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Top 5 Best iPhone 4 Battery Cases

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Mobile phone companies are offering many applications and accessories to make their product more comfortable and famous. Due to hard and tough market competition, companies like iPhone are providing luxurious accessories. IPhone provides a variety of applications and accessories to the iPhone users. This is the reason that iPhone is one of the best selling mobile in the world.

Best five iPhone battery cases

Besides many attractive and useful applications, iPhone is also providing many eye catching battery cases. These battery cases are also rechargeable.

It is a very common problem that iPhone are very sensitive and less shock observers. To solve this problem, many iPhone users are using iPhone battery cases, as they provide protection and shock observing capacity to an iPhone mobile. These battery cases for iPhone are very popular in iPhone users. They are normally portable and easy in use. Following are best five iPhone battery cases for the iPhone users.

1. EnerG slim-fit extended rechargeable battery case

This iPhone battery case is one of the best and famous battery case for iPhone users. This iPhone battery case is rechargeable. It provides an iPhone user a 2400 mAh battery. That means that if your battery is fully charge, this will provide you more than 13 hours as talk time.

2. Splash O2 case and battery for iPhone 3GS

This is a small battery case for iPhone mobile and these cases provide and iPhone user a talk time that is more than five hours than the original one.

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Some Tips For Extending Battery Life

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Does your laptop battery give you a hard time? Do you have to charge the battery too often? It is not only about the laptop. Nowadays, cell phones, notebooks and other electronic devices have multiple functions, which enable us to do many things easily, making our lives richer.

However, most of us complain about the life of the battery for the new toys. So, here are some tips for extending the battery life of your devices.

1. Charge and Discharge the Battery Fully for the First Three Times

One of the most important things you can do to improve the battery life is to fully charge it, and then discharge it completely for at least three times. The battery has a memory and so, it would get used to being at a certain capacity and act as if that was the maximum.

If you charge it to the maximum, it will get accustomed to that limit.

2. Try to Turn Off your Device when Charging

There is an incoming electric current when you are charging the device. And if the device is open, there’s an outward electric current too. This simultaneous incoming and outgoing electric current will make the circuit board heat up. It is also possible in the case of a cell to damage some of its inner parts, if you make a call when the cell phone is being charged.

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