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Multiple Google Accounts

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Google is the most widely used Search engine all over the world, which was introduced for the first time in September 4, 1998.  It is a project of a MULTINATIONAL PUBLIC CORPORATION’s investment. With the advent of computing technologies and the arrival of latest advertising technologies, the internet searching has become the most advanced and versatile by using www.google.com.

Google’s Mission

Google Accounts

Google’ has extended its vast search services with its exceptional and globalized mission;

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Introducing Multiple Sign-in

A new interesting feature will be soon introduced which will enable its users all over the world to use “Multiple Sign-in”. By using this innovative feature of Google’s multiple Sign-in option, the daily users of Google can enjoy their multiple accounts anytime without the previously stringent implementation of signing in and out. It allows you to log into your multiple user accounts at once by using Google’s host domain and then creates all kinds of permissions and authentications for the use of Google’s documentation.

Time saving by using multiple sign-in

The option of multiple sign-in is highly advantageous in terms of saving your precious time as the sign-in will take not more than few seconds to let you operate your multiple accounts at a time, especially this feature will be highly attractive for those users which use to sign-in their accounts more than twelve times daily.

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What Is Google Wave?

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Google always makes good contribution in the service providing to the people. Now Google wave is also such effort like that. This is a web based service for the people to communicate, collaborate and chat with one another. Google wave is now accessible to the general public. Google wave was first introduced on May 27, 2009 in I/O conference of Google. It is a web oriented computing communications system designed to combine many significant features like instant messaging, wikis, e-mail, and social networking etc. There are different types of communication system in the Google wave which can be adopted by the users according to their requirements.  Many other extensions are also provided in the Google wave like contextual spelling and grammar checking, inter-conversion among more than 40 languages of the world and several other remarkable features.

Remarkable Features

Google wave was primarily released only to the developers and then a preview version was also release to 100,000 users in September 2009. There was an option retained in the preview to invite the others on this platform.  This service was become famous and a lot of requests were submitted to publicize it till 29th of November 2009 when technical preview of the service was released. Google wave was launched for the general public on May 19, 2010. Read the full story

How to Use Google Buzz Effectively

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If you have an account on Gmail then you would have seen Google Buzz appearing in your inbox. This is a new social networking service launched by Google which is integrated with Gmail. Here we will provide you with of how to make the most of Google Buzz or to get rid of it.

Avoiding Buzz Notifications

Every time someone mentions you in a post, you are most likely to receive a notification for it which might be  get annoying for you. Since these tend to pile up in your inbox, a way to get rid of them would be to create a filter for them. On the top of the page, you would find a option which allows you to create a filter, link it with buzz and all your notifications will automatically be sent there.

Hide Your Followers

Unlike Twitter and Face book where people feel proud by sharing to the number of their followers, Google Buzz might not appeal to you in the same manner. When you receive emails from someone, they are automatically added to the buzz service which often becomes quite annoying. Therefore, there is  a option which allows you to hide your followers from public viewing..
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Hackers Can Install Android On iPhone

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There is a buzz going on over the internet that some hackers have successfully exploited a weakness present in the iPhone, by managing to install the Google open source Android operating system into the iPhone.

The hackers have successfully installed Android OS 1.6 on the original iPhone, forming a multi OS device that will be capable of running both the older versions of two of the biggest smartphone operating systems.

The whole process can be seen on a You Tube video, with a step by step process explaining the complete procedure. However, it does not function that well as the camera fails to work and some apps might face some problem running.

What is Google Buzz?

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Recently, Google announced about the launch of Google Buzz, which is basically a semantic approach to social status updates that live inside Gmail. A number of features have been added with Buzz, but what seems really exciting is what Buzz can do in your pocket.

google buzz

If you go to http://buzz.google.com from your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll be taken to a WebKit- optimized interface in order to use and connect with Google Buzz.

Then, after logging in to your Google account, you’ll be taken directly to the main Buzz screen. Here you can see Buzz from the people you follow and from nearby locations, view your own posts, and find other people.

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