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Basic mistakes Linux Newbies Make

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Anyone who is new to computers can make a lot of mistake; this can be very frustrating to the new user. However new desktop users can prevent a lot of unwanted frustration by knowing which mistakes to keep away from. Here are some basic mistakes Linux newbies make.

1. Working exe files

Applications made for windows will not operate for Linux. End users may download windows applications on a Linux operating system and when they click on the exe file in order to run it, it will not work. This will frustrate the new user who is not aware of this fact. Make sure you inform the new user that applications created for windows will not work for Linux unless they use a software called WINE.

2. Finding softwares

Because of new users jumping from windows to Linux, they expect softwares that run on the windows OS to run on the Linux operating system as well, however most softwares do not. Linux newbies have to get used to linux’s package management tools, tools like Ubuntu software center, packagekit and synaptic. These tools contain a host of softwares. A Linux newbie can find the application he requires from these tools. Read the full story


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