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Great Free Apps for Blackberry

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The Blackberry application library keeps on multiplying and new apps surface every so often. Some old ones still prove too useful to be discarded for newer ones. Some new ones provide an opportunity for an even better blackberry experience.

Old apps

1. Google map

2. BB Screen Shooter

3. Stock viewer

4. Beyond 411

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Apple’s Apps Of The Week

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It is being said that Apple’s iPad will be able to play all apps, but it is difficult to imagine how each application will adjust itself to the new device.

Playing games on the iPad will be a lot more fun as it will have a bigger screen, enabling you to enjoy every move wholeheartedly.

Here are the week’s favorite apps, that will hopefully make their way to the iPad as well.


Years is a simple calendar app that will help you a lot in planning your year ahead of time. Once launched, the app displays a neatly laid out full year calendar, allowing to easily plan for vacations or mark important dates for the whole year.

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How To Find Free iPhone Apps?

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It is now possible to find iPhone apps for everything, ranging from games to dieting coaches, you can find all kinds of things. However, it can be a bit expensive to download new iPhone apps every now and then. Nevertheless, if you know the right place to look, you will be able to find many free iPhone apps to keep your iPhone fun and new.

Here are some tips to get free iPhone app.

1. Go through the iPhone App Store, looking for free apps. Although it is not very easy to find free stuff through the App Store interface, they are there if you look for them. Look for the Resources section below for a direct link.2

2. Keep a track of “148apps_nowfree” on Twitter. This way, you will get to know whenever iPhone apps permanently or temporarily drop to $0 at the App Store.

Free Applications For BlackBerry

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There are now a lot of applications accessible for Blackberry. You can use them and get their features free of cost. There are some applications of Blackberry with which you can control and keep an eye on your personal money expenses. And also these applications allow you to share all the information you want to share with your family and friends.

JadpLite; Money Manager

When you are busy in your life, then it is not surprising that you will miss some important things which can make difference in your life, so to better keep track on your money related matters, it is recommended to use JadpLite BlackBerry as your personal money manager. It is a simple and really easy to use application, with which you can keep your budget in line with your needs and can keep an eye on its out flow.

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Track Your Cell phone Usage By Cell Minute Tracker

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Can you guess the thing worst then paying AT&T’s monthly bill? It is to pay the AT&T bill higher then usual, and this happens when you ignored the allotted time to talk and text messages.

So, now I am going to tell you that I found an application and I became its fan, the application is OverMyMinutes Alerter, this is a free application that can notify you when it is necessary to alarm you to hold on… now you don’t have much allotted minutes or text limit, and this application notify you via SMS. At first glance you’ll consider it as unnecessary. You already have a way to check the data usage by AT&T’s MyWireless app, and you also have a method to check by dialing *646# and it will for free show you text message showing remaining minutes.

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Best Free iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

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You may be extremely excited to get your new iPod Touch or an iPhone, but may become bored of it very quickly. Well, this is a perfectly acceptable as a blank iPhone/iPod Touch is not much fun until you load it up with apps.

You can find various Apps having different prices, although there are many free apps available too. Here’s a list of some great free apps available on the iTunes Store.

Cricket T20 Fever Lite

 If you love cricket, then you’ll adore this game. T20 Fever Lite is the free version of the game that we have already seen.

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