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Top 10 iPhone 3G Apps

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The iPhone has made significant progress since it was introduced. Although the interface is brilliantly designed, fast and has an overall feature not found on other mobile operating systems. The most impressive thing is the great number of applications currently exists on the relatively new operating system. The Top 10 apps which are a must have for an iPhone are:

1. Top iPhone Video Game

Super Monkey Ball is one of the most intriguing games for the iPhone. The gameplay is very simple and smooth. The levels are very precise, while being an overall fun game. The point is simple, navigate your Monkey in his Ball form through various navigated levels without falling off the mazes open sides. Priced at $10 it is right for Super Monkey Ball and is worth your money.

2. Best iPhone Streaming Music Application

Pandora.com is one of the best music streaming channels. The program lets you select your favorite band and start streaming their music, along with other bands considered to be close a companion. The best thing about this app is that you can block a song to be never played again if you don’t like it

3. The Most Innovative iPhone Music App

Shazam is a free application with a very simple but quite handy function. If you hold your iPhone to any music source, be it a stereo, TV, etc. Shazam will tell you within seconds about what song you’re listening to, who the artist is, and where to buy it. The users will also be able to view related YouTube videos.

4. Best iPhone Internet / Mobile Search App

The Google App for the iPhone is a very dedicated search app, while searching the internet users can also search their phone for items such as Contacts, Applications, etc. This app also features smart search, essentially as you enter letters the available programs that match those letters will appear first in search results.

5. Best iPhone Location Based Software

The app developed by The Omni Group is an example of a perfect “Location Based Organizer.”

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Best Calendar Apps for Android

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Android is an operating system of the mobile device. All applications for Android platform using the Java programming language. It becomes very popular in small devices. The Android SDK provides the APIs and tools to develop applications for Android mobile devices with or without touchable functionality. By using these applications get your alert for important meetings, tasks, birthday, and more.

5 Best Calendar Apps for Android

There are numerous free applications for Android or any other system, like best five calender for Android system that helps you in every professional field. To get schedule your business life. Following is some famous calendar with different features according to different fields like, business, personal life, teaching, etc.

1. Touch Calendar (BETA)

Touch calendar is more interesting calendar application of all the Android apps. It takes advantage of the Android v2.0. interface. Touch Calendar includes a pinch zooming, avoiding for the long tap use double tap to enter events, allows scrolling horizontal or vertical. You can jump to any date from the menu, search calendar from menu or phone, and much more.

2. Smooth Calender

Smooth Calendar is very much easy to use. It is highly configuration screen for the built in calendar app. Smooth Calendar is not a very good application for you if you have more than one event in a single day. Smooth Calendar has one screen size of 4X2. At this size, your calendar only can display your event names if more than one or detailed one event at a time.

3. Cal Widget

Cal Widget, This Calendar application stands alone in Android mobile system. It is one of the best widget calendar applications.

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5 Best iPhone Cardio Apps

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iPhone is changing the world with its applications. The creators of this phone were genius, they just not created an iPhone they have change the style of living. It is the best gadget that you can use in your daily life. There are so many apps for this phone that you can use them in your daily life.


Exercise is most important for our body. We should do it every morning. It keeps us fit. Apple is having cool apps for Cardio. So, all you Cardio Lover’s Just go and buy an iPhone for yourself, because iPhone is having the greatest collection of Cardio apps for you.

5 Best iPhone Cardio Apps:

1. iHeartRate

iphone apps heart rateIt is a very simple iPhone application which will allow you to keep track of your heart rate. This app will also help you to know the amount of calories that you burn everyday through exercise. You can easily track your heart rate. What you have to do is that just tap your pulse on your iPhone until your heart rate is registered on your phone screen. Once your heart rate is registered, then you can also keep the track the amount of calorie you are burning. Through real time chronograph you can track your workout as well and can find how much energy you have burnt.

2. iTreadmill

iTreadmillThis is a very good application for runners and walkers. It measures the pace and distance. The iTreadmill uses the motion detector of your iPhone and turn the device into a pedometer that counts the number of your steps that you take. This application is outstandingly accurate and you can use it anywhere indoor or out door. With this app you can track your past sessions, and can see whether you have made any progress on daily basis or not.


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How to Update Your PSP Firmware

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Are you interested in playing games without homebrew or want new features in your PSP? For this you all have to update firmware of PSP.An exclusively upgrade firmware introduce by Sony for PSP. But you have to upgrade your device yourself.Here we are telling you some steps to upgrade your device. Before updating, make sure that battery of the device is not low and don’t do it if your are working in homebrew.

1. Need a wireless internet connection

wireless internet

Direct download to the PSP over Wi-Fi.Go to the home screen of PSP and then click on to the”Network Update”. There comes a new window to set your WLAN settings. Click on to the “Scan” and give accession to PSP to discover network automatically.”Network Update” should be emphasized. Then click on to “X” button. PSP will save configuration as your new access profile appears.

2. Select connection

Express your desire connection for use and click on to the “X” button.PSP will connect to the internet and tell you if there is any update available.

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Best Strategy Games for Android

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Different mobile companies are working in the market and are offering their useful applications. There are also some companies that are providing android mobile phones. There are also many android applications. These applications are very useful, attractive and interesting for the android mobile users. These applications also contain many games. Android games are very famous and are loved by many people.

Best five android mobile games

There are many games that are offered by android mobile company. These games also include some RTS and strategy games.These games are very famous and are highly addictive games. These games are available with very good sound effects and high graphics. Out of thousands of android games, following are the best five android RTS and Strategy games.

1. Robo Defense

This is an android game and is very famous in children and youngsters. This is a tower defense game. In the player has to defense the tower with the help of maps and tracking devices. This game has amazing graphics and is also available in 3-Dimensional graphics for advance android mobile phones. You can purchase this android game for only 3 dollars.

2. Battle for maps

This game is designed especially for the android operating system.

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Best iPhone Apps for Taking Notes

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iPhone is the best selling mobile phone in the world and this is because of its amazing applications. iPhone is providing many attractive applications for different users. Moreover, this mobile phone is very friendly in use. Any one can use and understand its working very easily. iPhone provides many applications in which the most demanding applications are iPhone Note Taking applications. Following are some details about iPhone Note Taking Applications.

Best iPhone Note Taking Applications

alt="Best iPhone Apps for Taking Notes" width="290" height="290" />

iPhone is providing many attractive and useful applications for the iPhone users. Most of the iPhone users are interested in note taking applications. With the help of these applications you can note down about your daily plans, missions and targets. You can also write a diary about your daily life experience and schedules. These applications also protect you from the burden of papers and other document’s files. You can also store and make your official files in your iPhone and further it can be connected with a printer for hard copies. There are hundreds of such applications that provide you such benefits, but the best five applications are as following:

1. Awesome Notes

It is one of the best iPhone applications for notes making and other documents work. With the help of this application you can manage a to-do-list. You can organize yourself and your work with the help of this application. This application also alerts you according to your to-do-list.

2. Audio Note

It is the best time saving application in your iPhone. You can organize and make notes by just speaking and this application will automatically converts your voice message into text message. So there is no need of typing the text on your iPhone screen.

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Top 5 Best iPhone Apps For Guitarists

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It is amazing how technology has advanced over the past decade. Who could have imagined that we would be able to send emails on the go, or stay in contact with our friends and family no matter where they are. The advancement in technology of mobile phones and portable devices has literally put a world of unlimited possibilites into our hands.

Similarly, the power of the iPhone is nothing short of a miracle. No matter what you want to do, the iPhone supports you in every way imaginable. And now, Apple has introduced millions of applications for you iPhone, to keep you entertained and in touch with your life where you go.

All iPhone apps

There are hundreds of applications for Guitaristson iPhone too, and in this article, you will find the top 5 apps, so that your music innovation is never supressed with your inability to have an actual instrument.

Omini Tuner

Is you guitar out of tune? Tuning has never been easier! Each String will be tuned in any Tuning you want ie, Standard, Drop D etc.

Four Track

Forget expensive recording studios and money sucking producers.

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Best video file converter tools

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One basic problem with running video clips on different devices is that usually the format which the video clip is using is not readable or compatible with device you want to run it on, which would result in all sorts of picture problems and even un-synchronized audio playing. There is however a simple solution to such a problem. There are several video file converter tools available that can solve such a problem. Video file converter tools are also available as freeware on the internet. With the help of a video file converter tool you can re-encode your video file into a format which is recognized by the device you want to play it with.

Here are some of the best video file converter tools available as freeware online, with all the functions you will ever need to encode a video file.


Simplified Universal Player Encoder and Renderer (SUPER) is one of the best open source video file converter tool available online, it converts almost every file format into the format you require for use. These formats include 3GP, 3G2, ASF,AMV, DAT, DVR-MS, FLC, FLI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MPG, MOV, M4V, NSV, OGM, QT, RM(VB), SWF,STR, TS, TRP, TY, TY+, TMF , WMV,VOB,and VIV.

It make take some time for a new user to adjust himself to SUPER, as there is a host of complex options, but once you understand how super works, you can use this video file converter tool to change any audio on video file into the format you need. You can also record online streaming videos with this software. Read the full story

LG Planning to Launch Around 10 Android Phones In 2010

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LG Electronics has recently disclosed its plans for the ongoing year, claiming to release around 10 smartphones that will operate under Google’s Android OS.

The company plans to sell almost 140 million phones during 2010, focusing mainly on the smartphone market, aiming to become one of the “top two mobile device manufacturers in the world by 2012.”

The company is striving to increase its presence globally this year. It has already opened about 100 mobile retail stores in the developing world in 2009, and has plans to push into the Korean and North American markets as well.

Run Google Chrome OS From A USB Drive

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Only few days back Google launched the Chrome OS source code. After its launch so many people started downloading this new OS to run it on their virtual machines such as VMWare and Virtual Box.

I succeeded to put together my Google Chrome OS Download in complete shape of Virtual Box appliance. I am glad to tell you people that I taken it a step further and now it can be tried on computer from a USB drive.

Important Things to know before downloading Chrome OS

There are few things about that I should tell you before you people decide to download Chrome OS that its on the very early stages of development, so there is still a lot of stuff that don’t work.

This operating system is very simple in design and its main purpose is to use it on netbook computers. So when you will launch Chrome OS, then you will get a web browser, don’t be surprised for that you gone through all this only for a browser.

Download Requirements

Obviously for downloading it a USB drive is needed. For downloading it a 4GB thumb drive is needed, if you are having any files on your USB drive then make sure to back them up to a safe place because this will erase away all data on your USB drive.

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