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Residential VoIP Service Providers

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Residential VoIP services are available for all those having a broadband internet connection. A new definition of communication is introduced by VoIP system. Most striking feature of this system is its cost. There cost is almost half of traditional phone system. Various other features are also provided by VoIP system. The list of VoIP providers is increasing day by day. Online assistance is also available for those looking for VoIP installation t their place.


Residential VoIP services are available in two ways. One is with specially equipped phone that can be traditional analog phone having VOIP adapter or VoIP phone manufactured particularly for this application. Dial tone may not be provided by all VoIP service providers.

In this method, adapter or special phone is directly plugged into the broadband service. In many cases, high speed internet like DSL or broadband is required, Broadband is more recommended. However, rarely VoIP service is provided on traditional dial-up setup. But, before investing on dial up service, through investigation is required.

The other way to install VoIP is by using personal computer. In this method, a computer can act as phone. Simply by purchasing headphones which are usually available at reasonable cost.


Different plans and costs are offered by companies. Some of them will allow a consumer to call other consumer using same kind of protocol. Different costs may be demanded by some plans for making long distance calls. Still other may demand unlimited services by paying for a month.


Before making any decision about purchasing of VoIP, many issues require settlement. The foremost one is about emergency situation, a serious but unanswered issue. Usually no response is provided on dialing 911 in an emergency situation.

Traditionally, through reverse directory, emergency dispatchers are able to know exact location of a caller. But, in the case of cellophane it is hectic, as in this case nearest tower is indicated. It takes longer time to locate exact location of a caller. Thankfully, this is associated with internet phone service.


It has been mandated by federal government that VoIP service providers should made it sure that 911 calls should be received by nearest emergency dispatcher.

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VoIP an Innovative Technology

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VOIP that is Voice over Internet Protocol is set of protocols used for communication purpose. Transmission of voice over internet is procedure consist of multiple steps. These steps include signaling, conversion of analog signals to digital signals, encoding, packet transmission, over networks. This is one technology which has evolved in short period of time and change the face of communication all over the world.


Initially the VoIP based system was developed in 1990 by Israeli company named Vocaltec for the purpose of communication with the help of internet. After that by 1998 some commercial companies launched their PC to PC and Pc to Phone software based on VOIP technologies. As primarily these services were introduced as cost free services thus, large numbers of people were attracted and used these solutions. According to the statistics VoIP based calls were 1% of telephone calls by 1998 however this percentage increased up to 25% by 2003.

VoIP Technology

VoIP is real time broadcast of voice with the help of internet connection. Voice signals are basically analog type of signals. With the help of VoIP technology these analog signals are converted to digital signals. The digital signals are transmitted over long distance with the help of internet protocols. These digital signals are in form of packets. Voice packets contain source and destination information along with voice data. The address of destination helps the packets to detect right network. When reach to destination these voice packets are decompressed. VoIP technology has reduced the cost of long distance communication and revolutionized the industry of IP Telephony.


It was first realized by Corporations the importance of VOIP technology and its potential advantages to global business. Free online communication has been one of the biggest blessings of technology. Telephone was used as only quickest means of communication over long distance for long time. Due to the reason it had cost hundreds of dollars monthly to people. With the introduction of computer technology along with IP telephony this cost is reduced to great extent. Why should people pay extra money for telephone services when computer along with DSL can serve the both purpose.

VOIP technology is not only beneficial for home users but it is also of great advantage for business, corporations and industry of technology. Industry related to VOIP technology has earned huge profits by releasing software and hardware required for IP Telephony. One such example is VOIP based software SKYPE which has been recently bought by Microsoft worth 8.5 billion dollars.

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Voice Over IP Telephone Connections

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Telecommunications have greatly evolved over the course of time. From simple Fax Machines to Pagers of the past, the latest Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone systems are the trend in market today. These Voice Over IP Phone systems enable smooth communication. These Phone Systems are quite different from normal Telephone Systems. The Voice Over IP Phone works over the Internet and this service is provided by a specialized company.

Voice Over IP Telephone Connections

The Voice Over IP Phones are used by people all over the world. These Phones are simple Software Program based Telephonic Systems. They use several different protocols like the Skinny Client Control Processor Program and Session Initiation Protocol. These Phones enable proper communication between two individuals over an Internet based line. Such Telephones appear to be very simple and resemble the ordinary PSTN based Phones.

Adopting Voice Over IP Technology

Some of the most influential Telephone Companies are adopting the Voice Over IP technology to use. These Telephone Lines are much cheaper and feasible to implement. The benefits of Voice Over IP Phones are quite a lot. Some disadvantages of these Telephones can be overcome by simple and creative measures.

Expenses Reduced – Voice Over IP Telephones

Long distance calls are often very expensive. A company may make use of the Voice Over IP system to enable proper communication between all its employees. A connection may be taken from the respective company to provide Phone Connections. Companies can now communicate internally in a much interesting manner.

Communication While Traveling

Many companies offer Voice Over IP Connections at different rates and packages. Broadband Connections can easily facilitate Voice Over IP Telephone Connections.

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Broadband Internet

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Broadband Internet is the fastest and the most advanced form of connection available in the market today. It is fast, reliable and new. In broadband internet the modem is always connected so the user can connect and use the internet anytime. Pages on the internet appear instantly on the browser and downloading speeds are almost the fastest available. In addition to this new advancements are also popping up in this type of connection. We shall discuss all of this and advantages and disadvantages of using broadband internet in this article.


Well the best thing about the broadband internet is that it is fast and easy. While using broadband internet one can view videos, download huge files in minutes. While using broadband internet service you can also visit websites with higher traffic of users conveniently. But if you are using a dial-up connection things are almost opposite. The biggest advantage of using broadband internet is you don’t have to worry of someone picking up the phone which cancels the connection of a dial up internet. Some people specially buy a separate phone for using the internet which increases the cost of using the internet which a person would never want.

Phone Service

Broadband Internet offers telephony services to its customers. This is an exciting new service offered by broadband internet service. By using broadband internet a user can call on local and international destinations easily and conveniently. This service is also cheaper when compared to other services. Phone calls are connected through the internet as data packages which are sent through the internet to receiving end. Many companies offer packages starting from $15 to $30 and offer many features such as unlimited minutes to any place in the world which offers internet service. But the phone service while using broadband internet has disadvantages as well. Read the full story

VOIP Technology a Revolution

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VOIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. VOIP is a revolutionary technology with ability to revamp global Phone systems altogether. VOIP software allows you to make telephone like calls over Internet. VOIP software gives your Internet connection the ability to make cheap calls.

Features of VOIP Software

VOIP software has strengthened the web based PBX system. It possesses advance calling features. Features include: Conference call, Call forwarding, Voice Mail and Auto attendant. VOIP software can be adequately used in both Industries and your home.

User friendly Software

VOIP software is very user friendly software. Technology is also equipped with other applications like VOIP Billing Software. Its virtues include flexible costumer care, order management and billing services. VOIP software has potential of handling trouble tickets and resolution of billing related issues.

VOIP Billing Software

VOIP billing software provides multi tier pricing and commission plans. This type of program enhances ability to bill costumers and keep track of their billing history. Payment can be received through bank drafts, and Telephone bills. Program provides many features to handle price issues related to consumers. It helps in resolution of issues related to commission from representatives.

VOIP Software an Alternative

Telecom companies should consider using VOIP billing software as an alternative. It has ability to conduct million of calls. It has no limitations apart from issues related to hardware configuration variances. Rate tables are provided to carry out any variation in rates as per need. In this way users can be charged in different ways. The program has ability to handle multiple accounts. Read the full story

Communication Technologies: Voice Over IP Solutions

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To enlarge project abilities and productivity of employee, voice over IP solutions can be very useful to companies and businesses. For home use or office use, these devices can also be helpful. With the help of limited equipments, such as a broadband Internet connection and voice over IP router, VoIP solutions can be done. The technology available for all traditional phone companies, plans, and services is compatible with the actual telephone equipment. Aspects like voice mail, call forwarding, and caller ID can be important in both home use businesses. Using this technology, a business person or individual may find various great merits and options.

Equipments Needed

A broadband Internet connection and a voice over router are the only equipments that will be required. Most of the providers will provide unlimited long distance. The ability to call from computer to computer is one more important feature of the service. It makes it easy to keep in touch with other individuals, family members, and friends to exchange more than voice messages, such as computer files, photos, or scanned documents.

Useful For Organizations

For businesses and companies, this means the ability to call other companies, businesses, and affiliates which carry these programs or packages. Read the full story

Applications of VoIP Broadband

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VoIP broadband permits a consumer to use DSL, cable, or additional broadband Internet to correspond by receiving and making phone calls by means of a common touchtone telephone. Use of Internet is now a component of daily life for many people and businesses, as trade is going on and interactions are growing and altering. The spreading out of voice over the internet is making connections possible by means of a fast Internet link.

Online Services

Many companies are providing online services of calls and communications by using VoIP services. Now you can use a simple touch dial phone and by connecting it with internet you can make calls anywhere you want. Many messengers are also taking benefit of this technology and the feedback of the people using this service is very positive.

Cheaper Long Distance Calls

Long range calls are typically cheaper through VoIP broadband service, because most of the telecommunication companies charge at per minute base or on monthly basis. But with this service the call rates are much cheaper and the quality of the sound is also very good. Now you can call any part of the world with cheaper rates than ever before. If you make a similar call through your landline phone it will cost you even more than double the cost of these calls.

General Features

Features that are generally included in fundamental service are, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and last number redial, do not disturb, voicemail, directory assistance and a speed dial. Advanced features incorporated in finest plans may contain incorporation with added software, caller ID blocking, simultaneous ring, additional software support and priority alert. It is typically possible to get toll-free numbers and alternate numbers with VoIP services.

Premium Features

Premium features related to voicemail for digital cell phone service contain the combination of getting messages through e-mail and internet. It is feasible to confirm messages by using voicemail without attending a phone.

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Ongoing Broadband Deception – Part-2

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On the other hand, Cablevision is advertising its newly introduced DOCSIS 3.0–based 100-Mbps, 99USD-a-month broadband service. It even captured attention of most of the major national media which propagated it as the fastest cable all over the country. This makes public to believe it is the "fastest broadband available in the country." Yes, Cablevision’s service is, at present, double in speed as Verizon FiOS’s current fattest residential pipe whereas, Verizon’s rates are high for they charge a big amount of 144-USD a month to provide just 50-Mbps download speed.


However, Cablevision’s newly introduced 100-Mbps service is just a carrot to direct public to their other more low-priced, non-DOCSIS 3.0-based (and hence slower) packages.

Even as hardly anybody is actually giving 144-USD each month for Verizon’s 50 Mbps (an inexpensive, though slower, FiOS offerings are open), no ordinary person will give about 100-USD for home broadband service without speed. It seems to be a superb marketing ploy. These super-high speeds will spread nationwide, but only a small number of prosperous vendees will pay for them. Those consumers will unknowingly act as foot soldiers in Cablevision’s exertions to fight FiOS in the cheap broadband world.

Ongoing Broadband Deception – Part-1

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There is something unusual going on in the online broadband world. Fear, manipulation, and deceptive showing of realities are in action—all of these things are meant to attract rival’s customers, either by creating doubts in their minds about the honesty of their existing suppliers or by deceiving them by making them to think that they’ve reached a big deal.

One day when I was preparing my lunch, I saw a new Cablevision Optimum Online commercial. I just stopped and started watching and noticed that it was not one of those tricky ones, with the young man singing the phone number. Nor was it among the attractively created ones that picture people walking around with multimedia system taking on all over their bodies. They are said to be grist for making a better life through broadband utilization, but I guess they are the foundation for a horror movie. Anyhow that commercial was different.

18 Firefox Tweaks to Improve Speed and Performance

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The best thing about Firefox is the way it lets you do whatever you like with it. If you love the fox as much as I do, and have shunned all the other browsers for Firefox like I have, but cant help being frustrated when sometimes it slows down because you have 40 tabs open in four different windows, or you can’t afford to upgrade your RAM to a reasonable amount… yet (like me), here’s something that will cheer you up. It doesn’t matter if you are a computer rookie or a seasoned veteran in this field, these few easy-to-do tweaks will really get Firefox performing just as fast as you want it to; probably even faster.Firefox at full speed

By tweaking the way Firefox handles some caching functions, you can improve the page load speed and even free up the RAM it is hogging while minimized. Do not fear if you have never touched your configuration file before, just follow these simple steps and you’ll have it done in no time.

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