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Firefox 4 , Chrome 6 and IE 9 – Who Will Be the Leading Browser Giant?

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Earlier on, there was no such thing as Google Chrome and Google was just a plain search engine. Internet explorer existed and was the built in explorer for windows while Mozilla Firefox was winning over hearts when it first came out. However today, internet is obviously a very different place. With the advancements in technology, people have started taking the web more seriously now and there are new versions of browsers coming out in the market mainly being IE, Chrome and Firefox. The browsers tend to compete for proving the best internet experience.

Google Chrome

Google, entering as a new competitor in the browser market and having completed 2 years today has made serious erodes and is seen as the fastest growing and developing browsers of all available today. With the talk of Chrome 6 on the occasion of its birthday, which is about to come at the end of this year, people have already made their way online to try and see if a beta version of it is available. Within 2 years of existence, Google is going to hit its sixth version showing how rapidly they have been developing and the improvements here have been so vast that it’s revolutionizing the browser market.

The pace at which Google is developing its browser is not surprising. For instance it just recently integrated Adobe’s Flash player into it and is also looking to make  improvements on both HTML5 and CSS3 fronts. However, one of the biggest improvements to Chrome 6 comes from WebM and the VP8 codec. The main focus being on video being played on the flash player, there is no doubt that Chrome will the leading browser in this department for quite some time.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla, a old name in the browser market no doubt has some control over the market and a great market share. However, since the launch of Google Chrome, it has put  a serious crimp in the browser’s user base. Read the full story

Happy Birthday To Google Chrome

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Looking back in time makes you wonder how things have changed over time. Likewise, after Google Chrome’s second anniversary, if we look back then it could be said how much has changed in such less span of time. The idea of a multiprocessor flourished at the time when there was no HTML5, pathetic JavaScript support, which was why the idea remained a mere project. However now with the great advancement in connectivity, in two years span, browsers have taken on a whole new dimension. Google Chrome is exactly that browser that has taken on the browsing world by storm with its trendy and easy to use features. Its been two years now and we celebrate Google Chrome’s birthday with the hope of getting to see its Chrome 6 version releasing soon for users to enjoy a fantastic browsing experience.

Since its introduction in the market as a beta version, major developments have been such as, customized new tab page, browser themes, side by side view, password manager, better privacy controls, built in Adobe Flash Player, Autofill, Automatic Translation, HTML5 capabilities and synchronization of various things.

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