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Top 5 Google Chrome Apps for Android

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Google offers large variety of mobile apps for phones such as iPhone, Android at Google Chrome Web Store. There are thousands of apps at Google Chrome Web Store which is advancing our life and making it more luxurious.Here we will focus on the top five Google Chrome apps for Android.

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According to your need, you can choose one or more of your favorite Google Chrome apps for Android to modernize your life. The top five Google Chrome apps for Android are as following:

1. Google Translate

If your job makes you travel a lot through out the globe or you’re interested in learning some new languages, then you need Google Translate which is a comprehensive tool from the Google Chrome Web Store.

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7 Cool Chrome Extensions for Twitter

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It is a well-known fact that Chrome is very fast. This is the reason for its huge fan following. However it is also possible for Chrome to be social now.

Chrome has designed extensions, specifically for Twitter. There are seven free tools that you can install. For people who use Twitter’s web interface, these extensions are definitely worth it.

All the extensions are very different and diverse in nature. Some of the extensions help keep you productive, while others, just let you have fun. All seven extensions will now be examined.

Twitter Share This Page

This is a sure shot way of sharing your URL on Twitter. This extension is very fast and quick. You will not go wrong with this extension.

First of all, you must install it. All you have to do is hit the “t” icon. This will appear on the right-hand side of your browser bar.

The extension will load the relevant URL.  It will load it in your “What’s happening?” Twitter box. It is quite simple to follow.

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Types of Internet Browsers

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Though the Safari and Internet Explorer are good for browsing, but these have now become old fashioned. It is like living with your parents as you are born into these, and now ultimately, you need to discover the external world.

You have been using these browsers, since the time you have started to use your PC. Now in order to have the superlative knowledge, you need to spread out your e-horizons.

That comparison may not be more appropriate, as working with the Internet Explorer can be a better option.  Experimentation can be regarded as meaningful exercise, because a browser can radically change the approach, interrelated to internet.

Each of the browsers has its own characteristics and add-ons that you may like or you have never felt the need for using these.

The choice of using internet browsers is unrestrained. The most widely used are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but it would be practically non-viable to unearth the diamond in the jagged.

The below is a small list to help you in your browsing journey, and optimistically it will enhance your joy of using internet.

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Personalize Your Facebook Profile

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Facebook is social networking site launched in February 2004. The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg and he founded it with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes Popularity and circle of Facebook is growing day by day as more and more are joining it.

Good Things About Facebook:

Some good things about Facebook are that you can easily create and maintain your profile. You can daily update your status. In your profile, you can write about relationship status, political views, religion, activities, hobbies, interests, favorite music, favorite movies, favorite TV shows, favorite quotations, favorite books, about me information, contact details and education and work.

The best thing about it is easy interaction with friends and best privacy policy. You can add many applications to your profile with an easy way to access. Invite your friends and family members to groups; share your photos, links and videos with them.

Simple Design:

The boring thing about Facebook is that it got very simple design and that is white background with blue margins. No additional themes are available for it as compared to other social networking sites like Orkut, to give your Facebook profile a new and unique look.

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Happy Birthday To Google Chrome

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Looking back in time makes you wonder how things have changed over time. Likewise, after Google Chrome’s second anniversary, if we look back then it could be said how much has changed in such less span of time. The idea of a multiprocessor flourished at the time when there was no HTML5, pathetic JavaScript support, which was why the idea remained a mere project. However now with the great advancement in connectivity, in two years span, browsers have taken on a whole new dimension. Google Chrome is exactly that browser that has taken on the browsing world by storm with its trendy and easy to use features. Its been two years now and we celebrate Google Chrome’s birthday with the hope of getting to see its Chrome 6 version releasing soon for users to enjoy a fantastic browsing experience.

Since its introduction in the market as a beta version, major developments have been such as, customized new tab page, browser themes, side by side view, password manager, better privacy controls, built in Adobe Flash Player, Autofill, Automatic Translation, HTML5 capabilities and synchronization of various things.

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Chrome Extensions For More Twitting

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Google Chrome, the fastest growing web browser has already provided some extensions for social networking websites. This time the browser has developed its extension for the very known website “Twitter”. Seven new tools have been developed that would help any user who uses twitter or any one who would newly register to it. These seven tools will make life much more easier for you and also adds an element of fun to it.

Twitter – Share this page

If you do not want to go through the whole process of logging into the site and then sharing the page by pasting the link in the whats happening box then all you could do now is click the T button on the right hand side of your browser. This would paste the page on your profile and other’s following you would be able to view it. If you want the link shortened, right click on the “t” icon and select the shortening option. All shared links will be pre-shrunk using Bit.ly.

Twitter Extender

This tool offers tidy Bit.ly URL shortening abilities with an “add URL” option inserted just below the “What’s happening” box. It also offers old-style retweeting abilities, “reply to all” functionality, quicker direct messaging and the option to load previous tweets if the tweet is a reply. Read the full story

Google Plans To Release Chrome OS Late This Year

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Google intends to launch Chrome OS at the end of this year, the laptop users will be the target audiences. Sundar Pichai, Google’s Vice President of product management stated during Competex Electronics Exhibition in Taipei, that the Chrome Web Store will begin at the same time so that customers can download Web Applications that can run on Chrome OS.

It seems that the delayed launch of Chrome OS is meant to compete with other Operating Systems and Microsoft’s Windows 7. Vice President further added that Google Chrome OS is intended for laptops this year. Read the full story

Opera’s New Internet Browser

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New Opera browser is much faster as well as more stable. Opera acquires 3 pct of browser market share, equally to Google and Apple.

Download Opera 10

Norway’s Opera Software (OPERA.OL) unleashed on Tuesday the latest edition of its browser, Opera 10. It delivers faster downloads, new design and new features.

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Opera 10 Beta 3; Check out this fresh version

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There was a time when there was no Firefox and no Internet Explorer, but Opera was serving. But it is not the oldest graphical web client. There were some like Mosaic. The difference is it is the only oldest graphical web client which is still kicking around.

It is also one of the most useful and powerful, with browsers on the Wii and Nintendo DS coming with best versions for cell phones. The Norwegians at Opera Software have been very hard working till producing Opera 9.64 and now they come with Opera 10 beta 3.

Now Opera offers Opera 10 beta 3 on their site; download it and see what the difference is? Opera on its official websites claims for bringing in many big improvements in beta 3. I discussed almost all here.

Tab tweaks: Majority of Opera users urged the need for some more visual tab options which were lacking in earlier beta versions. So, Opera responds in its beta 3 version by putting tab placement options. Now user view his visual thumbnail tabs on the right or left side of the browser screen with placement options still there on top or bottom. You can resize your Visual Tabs. Thumbnail view is optional.

Renovated User Interface: Designer Jon Hicks always renovated user interface (UI) of Opera and this time he did it by implementing many new tweaks allowing users to run opera more efficiently.

Multilingual: Beta 3 comes with big total of 38 languages. Opera’s beta 3 efforts to design it in more easier form so that users around the world can feel more at home when online.

Crash Prevention: You are riding on a rock-solid browser with Opera’s integrated crash logger.

Turbo Speed: Opera Turbo is more refined. You will be amazed by its increased speed while browsing over your slow network connection.

I hope you will download Opera 10 beta 3 today and tell me how it works

Download it from http://www.opera.com/browser/next/

People often overlook Opera in favor of Firefox or Chrome, but it really is quite prolific and worth using it.

Firefox crossed one billion download milestone

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It was reported that Mozilla Firefox marked a peak of 1 billion downloads this Friday.  This was noticed on the Spread Firefox site along with Firefox Counter Twitters marks digits of ten numbers.  It’s a success of Mozilla to get a place in the market that hit 1 billion downloads.

Mozilla planned to launch a website of URL as onebillionplusyou.com, but for the meantime it has designed graphical pictures to expose the event.

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