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Online Storage Of Photos

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Photo storage online was the good option for storing photos for young woman having fully filled laptops. She was badly addicted to her camera, and was habitual to take at least 50 photos daily. Even students start making fun of her. She was not only annoying people but also don’t remember those who she already snapped. She has no mean to label those pictures. Her laptop was so packed with the pictures of stranger that she doesn’t even have space for even small sized thesis.

Turning point Of Life:

But for this young woman pictures were more important than thesis. This was a serious issue now. Then one day she meets a person who told her about photo storage online. Then her roommate told her about storage of portable digital photos. At this point the girl’s life changed dramatically, but unfortunately life was still same for university students. Anyone who wants to store large number of photos, but can’t afford it, photo storage online is just the right answer for them.

Services Offered By Photo Websites:

Several services are available; a person just has to find them. Then a person can freely take photos and can store them online, free of cost. The only way through which these websites can make money is through high resolution printing service, which they offered for stored pictures.

View of picture online may be of medium quality, but the prints are of high quality. Some intriguing options are also offered by photo storage online websites i.e. an individual can have beautiful decorative design around edges of photos. Special effects like different shapes or torn edging etc, are also offered.

Portable Digital Photos:

Another option, storage of portable digital photos, was also available for young lady. Through this option a person can actually download pictures from over crammed hard drive of computer into any device that can allow him to view photos at any time.

Simply, there is no need of carrying heavy laptops here and there. In 1950’s, fathers used to carry portable standup screen, or 8 millimeter projector, or even handy dandy projectors. The best thing about these devices were that they allow to see what were in the hand of dad, can play and run thus avoiding sheer torture of 2 hours.

Striking Features:

Another name given to portable digital photo units was media players, as video storage is also possible in them. In some of these storage units storage capacity is one hundred megabytes, which can store about ten thousands photos.

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Steps To Backup PSP Game Data To Computer

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If you are a great lover of PSP games then surely you would be worried about your saved games data, that you might not like to  lose as in this case, you may have to progress in these games from the start. You can now save all your PSP games data to your computer hard drive. For this purpose, you will need the application “Sony Media Go”. Following is the step by step procedure to backup your saved games and characters of PSP to your computer. Follow these steps carefully and you will end up in a good backup of your PSP games.

Step By Step Procedure:

Here is the step by step procedure of transferring games from your PSP to your computer for backup PSP data:

1. Download and Install Sony Media Go:

The first thing you need to have for the backup process is “Sony Media Go”. Download this application from the internet. Once it is completely downloaded, run the Setup and follow the instructions to install this program in your computer.

2. Connect PSP to Computer:

Once you have installed the downloaded application, the next step is to connect your PSP with your computer via data cable which is already provided with the PSP. Make sure to connect it properly. The most important thing is to connect your PSP with the computer in USB mode. In order to do this, go to the setting options and then select the “USB connection in PSP” option.

3. Open Sony Media Go:

Now when you have properly connected the PSP to the computer, open the application Sony Media Go from the location where you previously installed it. When this application is launched, you will see your PSP device icon on the navigation bar, which is located on the left side of the screen. If your PSP is not listed there, then it must not be connected properly. Check the USB plug, if it is properly connected.

4. Select your Saved Data:

Now select your PSP device from the left navigation bar, and select save data option. You will see all the data that is being saved on your PSP.

5. Select Games To Backup:

Now select all the games that you want to backup in your computer.

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The 10 Best iPad Apps For Communication

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When it comes to communication, Apple has produced some of the best communication apps in the market. If we specifically talk about iPad, there are hundreds of communication applications which are very popular among the iPad users. You can find these apps on iTunes store. Some of them are free versions and some can be downloaded after paying. Following is the list of Top 10 Communication apps for iPad.

1. Beejive IM

If you have a bunch of friends and you really want to keep in touch with them, but you are not feeling comfortable using different instant messengers, then this app is best communication tool for you. No matter what instant messenger your friends are using, you can chat with them all from this single app. You can use AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber, Google, MSN/Windows Live, and Facebook at a time with Beejive IM.

2. LiveChat

To use this app, you have to subscribe to Livechat first to receive and send instant messages. You can communicate with you clients any time and even on the move with this handy communication app. So if you are really worried about communication issues in your business, you should try this one.

3. TextNOW

This app is very cool and exciting for those people who are addicted to texting. TextNOW gives you the freedom of sending and receiving unlimited number of Instant Messages and embedded photos, and these all features are totally free of cost.

4. TextPlus

For those people who really care about there mobile budget but are still fond of text messaging, may find this app really fascinating and handy. This app is a very handy iPad app and is praised by thousands of iPad users.

5. Flipboard

Manage your twitter and Facebook accounts with this single app. Flipboard receives and sends twitters and scraps in an organized way and manages the who communication history in a very efficient manner.

6. Twitter

Stay up to date with this powerful, official twitter app. You can manage you tweets and followers in very simple way.

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Google Search

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Google is a search engine on internet. It is used to search websites, images, emails, documents, files, translation, games, books etc. It is the largest search engine in the world. Most of the search engines are also linked with the Google search engine. If you are doing a spelling mistake in the bar of Google search then it will automatically correct that mistake. This search engine is capable of searching all types of URL data whether the data is simple or complex. Google will also make the URL as simple as possible.

Google Web

Google can search almost all legal and illegal websites available on the internet. You just have to write the name of the website, Google will show all possible results regarding that website name. This engine can show hundreds of results in just few seconds. That is why it is the largest search engine in the world of internet. The accurate percentage of websites that Google can hunt is not known because it is difficult to calculate. This engine can easily hunt the text present in any web page.

Google Images

Beside web search Google can search images and pictures. Google is capable of seeking out almost every image present in web pages. We can also search any image by providing a related picture to the Google. Image searching technology of Google was introduced in July 2001. This search engine provides us all related thumbnails of the putted word. We can view the full picture by opening the web page of that thumbnail. According to the recent research, this engine can show ten billion images.

Google Videos

Like images, Google can search almost all type of videos. It can search all free searchable videos. Google employees have recorded many educational videos and they have made these videos available for watching through Google videos.

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You Can Run Chrome OS On iPad

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iPad is one of the most interesting gadgets in the market. It has been developed by Apple and is officially released for public all around the world. iPad is a line of tablet computers which have proven to be a breakthrough. The iPad is controlled by a MultiTouch system and can only plant and work with programs approved by Apple inc.

The Chrome-Pad

However, by using a little imagination and modification the iPad can easily run many of the more interesting programs. The Chrome Operation System can also be easily run on the iPad. “Jail Breaking” is a term most of us are familiar with. Through Jail Breaking, expert hackers can bypass all precautions and download content and install it.

Cydia Is Ideal For Downloading

Some of the most famous sources of downloading content for iPad and iPhone have been the Cydia. Cydia applications are easy to access and free of cost. All of these applications are available on the internet for one to work with and enjoy. iPad can be easily Jail Breached and the Chrome OS be installed on it.

What Is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is a computing platform which was has been released by Google. It is exclusively compatible with all Personal Computers and Mobile devices.

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5 Best Winterboard Themes for iPhone(Jailbroken)

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iPhone needs no introduction. iPhone has revolutionized the hand-held media. One can have a plenty of options to play with the iPhone. There are numerous applications and softwares are available to installed in an iPhone. Everyone wants to decorate his or her iPhone with beautiful and attractive themes. Winterboard is a Theme Application designed for iPhone. Winterboard themes are hell of different themes available on Internet. Winterboard is a jailbreak application – and has been used widely by the lovers of jailbreak iPhone applications. Winterboard has been developed by Cydia.

In this piece we have hunted the best Winterboard jailbreak Themes for your iPhone. Let’s enjoy the Top 5 jailbroken iPhone themes of Winterboard. Listed below all are SBSettings Themes.

1. Tenuis Winterboard Theme

Tenuis Winterboard is a Theme with lots of icons. There are many varieties of icons available on internet. You can easily download your favorite icons via Internet. There is a much space for icon lover in Tenuous Winter board Theme. There are as many as 2000 icons downloadable from Internet. This is one of a kind of jailbroken Themes who have a wide range of beautiful and refined icons. By installing this Theme your iPhone will look more stylish and equipped with plenty of icons to show off. Your iPhone will not be a smart one until you have installed Tenuous Winter board Theme. There are plenty of options in Tenuous. It provides the best customized menu for you iPhone.

2. Frame black winter board Theme

Frame black is the most desirable Winterboard Theme for jailbroken iPhone seekers. The most attractive part of this Theme is the elegant art design of wallpapers. Each icon has its own unique wallpaper. This is the kind of Theme that will enhance the beauty of your iPhone display. Customization in this theme is easy with some good options.

3. Matte Nano Winterboard Theme

It is indeed a unique Theme as its name describes the uniqueness too. Icons of this Theme are elegant yet simple. One can easily detect the standard icons of this Theme.

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Top 10 iPhone 3G Apps

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The iPhone has made significant progress since it was introduced. Although the interface is brilliantly designed, fast and has an overall feature not found on other mobile operating systems. The most impressive thing is the great number of applications currently exists on the relatively new operating system. The Top 10 apps which are a must have for an iPhone are:

1. Top iPhone Video Game

Super Monkey Ball is one of the most intriguing games for the iPhone. The gameplay is very simple and smooth. The levels are very precise, while being an overall fun game. The point is simple, navigate your Monkey in his Ball form through various navigated levels without falling off the mazes open sides. Priced at $10 it is right for Super Monkey Ball and is worth your money.

2. Best iPhone Streaming Music Application

Pandora.com is one of the best music streaming channels. The program lets you select your favorite band and start streaming their music, along with other bands considered to be close a companion. The best thing about this app is that you can block a song to be never played again if you don’t like it

3. The Most Innovative iPhone Music App

Shazam is a free application with a very simple but quite handy function. If you hold your iPhone to any music source, be it a stereo, TV, etc. Shazam will tell you within seconds about what song you’re listening to, who the artist is, and where to buy it. The users will also be able to view related YouTube videos.

4. Best iPhone Internet / Mobile Search App

The Google App for the iPhone is a very dedicated search app, while searching the internet users can also search their phone for items such as Contacts, Applications, etc. This app also features smart search, essentially as you enter letters the available programs that match those letters will appear first in search results.

5. Best iPhone Location Based Software

The app developed by The Omni Group is an example of a perfect “Location Based Organizer.”

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How to Backup PSP Game Data?

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Computer games nowadays are one of the most useful sources of enjoyment for this modern and fast world. Games play a very important role in an individual’s daily life. For instance, a brain that is used for 8 hours daily in office or for any other routine works need some break. A person requires something that takes him out from his boring routine life.

Here, Games could be very helpful to maintain his work efficiency by keeping him fresh and ready fro the upcoming tasks. In this article we would be discussing some basic problems that a person can encounter related to computer games. There are some big games that save the progress you make in the game. Next time when you start playing your game, it actually loads the data from that particular saved file. Now, a person would never like to lose that progress he made in the game as it will be very boring to restart.

This write up focuses to guide you, how could you save yourself from such an irritation? The solution is simple, all you need to do is create backup for those saved files. Coming paragraphs will help you with the procedure.

For the purpose, we will be requiring software called Sony Media Go. This will help you to make backup of your PSP game data.

Creating Backup of Game Data in you Computer:


First and foremost you need to download Sony Media Go. As the downloading is finished run the installation process.  Installation process is quite simple all you need to do is to run the setup file and setup wizard would automatically download all the files that are essential for proper functionality of this particular software.


As the above requirement is compiled, use USB cable to connect your PSP with your computer. Your PSP should be set at USB mode for functionality. (Go to PSP settings -> USB connection and change the settings according to the requirement.)


Run the Sony media go on your computer. Your PSP should be displayed on left of the main Navigation menu.

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Best Calendar Apps for Android

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Android is an operating system of the mobile device. All applications for Android platform using the Java programming language. It becomes very popular in small devices. The Android SDK provides the APIs and tools to develop applications for Android mobile devices with or without touchable functionality. By using these applications get your alert for important meetings, tasks, birthday, and more.

5 Best Calendar Apps for Android

There are numerous free applications for Android or any other system, like best five calender for Android system that helps you in every professional field. To get schedule your business life. Following is some famous calendar with different features according to different fields like, business, personal life, teaching, etc.

1. Touch Calendar (BETA)

Touch calendar is more interesting calendar application of all the Android apps. It takes advantage of the Android v2.0. interface. Touch Calendar includes a pinch zooming, avoiding for the long tap use double tap to enter events, allows scrolling horizontal or vertical. You can jump to any date from the menu, search calendar from menu or phone, and much more.

2. Smooth Calender

Smooth Calendar is very much easy to use. It is highly configuration screen for the built in calendar app. Smooth Calendar is not a very good application for you if you have more than one event in a single day. Smooth Calendar has one screen size of 4X2. At this size, your calendar only can display your event names if more than one or detailed one event at a time.

3. Cal Widget

Cal Widget, This Calendar application stands alone in Android mobile system. It is one of the best widget calendar applications.

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How to unlock Playstation 3 to download games

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Today, in this busy world we find less time to involve ourselves in some sort of Physical activities for time out. But, for efficient performance in our daily routine works it is important to be involved in some activities that are apart and can give a time out to an individual. One of the best activities in this regard is playing games either on PS3 or Computer System. This is basically a guide that can help you to save some cash on spending for PS3 games and secondly a guide to resolve such problems that you might encounter in this regard. This particular tutorial focuses on guiding you “How you can Unlock Your PlayStation and Download PS3 games online”. Follow all the steps that are mentioned and make PS3 games as your time out.

Unlocking and Downloading Process:

As many of you are aware that the PS3 uses Blu-ray discs, many people has the perception that such discs could not be copied, but actually it is possible. We need special converter software, which commute your downloaded PS3 games into a format that could be easily burned to any regular DVD.
Step 1.
The primary requirement is that you must have an account open, from where you can get the games online. If you do not have any, I’ll prefer you to join The Best Media Online site to get approach to their gargantuan database of PS3 games.

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