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How to Backup PSP Game Data?

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Computer games nowadays are one of the most useful sources of enjoyment for this modern and fast world. Games play a very important role in an individual’s daily life. For instance, a brain that is used for 8 hours daily in office or for any other routine works need some break. A person requires something that takes him out from his boring routine life.

Here, Games could be very helpful to maintain his work efficiency by keeping him fresh and ready fro the upcoming tasks. In this article we would be discussing some basic problems that a person can encounter related to computer games. There are some big games that save the progress you make in the game. Next time when you start playing your game, it actually loads the data from that particular saved file. Now, a person would never like to lose that progress he made in the game as it will be very boring to restart.

This write up focuses to guide you, how could you save yourself from such an irritation? The solution is simple, all you need to do is create backup for those saved files. Coming paragraphs will help you with the procedure.

For the purpose, we will be requiring software called Sony Media Go. This will help you to make backup of your PSP game data.

Creating Backup of Game Data in you Computer:


First and foremost you need to download Sony Media Go. As the downloading is finished run the installation process.  Installation process is quite simple all you need to do is to run the setup file and setup wizard would automatically download all the files that are essential for proper functionality of this particular software.


As the above requirement is compiled, use USB cable to connect your PSP with your computer. Your PSP should be set at USB mode for functionality. (Go to PSP settings -> USB connection and change the settings according to the requirement.)


Run the Sony media go on your computer. Your PSP should be displayed on left of the main Navigation menu.

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List of Best Photo Sharing and Storage Sites

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People use the online storage and image sharing sites too much. These sites connect the people living in the far off places in the world. The basic purpose of these sites is to connect people socially, across the world. They share photos, videos, and personal daily life experiences. Such sites have reduced the distances and time. The world has turned into a virtual global village. So we do not feel any distance between our friends and relatives all over the world.

There are thousands of such sites through which you can share your photos and videos and your experiences with your friends. But the most famous and widely used ones are given below:

image shearing sites

  1. BubbleShare
  2. Zooomr
  3. Free Image Hosting
  4. itasveer
  5. filedropr
  6. Budpix
  7. Sig Mirror
  8. PBase
  9. Ficker]
  10. MyOtherDriver.com
  11. ImageShack
  12. our.imgSeek
  13. Picato
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Google Publicized The Net Storage Service

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Google services remained always in competition with all other service providing companies and play a significant role for this purpose. Google launched an internet storage utility for public to make a contribution in the generally used services of Amazon.com. Recently, Google introduces the earlier version of this internet oriented storage system. Internet services of already well established Amazon’s simple storage services, Google present a safe, reliable and very good data storage service which also gives an easily accessible processes for the developers.

Special features of this service

This service provides the easy and low level access to the Net storage utility. All the websites on the internet precisely count the data application which might be carry necessary and required information for both of the site owners and customers. Google used a model of utility computing for the purpose of counting and charging to the customers.

Google introduces the I/O conference utility among its most important available important services. This provides the very easy access, safe and sound storage, fast and reliable sources to the developers on low cost and friendly usage. In the introductory and early version, this is only first available now for the limited and particular US developers. This early version provides the capacity of 100 GB data storage and 300 GB data communication or transfer every month. Now, with service of Amazon’s S3, there are different charges for different sub services as 17 cents per GB/month for data storage, 10 cents per GB for data uploading services and 15-30 cents per GB for data downloading services. So, these prices of S3 services are more complex for the developers if there is a lot of usage regarding to data storage, data uploading and data downloading. As Amazon charges the prices for its premium level, up to 15 cents per GB to the use of every first 50 terabytes of its storage.

Big Query and Google storage prediction interfaces are now demonstrating the data storage services also. These can be utilized to handle the data in respect of its usage and analysis. These are similar to the machines which are used for the special purposes of recording data history, data handling and analysis. This is very reliable and precise, so that can be avoided from the mistakes and anything wrong happening with data. These services play an important and significant role regarding to the applications of products, assessments, blogs, routs, tweets and many other important assessments.

Sprint To Launch HTC EVO 4G On June 4

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Sprint Nextel has announced recently that it will begin the sale of HTC EVO, the most advanced high-speed wireless phone so far, from June 4 for $199. The low price has been introduced specifically to win back the subscribers that the company has lost during the last few years to its bigger rivals.

Being the first in the region to support fourth-generation (4G) high-speed data speeds, the EVO has all the capability to compete well against Apple’s iPhone. Moreover, it is expected that the EVO will arrive in the market long before the iPhone 4G, which is also expected to come this summer, so most users waiting for a 4G phone might go for it instead of waiting for the new iPhone.

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Blackberry Bold 9700, The Stylish Business Phone

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Blackberry phones are famous for their superior performance delivery, together with great looks and top quality business apps. Blackberry Bold 9700 is the one the best Blackberry phones in the market offering some excellent features.

Almost all network service providers such as Vodafone, 3, Orange, T- Mobile, and O2 are offering the phone under contract deals, together with some exciting offers like free gifts, free texts or calling minutes, discounts, free insurance etc.

Having a 2.4 inch, 65K TFT screen, the display quality of the 9700 is extremely high. The phone boasts a user friendly full QWERTY keyboard, and a touch-sensitive optical track pad for trouble-free navigation.

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Zero Facebook For Mobile Phones

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Whether you have the latest smartphone, or the simple candy bar handset, social networking has become an essential element of any mobile phone. This has led to the world’s largest social network, facebook to release a much smaller, text-only version of its mobile site called Facebook Zero.

This low bandwidth networking site has been designed specially for those who regularly use Facebook on their mobile phones. Thus irrespective of the type of mobile and the connection, all mobile users will be able to see the new updates quickly. The new site will be launched anytime in the upcoming weeks.

According to the facebook people, more than 100 million people now log onto Facebook from their mobile phones. Thus the new site will help the operators to free up critical bandwidth on their networks.

Sony Ericsson W205 Review

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The Sony Ericsson W205 is an affordable mobile phone, having all the basic features. However, its unique and stylish design together with its advanced music capabilities distinguishes it from the rest of mobile phones.

Measures 92 x 47 x 16.4 mm, the phone weighs around 96 g. The W205 comes with a TFT screen, measuring around 1.8 inches and having a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels.

Some of the basic features of the W205 include an alarm, stopwatch, organizer, timer and notepad. Not to forget, the integrated Walkman player that makes it different from other mobile phones. The player has great sound quality and also includes TrackID which allows you to get all information about a song when it is being played. The phone also features FM Radio with RDS.

iPhone To Be Used In War

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We have heard that there is an app available for absolutely everything, but never truly believed it. But now after looking at this, I believe it wholeheartedly that an app has definitely been created for everything.

The iPhone can now be used in war. The US military chiefs are planning to use Apple’s products on the battlefield in order to give the soldiers a technological edge over insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By doing this, it will be possible for soldiers on patrol to share up-to-the-minute maps of enemy hotspots with each other, view video from drones or check photos of enemies using their iPhones.

Race Around Your Streets On Ovi Maps Racing

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If you love to speed up and wish to race around in your local town, then be thankful to Nokia as your wish has been granted by the Ovi Maps Racing .

It is the first location-based mobile game launched by Nokia, in which players can navigate through the location of their choice and race around the block as the wish. The tracks are generated runtime by utilizing actual map data by NAVTEQ and the GPS technology of the mobile handset.

However, unfortunately you will only have three racing cars to choose from, while touch controls allow you to move your car around.

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4 Ways To Protect Your Wireless Laptop At Wifi Hotspots

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Wifi connections have made it possible to simply connect from anywhere, at any time. Wireless laptop computers are commonly being used at public WiFi hotspots that include cafe’s, airports, libraries, hospitals, hotels, etc to remain connected all the time.

No wonder public internet is great for staying connected, but it can make you a prey to the hackers and other cyber criminals. Criminals are constantly on the lookout for individuals at WiFi hotspots, who are using unprotected wireless laptop computers, making then a vulnerable prey.

However, it is possible to protect your laptop from getting hacked at public WiFi hotspots by following these simple steps:

1. Turn On Your Firewall

It is very important to have firewall installed on wireless laptop computers. The firewall acts as a barrier to the outside world. If you turn off your firewall, and there are other wireless laptop computers that are using the same network, they can easily get inside your computer and take anything from there, including passwords, documents, and many more personal things.

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