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6 Step Guide to backup PSP Data

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Not all the products are reliable. People are always worried about their important data. The only solution to secure your data is through keeping a backup of the data. In the case of PSP people don’t want to lose their saved games or characters. Although PSP is a reliable gaming device still anything can happen. Hence it’s better to keep a backup of your PSP game data which will help us if we lose data due to any reason. Using well known software known as Sony Media Go you take backup and can also transfer back data using the backup file previously created.

Taking Backup of PSP might be a difficult task but if you follow the instructions carefully then you will find it very easy. Here are some simple steps which will guide you throughout your backup process.

Step 1:

Step 1

In order to take backup you should first install the software Sony Media Go. Just download it, run the exe file and follow the instructions.

Step 2:

Now select USB in the settings of your PSP and connect it to the computer via USB in which you have installed the software.

Step 3:

Go to your desktop. There you will find a shortcut of Sony Media Go. Read the full story

How to Backup PSP Game Data?

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Computer games nowadays are one of the most useful sources of enjoyment for this modern and fast world. Games play a very important role in an individual’s daily life. For instance, a brain that is used for 8 hours daily in office or for any other routine works need some break. A person requires something that takes him out from his boring routine life.

Here, Games could be very helpful to maintain his work efficiency by keeping him fresh and ready fro the upcoming tasks. In this article we would be discussing some basic problems that a person can encounter related to computer games. There are some big games that save the progress you make in the game. Next time when you start playing your game, it actually loads the data from that particular saved file. Now, a person would never like to lose that progress he made in the game as it will be very boring to restart.

This write up focuses to guide you, how could you save yourself from such an irritation? The solution is simple, all you need to do is create backup for those saved files. Coming paragraphs will help you with the procedure.

For the purpose, we will be requiring software called Sony Media Go. This will help you to make backup of your PSP game data.

Creating Backup of Game Data in you Computer:


First and foremost you need to download Sony Media Go. As the downloading is finished run the installation process.  Installation process is quite simple all you need to do is to run the setup file and setup wizard would automatically download all the files that are essential for proper functionality of this particular software.


As the above requirement is compiled, use USB cable to connect your PSP with your computer. Your PSP should be set at USB mode for functionality. (Go to PSP settings -> USB connection and change the settings according to the requirement.)


Run the Sony media go on your computer. Your PSP should be displayed on left of the main Navigation menu.

Read the full story


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