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Google Maps

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Finding any geographical location on earth is not a difficult task anymore. Users of Google will now be amazed by using google aerial map. It is a free web based mapping technology. Through this users can locate street addresses, find businesses in urban areas etc free of cost. Google aerial map does not only locate destinations but also provides other information.

What else google aerial map can do?

Google maps can also provide their users with entertainment and attractions in general areas. Users can search any location in the world and can get full knowledge about it. If you want to know about parks of any particular area you can simply type park and the technology will provide you with a list. Further it will provide you with the image of the park and its directions. By looking at the map users can zoom the image to have a closer look of the image.

Driving and walking directions

Google aerial maps can help their customers in obtaining walking and driving directions. Users only need to enter where to go and what is their destination and it will provide you with driving directions. Moreover it will provide you with a map and with the estimated duration of travel. In addition to driving directions users can also obtain walking directions.

Moreover if any one finds out that google satellite maps are wrong about any location users can simply correct it. But if the problem is extensive the moderator will have to approve the change before it appears on the internet.

Standard viewing options

Google mapping applications offer six standard viewing options. Firstly is the map view which offers relevant look of the location demanded with its detailed images. Secondly google satellite map offers a high resolution, great quality images of the location. As the other options google aerial maps also offers the same capabilities of zooming and planning. Then there is terrain view which provides high relief rendering and an overlaying street image which increase understanding. 360 views of street level geography are offered by street view. Lastly it is the traffic view which shows traffic situation in certain areas. Read the full story

Facebook Offers All Members Free Security Software

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In order to fight off the increasing threats of hackers and computer viruses on the social network, Facebook has announced that it will be offering free computer security software for six months to all of the network’s 350 million members.

facebook software

To do this, Facebook has signed a deal with the famous anti-virus maker McAfee Inc. of Santa Clara to supply the security software.

The Software will be available for free for the first six months, after which it will be available with a special discount subscription. The later subscription amount has not been defined as yet, though Facebook has claimed that it would not receive any profit from the subscriptions.

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8 Unique Gadgets Picked by Our Editors

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We’ve already explored why foreign countries surpass the U.S. when it comes to high-tech cars, robots, gaming devices, and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mobile phones, but there’s plenty more electronic wizardry that couldn’t possibly fit in the first list. The things you are not likely to find at any nearby mall, but you can always turn to the Internet and one of the several overseas sites that advertise foreign goods. If you really have a longing for any of these products and don’t have any problem with long-distance ordering, long-distance shipping, and potential warranty hassles. However, for the most part, it’s look but don’t touch.

Home Care Camera by Miharu

Small cameras that peek into tiny places are presently all the rage overseas, and Miharu’s dental-oriented device is one of the pack leaders. Although, it looks like a highly sophisticated toothbrush, the unit features a very small video camera and an LED light, through which you can video tape places that don’t normally see daylight – as the back of your mouth, the back of your refrigerator, or that little crack amidst the floorboards. Deliver the video to your big screen TV for maximum result.

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Omni-directional Rotary Razaq by Hitachi

Its curved esthetics will truely attract the style conscious, but the Rotary Razaq is known for performance, too. Having a 3500-RPM motor, omni-directional, washable blades, and a handle that manual razor junkies will love. Hitachi’s little shaving wonder may just be the ideal whisker remover.

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Touch the Hard Dell Machine

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Imagine your Laptop falls down and it stop working……

it seems to be great loss to your property and also to your tech work.

But the worried time has passed now. Dell is going to launch its tough series Laptops. Latitude E6400 XFR with touch screen function. Company claims that their E6400 XFR will be perform best in dust, high-pressure water sprays and even if  it falls down.


Dell has used  Ballistic Armor Protection system to make its product the toughest in Laptops genre. The casing material is used in this laptop is the same used in ballistic missiles. It is a high-tech polymer that is more durable than magnesium alloy material that is used in the most of laptops. Now its time to use your laptop recklessly by having E6400 XFR as it works good in hard conditions claimed by the company Dell. Read the full story

Black Hole Created By Swiss-France Particle Accelerator Will Eat the Earth?

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As final preparation for turning on the Swiss-France Particle Accelerator are underway, there is a growing concern among physics scientists and students that the collision of particles at near light speed can create a black hole that will start to suck-in the time and space around it. It will be matter of hours that the whole earth will be sucked into it.  This Particle accelerator is 3 story tall and 27 kilometers long. So far this is world’s largest and most expensive particle accelerator.

A Sliced Section of Swiss-France Particle Accelerator

This machine accelerates the PROTONS using a method similar to a bullet train. What these mad scientists are going to do is they will accelerate the protons to near light speeds (that is each proton will rotate more than 11,000 times around the huge tube in a second).  Read the full story


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