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You Can Run Chrome OS On iPad

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iPad is one of the most interesting gadgets in the market. It has been developed by Apple and is officially released for public all around the world. iPad is a line of tablet computers which have proven to be a breakthrough. The iPad is controlled by a MultiTouch system and can only plant and work with programs approved by Apple inc.

The Chrome-Pad

However, by using a little imagination and modification the iPad can easily run many of the more interesting programs. The Chrome Operation System can also be easily run on the iPad. “Jail Breaking” is a term most of us are familiar with. Through Jail Breaking, expert hackers can bypass all precautions and download content and install it.

Cydia Is Ideal For Downloading

Some of the most famous sources of downloading content for iPad and iPhone have been the Cydia. Cydia applications are easy to access and free of cost. All of these applications are available on the internet for one to work with and enjoy. iPad can be easily Jail Breached and the Chrome OS be installed on it.

What Is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is a computing platform which was has been released by Google. It is exclusively compatible with all Personal Computers and Mobile devices.

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Best iPad Cases

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These days, gadgets feature big screens and sensitive touchy stuff. Due to this, they need to be protected from harm, and that’s why you go through a lot to protect them for the initial days at least. A carrying case is handier than a sleeve case as it is portable and durable. Presented below are few of these carrying cases for your apple iPad.

1. Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase

If you want to make a good impression or enter some place with style then Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase is the thing for you. It not only feels great with the special durable oiled tanned premium leather exterior, but it looks very good as well. Targus is so confident with this product that they are giving a life time warranty with this slip case. With the protection, it gives against scratches and a magnetic closure. And Yes, the price is worth it to protect your apple iPad.

2. Piel Frama Premium Leather Case with MAGNETIC Closure

If you have the money and like to get the best stuff then don’t look any further, the Piel Frama Premium Leather Case with Magnetic Closure is the best thing you can get. Made from handcrafted Spanish leather with black color and a tan lining. The feel you get from touching it and the special magnetic closure makes it an item to collect. As with most of the cases the Piel farma case can be used as an iPad stand, and it has two viewing angles as well. One is for reading and another for writing/typing.

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The latest Windows 7 Tablet

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Windows 7 PC Tablet is not worth only for its appearances. It is  Windows 7 enabled  which  makes it a total new device  for use. You will choose to adopt for personal use once you check out its features, functions and usability. If you are not feeling comfortable using old netbook, this one will give you an entire new touch using windows 7. You may replace your netbook with this window 7 Tablet PC.



Display: 9 inches 1024×600 resistive touchscreen display

Operating System: Available with or without Windows 7 operating system.

CPU Processor: 1.66GHZ Atom N280

Memory: 2GB 667MHz DDR2 RAM

Hard Drive: 32GB SSD (16-64GB available, 128GB coming soon)

Connectivity: 3G modem (use your own SIM)

Ports: 3xUSB, SD slot (includes 8GB card), combo RJ-45/VGA slot

Camera: Front webcam

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Best Touch Screen Monitors

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Today, every gadget is embedded with touch facility. People are so addicted of touch mobile phones, laptops and i-pads. Therefore, desktop are also participating in this race and gaining immense importance. Window 7 offers you a surprisingly best and innovative product in which you can enjoy the touch system in the monitors. Touch screen monitors are now in demand and are easily replacing the need of desktops. Most of the people find touch screen monitors fun, while some people feel it like an important as well as a necessary tool. People feel comfortable while using the touch commands and thus the need of touch screen gadgets is increasing. It’s really easy to use your fingers directly on the screen rather than using the buttons.

touchscreen monitor

Importance Of Touchscreen Monitors

People feel this way fast, easy and comfortable too. No need of any keyboard or mouse. Just use your finger tips and enjoy. Touch screen monitors are so appealing that users get easily attracted towards it and want to use them for fun too.

In this article, I have given brief features / specifications of different touch screen monitors, along with this I will also tell you how you can change or convert your monitors into touch screen monitors, excited to know? Have a look and start enjoying the work on your own touch screen monitor.

Acer T230H

Acer T230H, one of the best as well as largest touch screen monitor comes along with huge range of specifications. Windows 7 along with numerous touch facilities is a great opportunity and by using this monitor, you will come to know how it is perfect and really meant for you.

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Use The iPad As A Video Surveillance

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For the past few years mobile technology have rapidly grown around us and have fascinated us while providing latest gadget; means of communication and social networking through it. Growing technology has somehow affected the crime rate, which definitely have increased and for the security purpose at open, crowded public areas are now under video surveillance.

Previously CCTV – Closed Circuit TeleVision were used for the surveillance purpose but now days IP Camera – Internet Protocol camera are now in use along with the help of iPad and iPhones to make it more efficient and quick. It can be installed anywhere even in your houses and offices, and you can feel safe where ever you be.

Advantages of IP Camera

  • Like all digital cameras IP camera also has high resolution videos and images.
  • Images and videos can be viewed from any other mobile or computer as a live coverage.
  • It has two ways communication process, which helps in sorting out and decide course of action on the spot.

iPad and iPhones companies are striving for new and improved application in which surveillance client software can be installed. That way videos and images taken from it can be posted anywhere required while all it needs a Wi-fi enabled for posting it to internet.

Now a worried mother can look after her new-born anytime from anywhere. Read the full story

Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy iPad

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Technology plays a vital role in our society these days. Every year we come across new advancements and new innovations. Every thing has its pros and cons especially when it comes to machinery and different gadgets. Just like other new innovations, Apple iPad is a new one in the market with its huge launch. It is an attractive gadget and is taking people’s attention with its looks. You know what they say, “looks can be deceiving”. So when it comes to this gadget, it is not that much reliable as it seems. Ten reasons for not buying iPad are:

Limited Features

1. Apple iPad has very limited features, it provides only the entertainment features like You Tube, iTunes, Emails and eBooks etc. so the one’s looking for any marketable functions in it shouldn’t waste their money over it.

Operating System

2. The new iPad does not have Operating System X which mostly people prefer to use. It would be considered as a limitation for those who use other Intel processors rather than apple processors. Read the full story

Apple’s Rival – The Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Wooohh!!! The war is on people!!! Apple finally met its rival! The latest Samsung Galaxy Tab, has everything that could leave Apple’s iPad shocked and furious! Rumors even have it that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is deemed to be better than Apple’s iPad and that surely is something that Apple Inc can never digest…

So, let’s take a look at what this sexy Galaxy have to offer us.

Features That Makes It Better Than Ipad

  • It’s smaller, lighter, easy to carry but does not back off on storage space, which makes it all the more a favorite.
  • It has the same processor like the Apple Ipad, only with double the RAM, that means faster and better.
  • Expandable storage of 32GB is allowed, unlike Apple’s restricted storage.
  • Has two cameras; front 1.3 megapixel and 3.2 rear camera. On the contrary, Apple has NO cameras, which is why this new dude is getting the looks.
  • It has ANDROID as it’s OS which means downloading of ANY application and users can make use of ADOBE FLASH which Apple happened to restrict. This is also another MAJOR advantage over the Apple.
  • Fantastic video playback of 7 hours…….What else does one want! ?


SCREEN 7 inch LCD 9.7 inch LED
RESOLUTION 1024 X 600 1024 X 768
INTERNAL STORAGE 16 or 32GB 16, 32 , 64 GB
RAM 512MB 256MB


Though the price of the Galaxy is not yet announced and it is not yet launched, it’s operability strength can only be assumed through its features both physical and internal. If you are on the verge of purchasing a tablet, I would suggest, you hang on in there and wait for the release of the Samsung Galaxy, or you might just end up regretting having not buying it instead!

Coolest Anti-Theft Gadgets

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No one wants to lose, what one has, but many people steal what others have, so there is a good solution for these type of people to use the Anti-theft gadgets, so anyone can secure their products and keep them out of anyone thinking that they can even steal that rough an scratched model of anything.

1. Ugly Digital Camera

When you are traveling, anyone can be so sure that you are worried about your camera, that may be you will lose it. But there is a way, make your camera less beautiful and give it an ugly old look, so no one will try to take that from you. No one will try to snatch that useless, old aged camera. This technique is tested and gave very positive results.

2. IPod case; 80’s walkman look

Now-a-days, everyone has an iPod, which he uses every time, but there is a threat, that someone may notice that you have the latest iPod and may desire to get one like this, or even think to take your iPod, so you can keep your iPod out of the reach of such people.

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Tablets War: Let the Battles Begin

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January is always fun. It is going to be even more fun for geeks. Late in January 2010, you and I will witness one of the most fierce battles among software and hardware giants of our times. Photo of HP Tablet PC running MS Windows Table...

Each and every company seems to be in a hurry to capture as much share of personal computer market as it can. Tablet PCs used to be an expensive and luxury toy only meant for top executives and the very rich.

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Today, every kid on the block wants a touch sensitive slate like device to act as a phone, laptop and even multimedia entertainment centre. If a manufacturer can deliver it under $200 price tag,  I am sure, the world will beat the path to their door. It would be next big thing after iPhone.

This is phenomenal development. Many things contributed toward making it possible. I can think of following

  • Huge reduction in cost of LCD displays
  • Popular acceptance of touch sensitive gadgets like iphone
  • Introduction of  solid state drives and supper slim battery and motherboards.

Nokia’s N900 internet tablet, Apple’s iPhone and amazon’s kindle can be regarded as the classic era devices that pave the way for this evolution of Personal computing.

The Battle Ground for Tablet Wars

The venue for the tablet wars is set at this week’s Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas.

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Top 5 Apps to Make Free Calls From iPhone & iPod Touch

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Due to the new smartphone era, it is now possible to make free local and international calls through VoIP. Although this has given the users great advantage, but unfortunately most people don’t know how to do that.

Here are some of the ways of making free calls from iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian cell phones.

In order to take full advantage from the capabilities of the gadgets they own, the mobile companies are also trying hard to provide its readers with the information needed. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep yourself updated.

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