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Best iPhone Apps for Facebook

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The most famous and large social networking site is Facebook. Almost every person is a member of this social site. Iphone provides a variety of iPhone applications through which you can get access to Facebook. These applications are very easy to use and you can update yourself every day by using these iPhone applications.

Applications of iPhones for Facebook

Applications of iPhones for Facebook

iPhone is also providing many applications for Facebook. These applications help an iPhone user to use Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site. It provides a link between you and your friends. You can easily use Facebook on your iPhone and can also post your comments on different walls. It also provides you a facility to get notifications. You can easily update your daily status and can inform your friends about your daily life. Following are the top ten applications that are considered to be the best for Facebook.

1. Facebook

This is an official application and any one can use it for Facebook. By using this application, now iPhone users can share their daily life with their friends and social community. You can easily upload your profile pictures and can update your status any time. You can also receive notifications and alerts about the activities that take place on your wall.

2. Phone Book

It is a multi functional application. It provides an advance Phone Book to the users of iPhone. iPhone users can save contacts of their friends in this Phone Book. These contacts contain email addresses, residential and official addresses, and mobile and other phone numbers. This application is very useful to keep your social circle very strong.

3. Scramble

This application helps you to connect to your Facebook friends and invite them to your iPhone games. You can play iPhone games with your friends and other community members.

4. Top Friends

This application provides you an opportunity to check out the status of your friends on Facebook. You can also check the conversation details between your friends and other community members.

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Top 10 Business Apps for iPhone: Download Now!

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Businessmen are always in a search of modern mobile phones, which help them in their business. Normally businessmen demand an iPhones for their business use because iPhones are normally loaded with much business used applications, which help them in their business. Following are ten top iPhone applications which are useful for businessmen.

1. Dragon dictation (voice to text conversion)

It is a very important application. It can convert the voice message into text message. Now you can send your texts, emails and other updates to your social websites just by speaking. It will automatically convert your voice into written words. There is no need to type your message from key pad. It will save your time and as well as your efforts.

2. Expense tracking and billing touch

This is a billing touch application there are dozens of variants that help you to track billable hours, record expenses and invoice clients.

3. US postal Service on mobile phone

UPS mobile is a postal application. You can track delivery status and show locations of the nearest pick-up or drop-off storefront. This will ease your transportation.

4. Whiteboard capture pro

This is latest camera operated application software. You can capture a picture of white board and can read it after some time. You can also capture pictures and written data instead of writing it on note pad. It provides you high-contrast images with bright white backgrounds and sharp black text. You can also share these pictures and data with your other business partners and colleagues.

5. Remote Desktop light

This application provides you a remote control to your computer and other electronic devices.

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iPhone Apps For College Students

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An iPhone has become a must-have for all age groups including college students. Although there are many apps available, there are a few that have been created especially to make life for college students easier, helping them out to organize their schedules and work. Here are some great apps that have been designed specifically for college students.

iStudiez Pro

it is quite difficult for students to keep everything organized when they are following the busy college routine. There is a lot to remember between classes, home works and exams. iStudiez Pro helps to make life a little easier for student by helping them to Organize their classes, exams and professors into a simple easy to understand interface that tells them what to do and when.This iPhone app is available for $2.99 and also offers a number of different schedule views and a view for “Today” that shows what is ahead in schedule for the day.

Treat Your Acne With Your iPhone

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If you are sick of that acne and have become hopeless, thinking that no one can cure it, think again! You are holding the cure right in you hand!

Yes, now you can use your iPhone to help you get rid of your acne as there is an app that is designed to clear up your face. Dermatologist Dr. Greg Pearson has developed “AcneAPP’ claiming that it can be used to cure acne and even improve wrinkles.

Available for only $1.99, the app can be used to improve your skin while you talk, by covering your face with 420 nanometer blue light, having antibacterial properties, and 550 nanometer red light which is supposed to work as an anti-inflammatory to help your complexion.

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Top 100 Free iPhone Applications

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Here is a list of the top 100 free applications available in the iTunes App Store. The top 100 have been decided by looking at the number of downloads by all iPhone users in the United States.

1. Finger Physics

2. Runway

3. Mad Libs Lite

4. Traffic Rush

5. iFarm by PlayMesh

6. Twilight: The Movie Game

7. Unblock Me

8. Facebook

9. Cows In Space

10. Convert Units for Free

11. Pandora Radio

12. Ramp Champ

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