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10 Easter iPhone Apps For Kids

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Easter holidays bring a lot of excitement and fun for children, but they can prove to be hectic for parents who strive hard to keep their children busy during the ling break.

If you want to give your children some happy time, and wish for something that would keep them busy for a while, then here is a list of Easter apps for children to enjoy.

1. Sneezies Easter Edition

This is an Easter version of the game Sneezies. Having 24 levels and 8 mode levels, the player strives to rescue as many Sneezies as possible by bursting their bubbles with finger. The game has appealing graphics and good sound effects, something that attracts children a lot.

2. Dress Eggy

With Dress Eggy, you can decorate your egg, attach it to a postcard and send to your friends. The app allows you to decorate your eggs using various colors and shapes. You can also choose additional wallpapers and record your personal message or use a pre-recorded one.

Alice in Wonderland for iPhone

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With the the recent release of the film from Disney, Alice in Wonderland has made its way to iPhone with a great 2-D adventure game, and the game surely has much more to often than the movie.

In the game, you are Alice, who is an older girl (as compared to the old story) and has no memory about her last visit to Wonderland, which was ten years back. Alice must now escape the twisted Wonderland where she is trapped in.

To do this, Alice, i.e. you, will have to take help from some of your old friends which include the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, and the Mad Hatter. Each friend has a special power that you must use to solve puzzles and escape Wonderland.

Apple’s Apps Of The Week

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It is being said that Apple’s iPad will be able to play all apps, but it is difficult to imagine how each application will adjust itself to the new device.

Playing games on the iPad will be a lot more fun as it will have a bigger screen, enabling you to enjoy every move wholeheartedly.

Here are the week’s favorite apps, that will hopefully make their way to the iPad as well.


Years is a simple calendar app that will help you a lot in planning your year ahead of time. Once launched, the app displays a neatly laid out full year calendar, allowing to easily plan for vacations or mark important dates for the whole year.

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Best Free iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

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You may be extremely excited to get your new iPod Touch or an iPhone, but may become bored of it very quickly. Well, this is a perfectly acceptable as a blank iPhone/iPod Touch is not much fun until you load it up with apps.

You can find various Apps having different prices, although there are many free apps available too. Here’s a list of some great free apps available on the iTunes Store.

Cricket T20 Fever Lite

 If you love cricket, then you’ll adore this game. T20 Fever Lite is the free version of the game that we have already seen.

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How to get most out of your iPhone

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Before going to purchase a mess of travel appurtenance to take with yourself in the next big trip, you should have a closer look at your iPhone also. It’s a useful guide:iphone460

1- Before you depart home, email yourself your travel plan, as well as all confirmation e-mails for hotel, attraction, rental-car and other reservations.iphone-gps

2- Use the GPS and the Google Maps app to see your way around.

3- Take snaps of everything you could be held accountable for like a torn carpet in your hotel apartment or a dent on a rental car you hired. Now, you have evidence it was there before you take charge of it. Also capture information like parking levels and trail maps.

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How to download iPhone Application without Credit Card

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This Sunday was not an ordinary Sunday. This Sunday all iPhone applications on Apple iTunes store got jail broken and now they are free. With the release of Crackulous 0.9, DRM was successfully removed from App Store software. This allow users to freely distribute the application they have purchased from App store. And this let you download applications from any site hosting them with out use of credit cards.

According to the Crackulous v.9 specs, the software lets you “[c]rack Applications from the App Store! Share them with the community! Crackulous can crack multiple applications at a time, with the most POWERFUL and EASIEST to use application available.”

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