world with its bizarre and excellent features. The Cell Phone will run on the Android Operating System 2.2. It is capable of capturing videos in a 3D format and they can be directly uploading onto YouTube and other services. This touch screen monster is amazing.

5. HTC ChaCha – Facebook Crazy!

The twin brother of HTC Salsa is this amazing device. The HTC ChaCha is a brilliant Cell Phone which also comes with a dedicated Facebook button. This Cell Phone is brilliant for working and online chatting. The keyboard like keypad ensures quick typing.

6. Samsung Galaxy S II – The Monster

The Samsung Galaxy S II is a marvelous piece of technology. This Cell Phone is brilliantly designed keeping in mind the fast paced life style. Read the full story

Best Touch Screen Monitors

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Today, every gadget is embedded with touch facility. People are so addicted of touch mobile phones, laptops and i-pads. Therefore, desktop are also participating in this race and gaining immense importance. Window 7 offers you a surprisingly best and innovative product in which you can enjoy the touch system in the monitors. Touch screen monitors are now in demand and are easily replacing the need of desktops. Most of the people find touch screen monitors fun, while some people feel it like an important as well as a necessary tool. People feel comfortable while using the touch commands and thus the need of touch screen gadgets is increasing. It’s really easy to use your fingers directly on the screen rather than using the buttons.

touchscreen monitor

Importance Of Touchscreen Monitors

People feel this way fast, easy and comfortable too. No need of any keyboard or mouse. Just use your finger tips and enjoy. Touch screen monitors are so appealing that users get easily attracted towards it and want to use them for fun too.

In this article, I have given brief features / specifications of different touch screen monitors, along with this I will also tell you how you can change or convert your monitors into touch screen monitors, excited to know? Have a look and start enjoying the work on your own touch screen monitor.

Acer T230H

Acer T230H, one of the best as well as largest touch screen monitor comes along with huge range of specifications. Windows 7 along with numerous touch facilities is a great opportunity and by using this monitor, you will come to know how it is perfect and really meant for you.

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Download Free Universal Printer Driver For Windows 7 , Vista, XP

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Universal printer drivers are used for legacy printers. they are also called generic printer drivers. These drivers generally use standard or universal language for sending print commands as compared to more specialized or customized command set used by manufacturers. This way of operating printers has its own merits and de-merits.

Universal printer driver is a quick and dirty way to get everybody printing quickly without worrying about the operating system. mostly, medium to large networks and virtualized server farms use this technique effectively.

They do come handy when the models and operating systems of computers in your company network are different or undocumented.

On the other side, you will not be able to use most of the modern printing functions with generic or universal printer drivers. It is good for only what it says it is good for. printing that is. nothing else. Like a printer with fax and scan functions will not fax or scan with help of universal printer driver.

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How to Upgrade Your Operating System To Windows 7

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Microsoft’s Windows 7 comes with many advanced features, and some updates to the existing problems from the earlier Windows Vista version.

This includes solutions to the occasional freezing of computer screen, program crashes and out of memory errors.

Here is how you can update your current operating system to Windows 7, in five simple steps.

1. Prepare For Installation

First of all, shift all of your important personal data present on your computer to a DVD or a USB Flash drive. This process will take almost 30 minutes depending on the amount of data. Also, create a recovery DVD for Windows Vista, which will be useful for you in case the installation fails. Run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor by downloading from Microsoft website, in order to determine the software and hardware compatibility. Next, update your current Windows Vista and uninstall program incompatible with Windows 7.

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Acer Releases Android Based Cell Phones

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The second-largest PC manufacturer in the world, Acer has also entered the smartphone market. The company has already launched 10 handsets, this year, out of which, nine were powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system.

The last one, Acer A1 Liquid, has just hit the market with Google’s Android platform on board.

Acer’s Aymar de Lencquesaing said that the company had not planned to use any other operating system, but the Android had 3.5 percent of the global smartphone market in September, which motivated the company to switch over to Android.

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Google Chrome OS available for download Shortly

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Google Chrome OS will be available for download by end of next week (source). Since Google announced  in July, 2009 that it is developing it’s own operating system, IT developers and enthusiasts in general are waiting for its launch date. Earlier some news pieces suggested that Google is expected to launch beta version of its long awaited Operating System (Chrome) sometime in early fall.

There is a lot of speculation about the features and bugs that will come in the new operating system. Providing driver support for large array of hardware would be one of the biggest challenge faced by developers at Google. Although It has dedicated a huge team of developers for development of hardware drivers, it is almost impossible to include all the hardware available out there. especially the legacy devices.

There are rumors that Google would expect the hardware manufacturers to provide drivers for their own hardware. If these rumors are true then Launch of Google Chrome OS would be a sure Flop. Manufacturers have no incentive to invest into driver development before widespread availability and acceptance of the new operating system

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New Lenovo laptops get thin treatment

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Hong Kong-based PC maker Lenovo is the latest one that has embraced thin trend with its three new slim notebook models, with this it has followed in the footsteps of Samsung and HP who both have recently announced thin and light entries to their range of laptops.

3 new models from Lenovo

A consumer and professional notebook and the company’s first 12-inch netbook are include in the new models.

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Where are Unbreakable Flexible Plastic Displays?

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Late Last year, HP in collaboration with Flexible Display Center (FTC) at Arizona State University, unveiled prototype of flexible plastic display. Every one was impressed and tried to imagine the future of laptops, mobile phones and even television.

These display use very simple manufacturing process and raw materials usage id reduced to 90% of what is used today to make LCD. This makes it cheap for companies and consumers.

flexable display technology

Having broken my laptop screen twice, I am especially interested in unbreakable feature of the product. which is very good for careless users like me. Although I do not intend to beat the crap out of my laptop in near future like the guy in this video but I think It would be cool thing to do on an airport terminal.

Best this about these flexible display is that the picture is sharp and result is colorful. Next generation newspapers will be published on these. This technology has a potential for taking laptop, cell phone technology one step further.

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Sony Will Arrange Replacement Batteries for 100,000 Notebooks

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Over 100,000 notebook batteries will be replaced as Sony declares them unsafe. Last time this happened, Sony replaced 9 million batteries causing a major dent in companies profit.

PC makers have reported 40 cases of overheating, including four cases where users suffered minor burns, and 21 cases of minor damage from fires and overheating. US Govt., after a review of situation , issued a notice to Sony to recall 35,000 of it’s batteries and the Tokyo-based company said it would recall a further 65,000 batteries worldwide.

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Why All Of Us Should Have A Laptop?

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Well, a Laptop is a pretty useful thing. It can really save the day. Apart from crunching numbers and running applications like Microsoft Office(Open Office if you are a Linux fan), Laptops do have some really incredible usages. You can take this list to your dad and convince him, why every one in the family should have a laptop. So here we go with our list of things you can do with your laptop.

  1. After all night surfing, The Laptop gets so hot that you can boil eggs for breakfast.
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