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Top 30 Free Fast DNS Servers

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There are different problems that occur during browsing the internet. These problems are caused due to several reasons. Some times sites are working properly and fast. But some times there are some problems occur with our servers. Our servers open BSNL and opens DNS servers, so that they can update the server. To solve this problem, you can use DNS server to open any specific website.

DNS meaning

DNS is the abbreviation of Domain Name System. This is a computer language to define any address or URL.

The DNS is in short, defines the address of different websites. For example, if you type any website in the address bar of your browser, it will automatically find the DNS server so that it could connect with the website. Without the DNS server it is not possible to connect to any website. On DNS server demand the server answer that contains an IP address. This IP address actually determines the location of the source.

Use of different DNS, when DNS default is slow

This is a normal problem when domain is moved and ISP banned the server to connect with any website. In such a case you can not view the websites and content of the page.

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How to change DNS server

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Before we start, we must note that before changing the settings in a DNS server that these settings are for users of following windows

  1. Windows 2000
  2. Windows XP
  3. Windows server 2003

and to add to this fact if one is configured with a router, the router configuration utillity has to be configured in order to change the DNS settings or for further details consult your router’s user manual.


  1. Right click on the My Network Places icon on the desktop and select Properties.
  2. If the user is not the classic menu (in windows xp) the icons isn’t available, go to Start menu | My Computer | My Network Places | View Network Connections. Read the full story

Speed up Your Internet Browsing with Fast Free Public DNS Servers

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Precious page loading time is lost due to slow and obsolete DNS servers maintained by your internet service providers. ISP’s usually update their DNS servers once every 24 hours. Also their servers are sometime under-powered to handle the load of DNS requests generated by their network. There are often times when one can’t browse anything while the internet seems to be connected fine.

Due to slow DNS servers, Internet browsing becomes very painful. Pages seem to take forever to load.

How to tell that your DNS server is not working

If the the status bar of browser is showing

Looking for www.google.com (or any other site)

This means DNS is not resolving properly

Solution to Slow Browsing Issue

Solution is quite simple. you should replace primary and secondary DNS servers with one of free fast public DNS servers from the list below.

List of Free Fast Public DNS Servers

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