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How To Save Your Wet Cell Phone?

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Dropped your cell phone in the toilet and wondering whether it will ever work again? Good news is that there are some chances that it might show some signs of life again, even if the wet cell phone seems dead. However, make sure you react fast enough as the longer the water sits inside, greater are the chances that it will destroy the phone for good.

phone repair

Even if you have your phone under warranty, it probably won’t cover water damage. And don’t try to trick your mobile company as well as most of the phones nowadays come with a water sticker that permanently changes color if it gets wet.

Whenever anyone gets his/her phone wet, the first thing they do is to switch it on to see whether it works or not, which is just a suicidal attempt for the phone as it causes short circuiting of the phone.

Where are Unbreakable Flexible Plastic Displays?

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Late Last year, HP in collaboration with Flexible Display Center (FTC) at Arizona State University, unveiled prototype of flexible plastic display. Every one was impressed and tried to imagine the future of laptops, mobile phones and even television.

These display use very simple manufacturing process and raw materials usage id reduced to 90% of what is used today to make LCD. This makes it cheap for companies and consumers.

flexable display technology

Having broken my laptop screen twice, I am especially interested in unbreakable feature of the product. which is very good for careless users like me. Although I do not intend to beat the crap out of my laptop in near future like the guy in this video but I think It would be cool thing to do on an airport terminal.

Best this about these flexible display is that the picture is sharp and result is colorful. Next generation newspapers will be published on these. This technology has a potential for taking laptop, cell phone technology one step further.

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