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Selecting And Registering A Domain Name

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Whenever someone wants to make a website the first step he or she has to take is to register a domain name. There are a number of agencies which entertains different types of services related with making a website. It’s important to select an effective website registering agency, as you would get an association in terms of services. If the name of the website you have selected is already in use then you have to purchase the domain name. There is a separate agency whose primary job is to suggest and give different domain names. There are also separate agencies for registering the websites. This industry is expected to grow heavily in future as e-commerce is becoming important day by day.

Need To Register A Domain Name

There is a need to register the domain name because it’s the title to which the company is affiliated to. Different types of marketing and advertising techniques are being used to make the domain name popular among consumers. Every company wants to make their domain name so popular that it would appear at the top among the results searched through search engines like Google and MSN.

Some Other Aspects

In order to protect others from taking the web address which is already been taken companies take copy rights for their Domain names. This Web trade industry is expected to grow in the future so its important for the companies to think over the name as well as association of product with the name . When a company wants to affiliate itself with a specific agency it should  make sure that the chosen agency would be a relevant one in terms of credibility and trustworthiness. Read the full story

Complete List Of Free Fast DNS Servers

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Converting website names into IP addresses is the main role the DNS servers. It is for our ease and convenience that human readable domain names have been created. Actually these human readable domains that we type are again changed into IP addresses. So in simple words the fundamental job of the DNS is to convert the domain name into its particular IP address and IP address to its corresponding domain name. Both domain and IP addresses have the same task i.e. to open a website. So accordingly it can be just said that a particular IP address cannot be of more than one domain.

DNS Server Types

DNS Server Types

Recursive & non-Recursive are the two main types of DNS Servers. In a recursive, the client sends queries and receives complete feedback from the ISP’s recursive DNS Servers. This could also result in engaging the servers. A non-recursive DNS is one which provides a record of the domain without engaging other servers. Recursive server is mostly used at lower level such as in LAN networking. While the non-recursive servers are probably used for elite levels because of a higher number of requests, so that it provides partial results without engaging other servers.

Safety promotion

Using Chroot network is highly recommended for security reasons. Chroot environment is a process that produces a file that clones the main root system so that if an attacker is cracking the network to reach the root system, he cannot damage the whole system, because he has no access to those files which are not on that network.

Safety Risks

There are many issues resulting in the compromising on the DNS Security. Redirection is also a major problem in which an attacker is able to redirect name queries to the DNS servers controlled by him. Flooding one or more DNS servers on a network with recursive queries is a way by which an attacker denies the availability of network services. This is known as Denial of Service Attack. There is a process called foot print in which DNS Zone data could be obtained by the attacker to get information about domain names, computer names and IP addresses.

Advantages of DNS Server

The main advantage of DNS Server is that it is free and fast. One could surf on internet not only safely but also quickly. One can add the DNS domains manually in TCP / IP networks, so it is not only easier but also safer.

Free DNS

When it comes to surf the internet, free and fast DNS Servers are readily available. One can find many free DNS Providers on the internet that could act as a solid rung towards providing the particular DNS server according to requirement. Some of best providers are given below:



SpeakEasy (Seattle, WA, US)

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LCN.com Launches Free Auto-Renew Service for Domain Names and Web Hosting

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LCN.com which is UK’s Leading web hosting and domain registration company, has today announced the launch of an auto-renew service that will be available to all new and existing customers at no cost.

By this free domain and hosting management service customers are protected from unexpected expiration of their domain names and web hosting packages.

Service applied to single or multiple domain and hosting products

The LCN.com auto-renew service can be applied to single or multiple domain and hosting products, or applied across an entire portfolio to ensure every product in the account is automatically protected.

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1&1 Web Hosting Now with Unlimited Traffic

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1&1 Internet, Inc., which is the world’s largest Web host by known servers, has has now removed all traffic limits on its Web hosting. Now its customers can have an unlimited volume of data available for page impressions, downloads and uploads of files for all 1&1 hosting packages. Now flexibility is offered by 1&1 for shared hosting solutions that are commonly reserved for users of dedicated servers.

What the customers will get?

Typically traffic volume typically grows in proportion to the sites popularity. Now, customers that own any shared hosting, eShop or combination package (hosting plus eShop) no longer need to worry if they exceed their traffic allowance. Further 1&1 customers will be ensured by this improvement that any website hosted within these packages can continue to function optimally as the site’s popularity grows online.

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How To Really Get Profit from Domain Names

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Have you ever heard about domain names that sold for over a million dollars? Taking inspiration from this you imagine registering a great domain name, hanging onto it for a while, and then just selling it off to become the next multi-millionaire. You can do it, but don’t count on it!

First of all, you should keep in mind that there are many of the truly great domain names that are already taken. Second, the dot com bust has taken took some of the wind out of inflated domain name prices.

Involvement of Speculation in buying domain names

The the domain names are bought by cyber squatter totally on speculation. Sometimes names of famous brands, companies, or individuals are registered by him. Time and again, these domain name speculators learn the lesson that they must have to respect intellectual property rights.

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Easyspace rewards its loyal Twitter following with fantastic offers

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Easyspace, has been making its mark on the world of Twitter, to the delight of many of its customers and new found Twitter followers. Easyspace is one of the largest providers of domain name and web hosting services in the UK.

Easyspace use social channels such as delicious, Reddit and Facebook

While for a number of years now Easyspace has been blogging and various other social channels such as delicious, Reddit and Facebook, has been used by the company. It’s the move to the world of Twitter earlier in the year that has had the biggest reaction.

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Easyspace Upgrade Shared Hosting to Unlimited Bandwidth

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All the shared web hosting packages has now been upgraded by Easyspace to include Unlimited Bandwidth.

This upgrade has brought Easyspace web hosting packages back in line with other popular hosting providers that are providing their services in the UK in terms of bandwidth, and it allows already innovative offerings, such as its Pic N Mix web hosting solution, which is considered to be even more advanced with its features.

While it has been stated by Easyspace that the previous restrictions that were there on bandwidth were actually very generous in the usage that had been allowed by them, it has been admitted by them that the move to unlimited allows its customers to think more creatively about what methods they can use to increase traffic volumes to their own sites, without having any worry of possibly reaching traffic thresholds that was there in the past.

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What do you know about Domain Name Hosting?

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Here in this article I will explain you about the domain name hosting.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the alias presence of a certain organizations’ on the Internet is identified. For instance the Internet address http://www.who.int is used by World Health Organization. The choice, which you is made by you on your personal or business domain name can have big impact on the image of your company and it can also directly reflect on the success of your activities on the net.

Currently for regulating the registration and usage of domain names there aren’t any particular rules. In this regard its a good thing as it gives people the opportunity to freely choose the most appropriate name for themselves.

On the other hand, what it means is that the name that you would like to register is probably already taken by someone else. If you would be unable to manage to register your desired domain name, then your domain of chose might not be achieved by you for quite a long time, possibly even forever. Its a fair enough to take steps right now in order to insure your future presence on the net by protecting your desired domain name.

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Tweaking Internet Speed in Windows Vista: OpenDNS

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Here is a very impressive trick to tweak Windows Vista‘s Internet Speed. This method is very similar to what we discussed in our post titled how to increase Internet speed using host files. The other articles are also very relevant How to Turn On Your PC in Under 10 Seconds , How to Double Firefox Browsing Speed on Dialup Connection and especially How to Optimize Your Internet Connection to Get 100 % Bandwidth

I am also thankful to maria0maria for sharing this with me. I see considerable increase in my Internet speed when I use it in combination of other tricks to make my windows vista work faster. Article starts now…

Even with the FiOS (Fiber Optic Service) connection I still feel that my browsing experience is not that blazing fast. Have you ever felt the same with your internet connection as well? Follow this simple Windows hack to experience a faster, better and secure internet browsing. Read the full story


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