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Broadband Internet

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Broadband Internet is the fastest and the most advanced form of connection available in the market today. It is fast, reliable and new. In broadband internet the modem is always connected so the user can connect and use the internet anytime. Pages on the internet appear instantly on the browser and downloading speeds are almost the fastest available. In addition to this new advancements are also popping up in this type of connection. We shall discuss all of this and advantages and disadvantages of using broadband internet in this article.


Well the best thing about the broadband internet is that it is fast and easy. While using broadband internet one can view videos, download huge files in minutes. While using broadband internet service you can also visit websites with higher traffic of users conveniently. But if you are using a dial-up connection things are almost opposite. The biggest advantage of using broadband internet is you don’t have to worry of someone picking up the phone which cancels the connection of a dial up internet. Some people specially buy a separate phone for using the internet which increases the cost of using the internet which a person would never want.

Phone Service

Broadband Internet offers telephony services to its customers. This is an exciting new service offered by broadband internet service. By using broadband internet a user can call on local and international destinations easily and conveniently. This service is also cheaper when compared to other services. Phone calls are connected through the internet as data packages which are sent through the internet to receiving end. Many companies offer packages starting from $15 to $30 and offer many features such as unlimited minutes to any place in the world which offers internet service. But the phone service while using broadband internet has disadvantages as well. Read the full story

Website Domain Name Investment

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The domain name is the name of any website that a website or any organizations website will be identified by. It has now become a business and there are a large number of people and organizations who are making money by selling domain names. This business is called domaining while those  people who have adopted this profession and selling website domain names are called domainers. Now it has become a business people all over the world are investing on these bulk domain names to use it for their organization website or for future sell. These people who are dealing with these domain names are called domain investors. For this purpose domain name extension plays a key role.

Importance of Domain Name Extension

Investors prefers those domain names which ends with .com, .net, .org because these are the most commonly used extensions so the domain names with the extensions like .com ,.org brings value to a domain name. So that is the reason why domain investors invests more in domain names with these extensions mentioned above  as business companies pays more for the renown extensions then those extensions which are not commonly used. There are some extensions which are represents any area or country and they are also very valuable like “us” stands for United states of America and this extension is commonly sold and bought by domain investors living and doing business in USA.

Domain name business has become an uprising business where domainers and domain investors wished to buy desirable addresses and then sells it at high price to earn a living. Web domain name business is like all other businesses in the world and a large number of people are entering into this field to earn their living.

Anonymous Name Value

The second thing which intelligent domain investors prefers is buying a unique and anonymous name big business organizations are always in search of anonymous names and pays millions of dollars to buy these domain names. Read the full story

Online Purchasing of Laptops

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A person who needs to acquire a laptop through online option will discover the finest deals and the supreme range of properties and add-ons for his personal needs or business. Many sales agencies are offering these products on healthy discount. Before making final decision he must take care of the thing that all required features are in there and it is also within the specified budget.

Laptops Are Expensive Then Desktops

It is very obvious that when you will go for the latest technology its price will rise. Same is the case with computer industry. When you are enjoying the portability of laptop and also extra feature of backup battery, then definitely you will have to pay extra. But keeping in mind the benefits it’s not a bad deal.

Many Brands Are Available In Market

There are many brand available in the market having own specifications and features. Price of the brands also varies. When you go out to buy one keep in mind your requirements and price you can pay. Also take a look at the reputation of the brand; it’s after sale services and general requirements.

Buying a New Brand

If you want to acquire a new laptop brand, you must take some time in research and finding references about the product. Read the full story

How to Purchase a Used Notebook Computers?

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For those who are not willing to spend a lot of money to buy a new computer, used laptops are the best option, because by spending less amount of money they will get the same quality of computer. One should do complete homework before purchasing it that what are his requirements, what type of software he will be using, what should be its processor speed, storage etc.

Take Care of Reliability

Buying used computers means that they are repaired at least once. So to ensure that it is in working condition it is preferred that you must check it yourself or can take services of an expert. As new computers always carry warranty with them but in this case it is not there. So you must be hundred percent sure about its reliability before purchasing.

Return Policy

Normally shops selling used computers provide a 90 day payback warranty if at any stage during this period machine malfunctions or even if the customer is not satisfied with the product .Although these computers are checked before displaying for sale but after all a machine is a machine anything can go wrong. So this policy safeguards the right of the customer and gives him a chance to try the product.

After Sale Facilities

Although used notebook computers don’t have warranty yet some renowned retailers are providing after sale repair services for used computers. But they will definitely charge for these services. Read the full story

Purchasing Computer Parts

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For the sake of buying computer parts, whether the purpose is to create a new system or to substitute the parts of the old one, what a person requires to do is to click a mouse. There are a lot of online companies present which are keeping a sizeable selection of computer parts that can easily be bought at a considerable amount of discount. Different wholesalers have different customer base. Some of the sellers only make sales with the other businesses known as B2B (business-to-business).  Other businesses sell to the customers. Whichever category would be appropriate for a potential customer, he has to exercise caution while doing any sort of business with a new seller. The customer has also to make it sure that the company with which he is going to make purchases is reliable.

Looking At The Company’s Website:

A lot of information can be worked out by just viewing the website of a particular company. It should be well-made with obvious product stipulations as well as pricing details. The checkout procedures and the shopping cart should be safe. One should be able to locate conveniently return policies and store’s customer service. If the contact page contains the phone number, a customer may desire to call and talk to some person at the business. By doing so, he can get himself answered a lot of questions and also a feel for awareness and kindliness of the supportive staff is created.

Make A Small Purchase First:

The customer can show wisdom by performing a test on the trustworthiness of a company, its product quality and delivery times. Read the full story

Micro Business Solutions

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Micro business hosting solutions give features to design a lucrative website and grab the concentration of Web traffic. Details may vary according to bulk of data transfer and disk space with a particular free of charge domain name and many email addresses. The majority plans may not incorporate a starting fee but are payable after every month.

Micro Business Solutions for Web Developing

For developing a website small business solutions can also provide third party tools which guide step by step how to create the website. It also includes security measures that guard customer data and also website data. These measures normally consist of anti-virus and anti spasm software that checks email and attachments and notifying any threats.

Benefits of Micro Business Solutions                                                                              

Benefits for micro business hosting normally comprise of right to use a huge database, its tools and several email addresses as well as bounty of storage. There are many companies which provide online services and also offer valuable discounts to new clients. An example of such services is the E-commerce technology which provides an online cart option for customers to select their products and then various methods of payment make it easy for the customers.

Online Ordering, Shipment and Payment Methods

Micro business hosting solutions also provide full proof online ordering, shipment and payment methods. There are tools which monitor and keep a track of various products. Normally a technical service is also a part of the plan to cater any technical problems of the website. Micro business hosting solutions have provided various methods to attract customers and to increase the site traffic. One of them is Banner advertising which is being used by many sites to increase the traffic.

Tips to create a Banner

It also provides tips how to create an effective banner with the help of latest graphic software. Read the full story

Pay Per Click System

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In a very competitive and fierce world, advertisement is a primary tool brands use to promote themselves. The most popular and brilliant of advertisers use effective and brilliant techniques to promote products.

The Magic of Click – Pay per Click

Pay per Click is a new revolution in the advertising industry. Companies sign agreements with the service providers. These Pay per Click Agreements are extremely beneficial to both the Brand and the Promoter.

Earn at a Single Click – Life is Easy

Pay per Click is actually an advertising model. These models are stimulating the real time experience of as many as a million users surfing through various websites and coming together. These websites carry several banners and links to advertisements which can be viewed. The viewer in turn gets paid for his/her efforts at the very end.

Internet Advertisement – A New Industry

Pay per Click service has bonded together the dynamics of Internet Advertisement. Search Engines from all over the world focus on primary keywords which can redirect the searcher to the most relevant of terms. The content viewed has a large price range. Usually the price of an advertisement is fixed but some pay more than others.

One Man’s Trash – Another Man’s Gold

This unique and wonderful industry is the sole bread and butter of many individuals. Pay per Click can be easily accessed to from various websites. Read the full story

Official iPad Case from Apple

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Apple products are about 30-40% expensive than the products of their competitors which provide similar features and specifications on a very cheap rate. The question arises why people still go for Apple products even when they have to pay extra money? The explanation to this question is that people do not buy products to fulfill their needs, they also want a brand name that can be identified worldwide, which can be repaired and serviced anywhere on this globe, and the most important reason of all is that the product should have a variety of accessories and add-ons which can enhance their experience of using the product.

Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. understands these requirements of their customers, that’s why in addition to providing sales and services of world class standard, they also launch new and innovative accessories for the Apple products regularly. The examples of such innovative and unique accessories are, Apple iPod wireless USB speakers, charging docks, unique straps for apple iPod nano, 3D view for iPhone and etc. And now, with the introduction of the new iPad, Apple does not plan to slow down on the accessories.

The Offcial iPad Case

Recently, Apple has launched a new carrying and protecting case for its iPad and iPad2 devices. This case is just another example of the innovation Apple is bringing into the market, and how hard it is for competitors to beat this! Not only does this Case look sleek and stylish, but it has amazing features too! Its micro fiber interior safeguards your iPad’s screen, and it is available in a variety of colors. Also, it can twist and turn in different shapes to help you type or watch a movie. It is available in market for a whooping $54, which makes it equivalent of around 4600 Pakistani Rupees.


Now naturally, the fact that Apple launches dozens of Accessories every year, it would need patenting. But it is still under discussion as to why there was a need to get this cover a patent. Sure it is better than the rest of the covers available in the market, but getting a patent doesn’t make it special enough to be sold at double the price of an average cover like this in market. Maybe Apple just wants to scare all the competitors off by suing them for any kind of replication. Because it can be clearly seen that Apple really is Patenting everything.

It can clearly be seen how Apple’s mind works. By getting a patent for this cover from the US Patent office, they are turning it into the Official Cover of the iPad, and trying to make it look even more special than it already is. If Apple really wants to be the sole producer of accessories like this for its products than it should also sell it at a reasonable price, otherwise it will negatively affect the sales of both its products and their accessories.


Multiple Google Accounts

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Google is the most widely used Search engine all over the world, which was introduced for the first time in September 4, 1998.  It is a project of a MULTINATIONAL PUBLIC CORPORATION’s investment. With the advent of computing technologies and the arrival of latest advertising technologies, the internet searching has become the most advanced and versatile by using www.google.com.

Google’s Mission

Google Accounts

Google’ has extended its vast search services with its exceptional and globalized mission;

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Introducing Multiple Sign-in

A new interesting feature will be soon introduced which will enable its users all over the world to use “Multiple Sign-in”. By using this innovative feature of Google’s multiple Sign-in option, the daily users of Google can enjoy their multiple accounts anytime without the previously stringent implementation of signing in and out. It allows you to log into your multiple user accounts at once by using Google’s host domain and then creates all kinds of permissions and authentications for the use of Google’s documentation.

Time saving by using multiple sign-in

The option of multiple sign-in is highly advantageous in terms of saving your precious time as the sign-in will take not more than few seconds to let you operate your multiple accounts at a time, especially this feature will be highly attractive for those users which use to sign-in their accounts more than twelve times daily.

Read the full story

Best iPad Apps for Business

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Many online and mobile applications are available for business use. But normally mobile applications are more convenient for small operations and functions. Businessmen also recommend, using mobile applications for small management of the business. For this purpose many mobile phone companies are providing different applications. From these companies iPad is also providing many useful and interesting applications for the businessmen.

apps for ipad

Best five iPad applications

The large screen of the iPads provides a good platform to handle business files and other details. You can view details of different documents and can easily print them for hard copies, directly from your iPad. You can do all this, if you are using a good application on your iPad. There are thousands of such applications available in the market as well as on the internet. But the best five applications and their details are as following;

1. Quick voice 2 text Email (PRO Recorder)

It is the best application on iPad. You can send emails and text messages by using this application. This application provides you an option to just speak your message and it will automatically convert the voice message into text message. This will save your time as you do not need to type lengthy emails and messages.

2. iThoughts HD

This application is especially designed for the business holders.

Read the full story


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