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Top Cydia Aapplications

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After jailbreaking your iPhone, the installation procedure leaves a new app on your home screen, this app called “Cydia” allows you to access the jailbreak app databanks that are essential in downloading your favorite jailbreak applications. Once there were used to be numerous jailbreak installers on your phone or iPad, but now, with the integration of Installer into Cydia and the union of Rock into Cydia, all the jailbreak applications are now in one location. Jailbreak apps used to be free once, but nowadays there are a number of commercial apps obtainable that have a much higher standard.

After such a long time jailbreak apps, especially for your iPhone and iPad are becoming more and more stable. Now you should not worry about jailbreaking apps corrupting your system or installing worms, botnets or viruses. And now you can also Keep track of all your transactions and space inside the Cydia app. It has never been this easy, especially on the iPad.

Now here are our latest picks for the top three Cydia apps that are a must have on your iPhone.

1. Winterboard and Summerboard

What these two apps basically do is to change your background and icons and also change your entire UI. It only has this one tiny problem, which is that you’ll undergo through some delay to accomplish your preferred result, but it usually has some pretty awesome results. You can change only the keyboard, but not the UI( User Interface ), or vice versa, and also you can modify every detail of the Springboard. For 2010 and 2011 are the new “Live Wallpapers” like the android that permits your iPhone to use totally neat stirring backgrounds. This effect while making your phone look absolutely cool also drains your battery.

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Best To Do List iPhone Apps

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iPhone is used by millions of users, who use it for various purposes. The most popular uses of iPhones are to make and receive calls, playing games and capturing videos etc. Apart from these uses, iPhone offer a great number of other facilities that users can select according to their wish and requirements. You can use your iPhone as your helper such as by installing relevant applications to your iPhone you can make it a perfect helper for you to carry out daily works.

You can make the use of this gadget more productive than using it just for making calls or playing games. To do so, you have to install appropriate applications into your iPhone. You might be wondering about what applications you should install, so take a look on the following applications that are regarded as the best 5 apps for iPhone.

1. Smart Time

Smart Time is one the most useful iPhone applications. It is basically a calendar that is having a “to do list” option which makes it the best suited iPhone application. This is a unique application because it helps you to keep the record of all pending works and also helps you to manage various works of your life.

2. All in Notes

It is another “to do list” application that has made number second on this list. This application let you save a “to do list” in text format. This application also allows you to leave voice messages and a lot other options.

3. ToDo

It is a great helping tool to help you managing your day to day tasks and it helps you to keep yourself updated with your projects.

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Best iPhone Apps for Facebook

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The most famous and large social networking site is Facebook. Almost every person is a member of this social site. Iphone provides a variety of iPhone applications through which you can get access to Facebook. These applications are very easy to use and you can update yourself every day by using these iPhone applications.

Applications of iPhones for Facebook

Applications of iPhones for Facebook

iPhone is also providing many applications for Facebook. These applications help an iPhone user to use Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site. It provides a link between you and your friends. You can easily use Facebook on your iPhone and can also post your comments on different walls. It also provides you a facility to get notifications. You can easily update your daily status and can inform your friends about your daily life. Following are the top ten applications that are considered to be the best for Facebook.

1. Facebook

This is an official application and any one can use it for Facebook. By using this application, now iPhone users can share their daily life with their friends and social community. You can easily upload your profile pictures and can update your status any time. You can also receive notifications and alerts about the activities that take place on your wall.

2. Phone Book

It is a multi functional application. It provides an advance Phone Book to the users of iPhone. iPhone users can save contacts of their friends in this Phone Book. These contacts contain email addresses, residential and official addresses, and mobile and other phone numbers. This application is very useful to keep your social circle very strong.

3. Scramble

This application helps you to connect to your Facebook friends and invite them to your iPhone games. You can play iPhone games with your friends and other community members.

4. Top Friends

This application provides you an opportunity to check out the status of your friends on Facebook. You can also check the conversation details between your friends and other community members.

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Editor’s Choice: Best Car Apps for 2011

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This is the period of advance technology. Many social activities are now available for people. Mostly, people are not aware from all of these facilities. However, one can enjoy to pickup these facilities. Mobile apps are considering the most important part of these facilities. There are lots of mobile apps for drivers which can be used while driving the vehicle. These mobile apps can be generally divided into four main categories.

Best Mobile Car Apps

Most of the social media tools can be found in geo-location, entertainment, mobile phone integration apps and promotions. It is kept in mind that these applications are almost operated with the mobile devices. Some of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed using these applications. Mobile sets however, now become very pretty and small. But most of the auto companies are looking to share the social media with people in the vehicles.

Entertainment Apps

There are two sources of entertainment for traffic apps. These apps can easily be accessed from these sources. People can use these apps according to their requirement.

1. Aha Radio app

Aha Radio is one of the most promising free apps among all the available apps in market. This is an interesting offer for people that can be accessed from mobiles, wireless systems and many portable devices. There are lots of features of these apps including traffic data and access of stored music and navigation assistance etc. People can access the favorite music stations of their interest using these apps.

2. Pandora app

People can listen to favorite tunes of their choice while traveling. There are many features of Pandora app available mostly in mobile phones. These apps give variety of music features like other traffic apps to the people. People can share their favorite music stations with their friends and family members. There are many other music features are available in Pandora app.

Geo-location app

There are two types of geo-location apps introduced by different groups. People can easily find and access the locations of their interest using these apps.

1. Google Maps

Automobiles are generally used to move from one place to another. So, geo-location is considered to be an important app among all the mobile apps. Whenever, a person thinks about the geolocation, Google maps are immediately comes in mind.

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How to Transfer iPhone Apps And Songs to New Computer?

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People are always looking to transfer the iphone apps and songs to the new computer for many applications. These people are not generally understood with the exact procedure. However, this is not so much difficult. One can easily transfer iphone apps and songs to the new computer using the proper way. Some time people lose the purchased music from their phone when synced it in the wrong way. We are going to describe here a simple method to transfer the iphone apps and songs to the new computer.


1. First of all go to the apple’s site i.e http://www.apple.com/itunes. Look for the latest version of itunes. Simply download it and install as the usual way.

2. Sharepod is a free utility that can also be used. Anyone can find it by exploring the site http://www.softpedia.com/get/IPOD-TOOLS/Other-IPOD-tools-Updates/SharePod.shtml

3. After installation, itunes can be opened. It must be ensured that account of itunes store was properly managed. This is mostly the same account which used to shop all other apps.

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Top Business Iphone Apps

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Apple is providing many useful applications for business use and hence it is one of the most used iPhone by many business men. It provides you many useful applications that will help you in your business as well as in daily lives. Following are some ten best useful iPhone applications that will help you in your business.

1. Unit converter

This application is one the most useful application for business men and women because by using this application you can convert units for different physical quantities. You can change almost 16 different categories by using this application.

List of physical quantities that can be converted

  • currency (also provides you live update)
  • temperature
  • distance
  • weight
  • volume
  • time
  • surface
  • speed
  • angle
  • data storage
  • energy
  • power
  • pressure
  • concentration
  • radioactivity
  • typography

It is so simple to use this application. It has a built-in calculator with standard unit’s information. It is the best and fastest application to convert units.

2. PDF Reader Pro

It was a major problem that you can not read PDF format files in your iPhones but in new iPhones you can read the PDF format files on a big screen. You can also edit them by using editing option. You can also upload PDF files by using Wi-Fi. Document scanner features are also included in this application.

PDF Reader Pro features

  • Document Manager(copy, paste, cut, delete, rename)
  • PDF viewer
  • Landscape view (auto-rotation)
  • Wi-Fi sync
  • Pinch Zoom in/out (by two fingers)
  • Jump to the page you want
  • Remembering the last viewed location
  • Tap zone (see our website)
  • Read password-protected files
  • Book marking
  • Outline
  • Upload PDF Zip file (only one step to manage and upload all of your files).
  • Download PDF files from any website with our built in browser.
  • Download PDF files from Email attachment with our built in browser.
  • Mail PDF format files
  • USB file transfer for iPhone(iOS4) and iPad

Scanner features

  • Exposure (enhancement of document)
  • Black and White document
  • Multi-pages PDF support
  • PDF Preview-Import pages from your photo library
  • Mail out photos

3. eWallet

It is a very simple application and you can save your bank and other important passwords in it. There is no need to remember complex and difficult password just save them in your iPhone.

Features of eWallet

  • It protects your information completely.
  • It is a secure storage of passwords, PIN codes and user names.
  • Strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • Secure storage for bank and credit card information.
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How to Use CopyTransManager to Sync iPhone Without iTunes ?

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ITunes is the media player used by the iPhone and iPod’s. To sync your iPhone, to the computer, you require iTunes. Many people want to know, how to, sync their iPhone’s without iTunes.

An Alternative Way

There are many Apple users who dislike using iTunes. They hate the idea of transferring their whole library to iTunes. There are many Windows users who are using other media players.

Another problem is that, only Mac and Windows support iTunes. Linux users, who have iPhone’s, face problems then. Fortunately, there are other alternative ways, through which they can sync their iPhone’s, to their computers.


This is only in reference to Windows users. Other users will have to find alternatives. CopyTransManager is a good alternative to iTunes.


Certain things need to be kept in mind, depending on the type of Firmware you’re using. If it’s Firmware 1 x, then CopyTransManager will work out of the box. It will work out of the box to sync your iPhone.

If you’re using Firmware 2.x, things will be different. You will be prompted to apply a fix to downgrade the iPhone database. The reason for this is, so that it can be read by the software.

The internal structure of your iPhone will be modified. If you are not comfortable with this, then think again. You can try finding other alternative media players, if so. Read the full story

Top 10 Cydia Apps

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The iPhone has many great applications. However, there are many apps that Apple doesn’t allow users to download. These apps can be downloaded through Jailbreaking, the iPhone. The top ten Cydia themes are being considered, below.


Once the phone is jailbroken, a new app appears in the Springboard. It is known as Cydia. It allows you access to millions of themes. The best part is that they are absolutely free.

There is one problem. Since there are so many apps, choosing which ones to install, can be problematic. Often, people download useless apps that waste their time. To make things easier for iPhone users, we will only consider the best Cydia themes.

1. Winterboard

This app allows you to control the way your iPhone looks and sounds. The first step is to install Winterboard. Once this is done, just go back into Cydia. You can then choose, from the huge numbers, of themes available.

Once the themes have been installed, there won’t be a noticeable change. You will have to go back into the Winterboard. The next step, is to, tick the themes ACTIVE.

Once you click the home screen. the Springboard will freeze. It will restart again. Finally, after restarting, the new theme settings shall be activated.

2. iBlackList

This app has two main functions. Firstly, you can create Blacklists and Whitelists, for all your contacts. Blacklist shall let you decide which contacts, should be allowed to get in touch with you. This setting will also apply for SMS messages.

The second function, allows you, to turn in the setting in “Notifications Privacy”. This will, in turn, stop the pop-ups that appear, when a text is received. The pop-up’s will completely disappear.

3. MxTube

Once could term it, as the, YouTube of the iPhone. You can download videos, for offline viewing, It allows you to download the high quality apps, and, plays it back at a higher quality. The only annoying part is that, it crashes, at times.

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How to Transfer iPhone Apps to iPad?

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Currently, more than 140,000 applications are available for the users of iPhone and iPod Touch. Many of the new customers of Apple iPad Slate enjoy a collection of applications that they accrued for use on the iPhone or iPod Touch. You also have an opportunity to sync your iPhone apps to the iPad with the help of iTunes. Below are the instructions for doing so:

Open iTunes

If you are in possession of an iPhone or iPod Touch, conceivably you have an iTunes account too.  If you don’t have iTunes on your PC, you can download the most advanced version free from the Apple website.

Back up your iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Use a USB connector to join your iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC. The iTunes will perceive that your iPod has been connected and will add a line called ‘Devices’ under your library and store menus on the left hand side of iTunes. Devices column will be filled and the name that you have chosen to you iPhone or iPod Touch will appear. Now click on your device name to open your syncing options and click the sync button in lower right hand corner. This will make a back of all your apps to iTunes. After finishing the sync, you can disconnect your iPhone or iPod Touch. Read the full story

Top 10 Business Apps for iPhone: Download Now!

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Businessmen are always in a search of modern mobile phones, which help them in their business. Normally businessmen demand an iPhones for their business use because iPhones are normally loaded with much business used applications, which help them in their business. Following are ten top iPhone applications which are useful for businessmen.

1. Dragon dictation (voice to text conversion)

It is a very important application. It can convert the voice message into text message. Now you can send your texts, emails and other updates to your social websites just by speaking. It will automatically convert your voice into written words. There is no need to type your message from key pad. It will save your time and as well as your efforts.

2. Expense tracking and billing touch

This is a billing touch application there are dozens of variants that help you to track billable hours, record expenses and invoice clients.

3. US postal Service on mobile phone

UPS mobile is a postal application. You can track delivery status and show locations of the nearest pick-up or drop-off storefront. This will ease your transportation.

4. Whiteboard capture pro

This is latest camera operated application software. You can capture a picture of white board and can read it after some time. You can also capture pictures and written data instead of writing it on note pad. It provides you high-contrast images with bright white backgrounds and sharp black text. You can also share these pictures and data with your other business partners and colleagues.

5. Remote Desktop light

This application provides you a remote control to your computer and other electronic devices.

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