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Top Apps for iPad

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Different mobile phone companies are working in the market and are providing many useful and interesting applications for their users. IPad is also one of the best mobile phone company in the mobile market. IPad is also providing many applications for its users. These applications are the main reason that why iPads are very famous in the market.

Five Best iPad applications

There are thousands of Apple applications that are available at Apple Application Store. These applications are also available online on different websites. Apple iPad is also providing many useful and interesting applications for the iPad users. Out of the thousands of useful iPad applications, following are the best five iPad applications.

best ipad apps

1. Left brained or right brained

This application is very interesting and provides a quiz of different questions to the iPad user. The user has to answer the questions and this small intelligent iPad application will determines that are you a right brained or left brained person. It is proved by the scientists and psychologists that right brain is intuitive and holistic, while on the other hand left brain is logical and symbolic.

2. Facebook

This is a free application that is provided by the iPad for iPad users. Facebook is one of the best and famous social networking website and almost every one is a member of this site. This iPad application is designed according to the use of users.

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Top 30 Free Fast DNS Servers

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There are different problems that occur during browsing the internet. These problems are caused due to several reasons. Some times sites are working properly and fast. But some times there are some problems occur with our servers. Our servers open BSNL and opens DNS servers, so that they can update the server. To solve this problem, you can use DNS server to open any specific website.

DNS meaning

DNS is the abbreviation of Domain Name System. This is a computer language to define any address or URL.

The DNS is in short, defines the address of different websites. For example, if you type any website in the address bar of your browser, it will automatically find the DNS server so that it could connect with the website. Without the DNS server it is not possible to connect to any website. On DNS server demand the server answer that contains an IP address. This IP address actually determines the location of the source.

Use of different DNS, when DNS default is slow

This is a normal problem when domain is moved and ISP banned the server to connect with any website. In such a case you can not view the websites and content of the page.

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Best iPhone Apps for Taking Notes

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iPhone is the best selling mobile phone in the world and this is because of its amazing applications. iPhone is providing many attractive applications for different users. Moreover, this mobile phone is very friendly in use. Any one can use and understand its working very easily. iPhone provides many applications in which the most demanding applications are iPhone Note Taking applications. Following are some details about iPhone Note Taking Applications.

Best iPhone Note Taking Applications

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iPhone is providing many attractive and useful applications for the iPhone users. Most of the iPhone users are interested in note taking applications. With the help of these applications you can note down about your daily plans, missions and targets. You can also write a diary about your daily life experience and schedules. These applications also protect you from the burden of papers and other document’s files. You can also store and make your official files in your iPhone and further it can be connected with a printer for hard copies. There are hundreds of such applications that provide you such benefits, but the best five applications are as following:

1. Awesome Notes

It is one of the best iPhone applications for notes making and other documents work. With the help of this application you can manage a to-do-list. You can organize yourself and your work with the help of this application. This application also alerts you according to your to-do-list.

2. Audio Note

It is the best time saving application in your iPhone. You can organize and make notes by just speaking and this application will automatically converts your voice message into text message. So there is no need of typing the text on your iPhone screen.

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The Great Big List of 75 Budgeting Tools

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It is very important to know about the details of your income and expenses. If you want to know about yourpersonal finance, you should keep an eye on your expense records. Define your expenses in bullets and categorize your income according to your expenses. Also try to save some amount of money that you can use in emergency situations. Fix some portion of your income for your expenses and for some saving account.

 Budget and daily expenses

Maintain Your Family Budget

Now it is very simple to maintain a budget for your family because there are many advance software available in the market to support you. With the help of these soft-wares, you can easily manage your expenses. You can also save a lot of amount from your monthly income.

Availability of Such Programs

These programs are easily available in local market in form of CDs and DVDs. These programs are available online on internet and you can download such programs from different websites. Some of these programs are free and some are available on trail period. You can use your credit card as well to purchase these programs.

Supported By

You can use these programs on your home PC. They are accessible on both MAC and windows. These are very easy to use and any one can use them and can manage the monthly income according to the expenses.

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Follow The Winter Olympics From Your iPhone

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The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games have already begun and if you are big Olympic fan, then you must be keeping a track of all the events.

But obviously, it’s always a challenge to keep tabs on the various events, especially if you are at work. But don’t worry, now you can keep yourself updates with the free NBC Olympics app on your iPhone. Along with a number of other things, it shows a complete interactive event schedule.

The schedule also includes a scrolling TV guide, so you can easily see what events are being aired during any given day, and on which particular station (whether it is NBC, CNBC, or Universal Sports), and plan your day ahead. Moreover, the app also provides online listings.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins

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WordPress, a very useful tool for blogging websites. It can be made more effective by using its plugins. Here I listed some important plugins for wordpress that make your work more  easy.

1. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a great plugin for managing online forms. It has some extremely useful features including conditional form fields that allow you to show or hide a field or entire sections of the form based on a value selected in another field. It is also possible to pre-populate form fields using querystring, shortcode, function or hooks. It also offers the facility to schedule forms by assigning a start date and end date for when your form is live on your site.

2. cformsII Form Plugin

cformsII is a free form management plugin that can be used to set up contact forms on your WordPress site. It does not require any stong knowledge of PHP or codes. You can easily build forms in the WordPress admin panel, navigate to the page or post where you want to use the form and there is a button in the WYSIWYG editor that you click and up pops a list of forms that you have made. Just choose your form and it gets inserted into your page. Update your page and you the form is live.

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