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Iphone,s Best Apps

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Today Apple iPhone is gaining popularity in gaming industry rapidly. iPhone is becoming portable gaming system. Games Developers are developing every kind of game, from basic puzzling games to most enhanced graphic games. Top 10 Games of iPhone of 2011 are following.

1. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is the brilliant game in the App World because of it’s extraordinary game play importance, magnificent graphics, accurate physics and sensitive action controls. It is one of the best puzzle games available today.

cut the rope

2. Sonic 4

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I is one of the most wanted games for the iPhone. It is released with enhanced features,
graphics and controls. It is one of the brilliant releases from THE HEDGEHOG.

3. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a very interesting action game with amazing Arcade mode. It is a very simple but quite funny game Released by Halfbrick Studio. Fruit Ninja sums up all features which iPhone game needs.

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Preview iPhone Apps In Your Browser Now

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Previewing iPhone apps has always been difficult since you have to see the preview in your iTunes software. Moreover, it was even more complicated for people who did not have iTunes installed on their machines.

All that has finally changed now as Apple has now allowed you to preview apps in your browser window.

This means that from now onwards, clicking on an iPhone app page will not open the dialog box for iTunes any more. Instead, it will take you to a nice page that lists detailed information about the app (click this for example) that will include customer reviews, ratings and screenshots.

The good news is that you can also see the price and other specifications for the app before downloading it to your iTunes. This will also give you the option to browse more apps from the same developer and see some similar apps that customers bought.

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Samsung To Launch Its Own Mobile Phone Operating System, "Bada"

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Samsung is expected to launch its handsets, with a new mobile phone operating system, Bada, by early 2010. The developers will be able to check the software development kit (SDK) in December.

Through Bada, the developers will be able to create applications, which the users can download from Samsung’s centralized Application Store. Moreover, it will also allow the network operators to customize the Samsung phones with their own interface and applications.

The word Bada means "ocean" in Korean, and it is being used to give out the idea of openness and broad horizons.

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Now Develop iPhone Apps on Windows Using Adobe Flash CS5 and Actionscript 3

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Keeping in view the increasing popularity of iPhone and the developer’s interest, the most interesting and unexpected thing of the year has been launched by Adobe. Now, it is possible to develop iPhone applications with Adobe Flash.

And it is not like some layer, similar to Adobe Air whose applications can run on Mac as well as Windows. The most amazing fact is that Adobe Flash CS5 has the capability to export the source code in the native iPhone format. Although Adobe flash CS5 is still in private beta, but you can already find a few apps that are available on the iTunes store, that have been developed with Adobe Flash CS5.

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Top 10 KDE4 Applications

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Here in this article I am sharing with you top 10 KDE4 applications that will be really useful for the developers who are in search of KDE4 applications.

Yakuake – Great Terminal Application

One of the very popular Quake-style terminal application is Yakuake. It remains in the background unless we invoke it with the (default) F12 global shortcut. It is able to inherit Konsole’s settings and probably it is the best alternative to Konsole. Yakuake is identical to Konsole, as it supports full transparency effects, various colour schemes and backgrounds, middle-click paste and tabs. I must say that it is definitely an essential tool.

Amarok 2 – The Most Popular Linux Audio Player

In the last few months Amarok’s port to KDE4 was probably one of the most controversial releases and it give rise to many discussions that whether Amarok 2 took the right way? My answer to this question is: yes.

First Android Netbook

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The first netbook computer running the Google inc. backed Android mobile operating system on a low cost ARM chip will be available to customers within two months that was said by the maker’s co-founder.

Nixon Wu, Skytone’s co-founder told that Guanzou Skytone Tranmission Technologies Co. designs The Alpha 680 and that is on final testing now.

The Skytone Transmission Technologies Co. is located in Guangzhou a city in southern China. The company is aiming to make final samples, which will be ready in this month of June that was said by Wu.

The Alpha 680 had raise excitement in the computer world when it was spotted online few weeks back. A month ago in electronics trade show in Hong Kong The Alpha 680’s prototypes were shown 1st time for public.

It was told by the company’s representative Mr. Nixon Wu that they got 300 inquiries from different countries.

The excitement is surrounding all over in the world of computers and technology; computer made by a Chinese manufacturer is in response to the potential of the technology underlying it.

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5 Reasons Making HP Web-Connected Printer a Big Hit

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On Monday, a buzz was created by Hewlett-Packard when it introduces the first-ever Web-connected home printer, the HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web. Following are the few reasons which let it grab market share.



1. The Cool Factor

Now there is no need to go online to get your information printed out. Now with it you can get rid of the delay time for custom online content as that can now be easily printed by just pressing a display screen icon.

2. A Paradise For Developers

The new printer has the ability to serve as the new iPhone for app developers. At the time of launch the printer will have free apps which gives an access to the content from USA Today, Google, Fandango, Coupons.com, DreamWorks Animation, Nickelodeon, Web Sudoku and Weathernews.

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20+ Video Tutorials for Open Source Applications

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There is huge number of open source applications out there; these are for operating systems, word processors, graphics programs and a lot more. But it is a difficult task to find manuals or other documentation beyond what the developers have written. Here we have given more than 20 video tutorials to get you some help for the four of the most popular open source programs out there: Gimp, Linux, Open Office, and Nvu.

Which tutorials are most helpful for you? Here is the answer to your question.

Gimp Video Tutorials

Gimp Tutorial: Pop Art – This tutorial shows how to take a regular photograph and turn it into a graphic piece of pop art.

The User Interface – This tutorial will give you a basic overview of Gimp’s user interface.

How to Change Hair Color – Ever wanted to try out a new hair color without actually dying your hair? Well what you have to do is to take help with this Gimp tutorial and change your hair color in a photo.

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