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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Cars

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iPhone is just more than a phone which could help you in many aspects of life especially in your car. There are some app’s which come exclusively to make your driving more pleasurable. Here are some app’s which we have taken out for you.

1. Maps

Did you recently move to a new city? Then your iPhone could be the solution to your problem. This is a built in application which gives you access to the maps worldwide, so no matter where ever you are, your app would guide you to your destination. The best thing about this app is that its free to use, simple and gets you where you have to be. Under this app you have access to street view, satellite and maps. Keep this app with you always, might just help you when you are lost!

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Search Car Parking Via Your iPhone

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A new iPhone app has been designed that will solve your ever hated problem of “where to park your car?” The service which was launched in London this week, is built on a website that helps motorists to get a hold of the hard-to-find parking spaces in central London.

Its not that this wasn’t possible before the advent of this app. People used to visit the website of Park-Up.com and enter their destination in order to locate the cheapest places to park in the city. But the launch of this app has made it much easier to do so.

The best part is that this new iPhone parking app will automatically ‘know’ where you are. The app will tell the drivers about the hours of enforcement, what charges they will have to pay for that particular parking place and what the penalties will be if they get it wrong.

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Race Around Your Streets On Ovi Maps Racing

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If you love to speed up and wish to race around in your local town, then be thankful to Nokia as your wish has been granted by the Ovi Maps Racing .

It is the first location-based mobile game launched by Nokia, in which players can navigate through the location of their choice and race around the block as the wish. The tracks are generated runtime by utilizing actual map data by NAVTEQ and the GPS technology of the mobile handset.

However, unfortunately you will only have three racing cars to choose from, while touch controls allow you to move your car around.

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Top 10 iPhone Games You Must Have!

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Although there are millions of games in the App Store, but if you want to save money and space, then here are the 10 best games that you must have.

1. Touchgrind

This skateboarding game was specifically designed for the multi-touch iPhone platform, and provides a completely unique control method of using your fingers as legs on a skateboard. Available for only $4.99

2. Galcon

Galcon is a space related strategy game that lets you play short games. Thus instead of getting involved into games that you won’t be able to finish, Galcon lets you play a bunch of one or two minute games, enabling you to refine your strategy with each game. Lite: Free; Pro: $4.99

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