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Top 10 iPad Apps for Social Networking

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Since social networking has become much of our daily routine, like our morning coffee and our evening hang out. People around the world have different social networks to operate on. Most of us are on more than one. Following are the 6 best apps for social networking that we could find. These are based on productivity, user-friendliness and also on how much they are being used around the globe.

1. The AIM for iPad

The AIM for iPad

It is a solid app for those that primarily use AOL’s messaging service, since you can import them directly. It has some social networking issues, e.g. you can’t re-tweet or reply friends when using the built-in Facebook and Twitter clients. It is rated with 3 stars.

2. Oecoway’s Friendly app

Oecoway’s Friendly app

It is a simple social networking app. It is easy to use and light on the machine. Its main feature is excellent layout. It keeps the social net-worker to his/her rudimentary purpose. It is rated with 3.5 stars.

3. Hootsuite

HootSuite for iPad

HootSuite enables users to build many social network streams on one interface screen. Hootsuite app offers a different feature for all you people who operate on different social networks simultaneously. But it is kind of difficult for people who aren’t good at classifying information. Read the full story

Top 30 Best iPhone Apps of 2010

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The iPhone has been very successful all over the world. It is a good-looking, sleek and lightweight phone. Most importantly, it has fantastic apps, which we shall consider.

Angry Bird

This is a very good game to have on your iPhone. The basic gist of the game is to launch birds from a sling-shot. These birds will crush piggies and topple buildings. It is a must have.

Plants V Zombies

Its a creation by the PopCap. It is a game, where you have to protect your home from invasion. The Zombies will try to invade your house. To protect it you will have to place plants that will freeze, blow-up and crush your enemies.


One could claim that it is the best 3D arena shooters for an iPhone. It is very easy to handle. More importantly, it is an extremely smooth multi player.

Rhythm Spirit

It is a very unique game. It is a rhythm fighting game and is based on Japenese folklore. One cant say no to ninjas, music and fighting.

Fruit Ninja

It is quite a simple app. All you have to do is swipe when 3D fruit appears on the screen. It has great visuals and a good delivery.

Ragdoll Blaster 2

It is a sequel to the physics game. To hit the various targets, you have to blast ragdolls out of your cannon. It has many levels and puzzles to solve.

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Top 10 Business Apps for iPhone: Download Now!

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Businessmen are always in a search of modern mobile phones, which help them in their business. Normally businessmen demand an iPhones for their business use because iPhones are normally loaded with much business used applications, which help them in their business. Following are ten top iPhone applications which are useful for businessmen.

1. Dragon dictation (voice to text conversion)

It is a very important application. It can convert the voice message into text message. Now you can send your texts, emails and other updates to your social websites just by speaking. It will automatically convert your voice into written words. There is no need to type your message from key pad. It will save your time and as well as your efforts.

2. Expense tracking and billing touch

This is a billing touch application there are dozens of variants that help you to track billable hours, record expenses and invoice clients.

3. US postal Service on mobile phone

UPS mobile is a postal application. You can track delivery status and show locations of the nearest pick-up or drop-off storefront. This will ease your transportation.

4. Whiteboard capture pro

This is latest camera operated application software. You can capture a picture of white board and can read it after some time. You can also capture pictures and written data instead of writing it on note pad. It provides you high-contrast images with bright white backgrounds and sharp black text. You can also share these pictures and data with your other business partners and colleagues.

5. Remote Desktop light

This application provides you a remote control to your computer and other electronic devices.

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