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Future Of In-Car Cloud Computing

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Ford jump had initiated the development of apps for the SYNC system of the company. They created a 12 -week course for the students from the University of Michigan called cloud computing in the commute. Recently student teams have submitted their apps before the judges from ford, U of M and Microsoft. The winner on the whole is Caravan Track, which has supported in maintaining jointly a group of cars on a road tour. Other apps have offered crowd-sourced information on points of interests and road conditions and facilitated real-time fuel-economy tracking and ride sharing. Students have carried out research and create applications which are based on the entry to ford’s developmental platform. These applications are built on widows 7 and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. Below is given the information about the functioning of the different apps:

Information About And Connection With Group Of Vehicles:

Caravan track has been announced as the winning app. Because of the software, group of vehicles during the same visit can connect each other along their journey. With the help of recognition on the main website, users can come to see their fellow travelers. They can also observe vehicle telemetry which includes track each vehicle, map routes, fuel level and speed, intimation about the alerts along the way and can also provide about conditions of the road and other perils which they may experience along their way.

Acknowledgment About The Experience Of Past Drivers:

Fuel Tracker gives acknowledgment about the understanding of the past drivers on that specific road and provides real-time feedback to the drivers. Read the full story

Mozy – An Online Backup Solution

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Mozy is easy to use smart and cost-effective way to protect your data. Install it on your computer set it up and then forgets about data loss by again. It is easy to setup and perform backup automatically at background. It encrypts all files on your computer before data transfer and backup open and locked files.


Safety Measures

Mozy is a very safe online backup package. All traffic to and from the mozy servers is encrypted with 128bit SSL encryption which is the internet standard. Mozy will always encrypt your data with 448-bit Blowfish encryption with 128-bit SSL support to keep your data safe during transport. Nevertheless, if we want to use our own encryption method, Mozy will let to do so.

Backup Options

Mozy backup options make sure for what it thinks are important files and let us choose whether or not to use the backup situation that it recommends. Read the full story

10 Best Things About Ubuntu

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There are so many people who love Ubuntu Linux and there are such people also who really don’t know anything about Linux at all. Here are the 10 best things which make Ubuntu 10.04 worth caring about.

1 – GNOME 2.30

This is the final GNOME release for 2.x before its major up gradation to 3. Of course 3 will be great also, and this will be last time when you will see your favorite 2.x GNOME in Ubuntu flavor. 2.30 GNOME is great as I experienced. As far as GNOME 3 is concerned I think that will succeed where KDE 4 failed in being a useful desktop upgrade right out of the starting gate.

2 – HAL begone!

Ubuntu 10.04 has done away with HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) during the boot process. This really boots up within 10 seconds and removal of HAL also drastically speeds up resume-from-suspend times for those of you in laptop land.

3 – Fully open source NVidia driver

Anyone using NVidia graphics card can now take a sigh of happiness because of open source NVidia drivers. As open source NVidia drivers works same as the proprietary drivers.

4 – Social networking integration

The Me Menu, which is built upon the Gwibber framework enables you to interact instantly with social networking sites. It also haves multi-column view so that you can monitor more than one social networks at a time.

Read the full story


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