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Blogging Offers Endless Possibilites

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The World Wide Web continues to offer different ways for individuals to express themselves. There are abundant opportunities for advertising, communicating, presenting, and sharing information on the web. The way that this is done has changed tremendously as the internet has evolved along with the demands and concerns of those that build and maintain websites.

Web hosting is different from the early stages, and a lot of this has to do with blogging. The blog revolution has taken off in leaps and bounds, and there is no sign of a decline in this phenomenon. A major attraction that has fueled the blog craze is the fact that many blogs are free.

WordPress, for example, is one of the most popular blog spots on the web. It has overshadowed many of the other blogging sites because there are so many advantages that come with the word press blogs. The site actually offers both free and premium blog space, but the free blogs are obviously the ones that most people sign up for.

Blogs are continuing to gain an even wider following as more people look for ways to express themselves on the web. The smart phones and iPad are just a few of the technological advancements that allow people to follow others on the web. Web surfers are always looking for some random blog to add to their list of favorite sites to search. Read the full story

Best Free BlackBerry Applications and Programs

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Black Berry provides you, a better facility to install and use any application you want. There are several applications available to simplify your tasks. They are available with different prices but many of them are free of cost so that, the Blackberry users can easily get the maximum benefit of those applications without paying anything. Here is a list of the best free software for Blackberry which will surely help you.

1. Google Maps Mobile

This application is a map application that is available for all the users of Blackberry phones. It shows you entire views of streets around you. This application has not only the functionality to show you the entire map around the Globe.  It can zoom different locations and to change the routes to provide you the shortest path to your destination. One of its latest and exciting features is the real-time traffic updates which allow you to navigate your way from the congested areas around you.

2. PocketMac

Blackberry can easily synchronize with your personal computer but in a case it didn’t, and you also do not know, what to do to solve this problem. However, if you have this application in your Blackberry phone, it will solve your problem. This application makes that synchronization with your PC very easily. Using this application, you can easily get access to your Entourage, Up-To-Date, Address Book, iCal, Now Contact, and Sticks in line on both of your devices.

3. StockView

There are several different applications available to get aware of your stocks using your Blackberry phone, but they are either unaffordable or difficult to operate but this application is best in both prospects. Simply, you have to add those stocks, which you want to track in it, and it will ease you to check it whenever you want by logging into your account.

4. BlackBerry Unite!

This free software collaboration could help you track the progress of your team when you’re away. After all, that’s why you have a Blackberry in the first place, right? It simplifies you to share different important things that are necessary, while you are on a trip like, pictures, calendars, documents, and more, among yours and your Blackberry’s teammates. In this way, you can easily do your work along with enjoying your trip and get your working reputation, better and better day by day.

5. JabpLite BlackBerry Personal Money Manager

Sometimes, when you are progressing better in your business, you can easily forget your money related matters. JabpLite Blackberry Personal Money Manager provides you the facility to store all of your money related data. This is just a simple budget and allows you to store planned and actual expenditure. It keeps your data in an easy form of spreadsheets, which ensures that you win more than your expenses, and that your money is distributed. Because the last thing, you need is to board a flight from New York to Los Angeles and have a complete breakdown of the budget.

6. BeamBerry

When you face a problem to download or open the attachments of your e-mails, which have certain file extensions than this application will solve your problem. You have just to download this application, and it will ease you to view the attachments like your PC.

7. BBScreenStream

The application works like a movie maker. Using this application, you can create videos from your phone, and then you can either record it or can easily display that video on your computer by simply connecting your Blackberry with your computer.

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Best Calendar Apps for Mac

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Everybody is well aware of the utility of calendar in our lives. Following are therefore 10 top Mac Calendar applications:



It is easily accessible and also be readily used on you Mac. You can have a look on calendar by different arrangement, i.e. months, weeks and days. It can easily be synchronized with iPhone either through iTunes or with MobileMe. You have the possibility of appending some occasion to any date that you don’t want to forget.  You will also be able to catch revelations of the occasions. You can incorporate the address book in your ICAL.

2. Mozilla Lightning

alt="Mozilla Lightning" width="290" height="290" />

The Mozilla Lighting is a tag on facility. Besides this you can also append other add-ons to make utilization of these. With the help of this application, you may insert or rework several of your jobs and have the possibility of seeing it in terms of moths, weeks, days.

3. Microsoft Entourage

Microsoft Entourage

This is a built in feature of Microsoft Office, Mac 2008 packet. You can have a look at event in task weeks, days and month set up. Besides this you can also identify various events with different colors. You can not only modify as per your requirements, but can also sieve the selection. This calendar is also an element of project management, email and the address book integrated in Microsoft Entourage.

4. Busycal


Though the interface of Busycal is fairly similar to ICAL, but its use is easier. You have the option of synchronizing it not only with iPhone, but also with Google Calendar and Bonjour with the complete permission of reading as well as writing. In order to arrange the occasions by name, date, event, etc; it offers a list view. Additionally, you can also have a look at current climate foretell and can use your technique to arrange the agenda. The trial version with family pack is available at US$ 79 and for a single user at US$49.

5. Free Online Google Calendar

Free Online Google Calendar

The online Google calendar can be accessed free of cost. With the help of this, you can generate some task, roll it and get through your preferred date. You can also alter the colors, pull and plunge tasks to newly selected date.

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How To Make Your Blog Successful

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Blogging is now an integral mode of communication in the online world. People not only interact with each other, but also share views, experiences, news, stories and many other such things. Now, not only is blogging a mode of communication, it can also be used as a source to earn money albeit the hard way. In this digital age, with the internet being a giant world, getting your blog to be on the top searches as well as getting it to earn money is not such an  easy job.

Just like every real life business, there has to be lots of hard work, patience, time and resource investment, networks to be created, dedication and determination required. When you have all these with the right stroke of luck, you may get to be earning quite an amount. However, it must not be taken as a light job, because it’s very hard to build viewership and it’s equally hard to maintain those readers. To get you started, here are a few points that you could take into consideration for a successful, money earning blog.

1). A Good Plan

A blog, like a business strategy needs a good plan. You need to figure out, draw out what you would want to share or want people to read about. Look up online market trends and catch that topic that is needed. There are thousands of blogs out there, but what is that one factor that could make your blog stand out? After the initial thought, you need to know the processes of blogging, for example, the domain required, the SEO words required, the keywords, internal how to of a blog and many other such aspects.

2). Get A Good Domain Name

Companies have unique names that can give them the right identification needed. Same is with a blog.

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How To Find Free iPhone Apps?

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It is now possible to find iPhone apps for everything, ranging from games to dieting coaches, you can find all kinds of things. However, it can be a bit expensive to download new iPhone apps every now and then. Nevertheless, if you know the right place to look, you will be able to find many free iPhone apps to keep your iPhone fun and new.

Here are some tips to get free iPhone app.

1. Go through the iPhone App Store, looking for free apps. Although it is not very easy to find free stuff through the App Store interface, they are there if you look for them. Look for the Resources section below for a direct link.2

2. Keep a track of “148apps_nowfree” on Twitter. This way, you will get to know whenever iPhone apps permanently or temporarily drop to $0 at the App Store.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

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WordPress, a very useful tool for blogging websites. It can be made more effective by using its plugins. Here I listed some important plugins for wordpress that make your work more  easy.

1. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a great plugin for managing online forms. It has some extremely useful features including conditional form fields that allow you to show or hide a field or entire sections of the form based on a value selected in another field. It is also possible to pre-populate form fields using querystring, shortcode, function or hooks. It also offers the facility to schedule forms by assigning a start date and end date for when your form is live on your site.

2. cformsII Form Plugin

cformsII is a free form management plugin that can be used to set up contact forms on your WordPress site. It does not require any stong knowledge of PHP or codes. You can easily build forms in the WordPress admin panel, navigate to the page or post where you want to use the form and there is a button in the WYSIWYG editor that you click and up pops a list of forms that you have made. Just choose your form and it gets inserted into your page. Update your page and you the form is live.

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Web Applications, 10 of the Best!

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1. Pandora

Pandora is a great radio station, which not only plays your favorite music, but also plays any song you name, or if it can’t find it, it’ll play songs similar to the one you named. It uses an advanced system to play songs that have similar rhythms, beats, and music to whatever you type in. You can create an account enabling it to keep track of all your personal radio stations. And It’s free too!

2. Hulu

With Hulu, you can use your computer as your television set. There is no need to install any software or make an account. Just go to the website and see your favorite video clips, full TV episodes and seasons, and even feature-length films.

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Twitter Status: Twitter is Still Down

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The most renowned and most visited site of micro-blogging Twitter is under a malicious cyber-attack. Twitter system went offline after this attack this Thursday morning, Still while I am writing this story its not working properly and the twitters from all around the world are unable to access it.twitter_hacked_090806_mn

About Twitter’s hacking incident Twitter executive Biz Stone said in an official blog post.

“ Twitter is the target of denial of service attack,”

The denial of service attack is a technique in which hackers bombard a website’s servers with communications requests.

Twitter executive Biz Stone further said that we are defending this attack and will update our blog and will investigate this attack after defending this cyber attack.

Twitter becomes a real-time search engine

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Micro-blogging site had its makeover with homepage revamp. The homepage of Twitter has been redesigned and it appears to have improved its search capabilities.

By having a major update to Twitter’s homepage this micro-blogging site has now turned into a real-time search engine tool.

Those web users who want to know that what is happening in the world at a certain particular moment can now use Twitter without being logged on to the site.

In a blog post It has been said by Twitter founder Biz Stone that the redesign has been done to make Twitter more accessible to newcomers.

Now you can see Twitter’s search feature and Trending Topics section on the homepage, and the most popular topics can be instantly viewed by visitors that are being searched by minute, day or week.

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White House Explains Why It Blocked Twitter

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Apparently, it is the fact that most bloggers have never had corporate jobs. It has been remarked by the Press Secretary Robert Gibbs‘ last week that due to the reason that Twitter has been blocked on White House computers, many of the tech-blogs has gone into full-on shaming mode in regards to the White House’s IT policies.

Gibbs quickly answers a question about Twitter during an interview on CSPAN, in his answer he explains that on White House PCs the micro-blogging service is blocked and that he himself is not on the service because he is in front of the camera often enough that now the people “have a decent sense” of what he is doing. This answer has quickly given rise to accusations from blogs, like ReadWriteWeb, that the utility of Twitter is not clearly understood by Gibbs. Others complained about the Obama administration‘s IT security policies as a “joke”.

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