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Top 10 Windows 7 Booster Apps

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After Vista, Windows 7 does seem a lot better, with its convenient OS in particular, but it can’t be considered as perfect. In order to improve your Windows 7′s looks, functions, and to make it much more easier, safer, and more convenient to upgrade to, install these 10 downloads and make your windows experience worthwhile.

1. Install All Your Favorite Apps At Once

Re-installing an operating system can be quite time consuming, especially when you have to download all of your necessary apps such as Firefox, Picasa, an anti-virus app, WinAmp, uTorrent, and others from the net. Ninite is the solution to your problem of redundant installations. Simply go to the web site, check the apps you need from a wide range of good, free software, and download the resulting customized installer app. Once the download starts, you can proceed with doing something else constructive while Ninite installs everything you asked for in the background, with very few, if any, questions or prompts.

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In 2009 Firefox shows 40% Growth

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The browser market has been raised up by Mozilla Firefox, and it has set up many new records. It has taken huge market shares from Internet Explorer and up till the ending of 2009 the browser has received huge profits.

Variations in levels of rise Worldwide

Firefox that has proved itself to be the browser of choice for billions across the web has seen a growth of 40% around the last quarter 2009. We can see variations in levels of rise all over the world, having Asia recording a 73% rise in Firefox users. In Africa the growth was above 80% and according to the reports most of this growth occurred recently, at the latter half of the year.

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Firefox Will Soon Be Available For Mobile Phones

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The popular web browser Firefox will soon be available for mobile phones as well.

The browser, which is being code named as Fennec, will be available for Nokia’s N900 phone initially, and for other handsets, in the later stages.

Currently, the browser is going through the final testing phases. It is possible that it may be launched even before New Year, as told by Jay Sullivan at Mozilla, the group behind Firefox.

Fennec, which is an open-source browser, will have the capability to synchronize with the desktop version.

This means that the web pages that are opened in a user’s desktop browser will automatically open in the mobile version.

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60 Free Desktop Applications

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Keeping the spirit of Thanksgiving alive, we would like to thank all the brilliant developers for designing some extremely useful applications, that we use everyday .

Thus whether you are in a mood for celebration or not, here is a list of the top web applications, that are no doubt, a feast for our computers!

60 Best, Free Desktop Applications, Web Applications, and Tools

1. Firefox

2. VLC

3. CCleaner

4. Dropbox

5. 7-Zip

6. OpenOffice.org

7. Google Chrome

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Textarea++ Gives Firefox Users Control Over Textareas On Websites

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Have you ever been to a website in which you want to participate, e.g. a forum or a blog, only to be turned down by an abysmal small comment form textarea? It might be one that is good for only a small sentence what it essentially means is that it will only show a few lines of the text that has been written at a time. If you are willing to check your comment or post then for doing that you need to go back and forth with the cursor keys as it is a fact that textareas usually do not come with scrollbars.

Text Area Resizer & Mover

Back in 2008 we have read about a Firefox add-on called Text Area Resizer & Mover which did a tremendous job of resizing textareas. Not only works great with the ones that were to small but also with those that were too big. With it a user was able to move the textarea but this often caused problems with the site layout.

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This Week’s Top Downloads

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  • Turn Windows Installation DVD into a USB-Based Installer Using WinToFlash

WinToFlash can turn your Windows installation DVD into an installation flash drive, and much more.

  • Easy Music Downloads Possible with Songbeat 360

Songbeat, which was famous for the search-and-click MP3 download but did not have a legal standing, has now become a cross-platform Adobe AIR application. This application can be used with Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • Opera 10 Final Available for Download

We have used Opera 10 in beta and release candidate forms already. Now, it has officially hit the net today, with its new Turbo compression, new easier interface, and visual tab bar to the browser feature battle. Can be used with Windows/Mac/Linux.

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Manage Your Host Files with cPanel

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CPanel is an easy user-interface site by which you can control your host account environment. The main peculiar thing of this operating system is that it so simple to use that even a below average computer user can also use it easily.

Features of cPanel

It has got several great features that are embedded into its panel and some of the features are listed below.

Site Tools

In cPanel there are such tools that are available for your use, which are Web Protect (.htaccess editor), it has Custom error pages, it Redirects, it has the ability to edit MIME types,  it has got the ability to edit Apache handlers, Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions, it can submit search engine tool and also it serves as File Manager.

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JavaScript Bug has been fixed by Mozilla 3.5.1

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Mozilla Firefox  recently introduce a new feature last week in it 3.5.1 version.the single advisory for the critical JIT vulnerability, it can be update or directly downloaded from the fire fox web site.

Need for this advisory is due to crash bug, that can become an exploitable memory corruption system.the source of browser’s claimed that JavaScript compiler has a flaw that is in Just-in-Time(JIT) which need performance improvement.

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Browser Wars of 2009: Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer

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For many weeks, I have been exploring a lot, all three of the popular Web browsers, and thus reached some conclusions. This is not any kind of review in a way; it is just what I, as a layman, who never has less than three browser windows and many tabs open simultaneously, have observed.

Google Chrome:

When Chrome first came out, I liked it very much. With version out, I like it today also all the same.

There are two simple reasons for my liking: Its speed and security. Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine is literary faster than fast. Only Apple‘s Safari even comes close to keeping up with Chrome. Others are nothing but a bunch of slowpokes.

Now, most of the times when you come through review articles with benchmarks the differences, in real life, are not really visible. That’s not the matter with Chrome vs. its competitors. If this was a NASCAR competition, it would be beating them to the checked flag by laps.

Chrome was the only browser hackers failed to crack in secs or minutes in the recently organized PWN2OWN hacker competition. Actually, Chrome never was busted.

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Manage Gmail With Firefox Add-ons Part-1

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Gmail is certainly the best web application ever introduced, it is really hot (more than 100 million users), benefits from a big 2GB of free storage (a little percentage of users will go to use more space), and really, really user friendly also. It’s surely powerful, but is it powerful enough? By adding Firefox Add-ons you will be able to take your inbox even more…

GTDInbox Firefox Add-on for Gmail

Download GTDInbox
Description: GTDInbox is a powerful add on. With this add on your Gmail inbox will turn into an all in one manager that can contend with Outlook. You will be able to perform your usual operations with couple of intuitive clicks through a pop-up command box that enables to preview, archive, delete or modify the labels of e-mails. Its prominent feature is that you can check emails as actions to be done and given priority. Treat your mails by project, context or person.
Moreover, it allows you to categorize your actions, communication and resources. So, its features are looking great; marvelous tool. Read the full story


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