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Need For Speed; Most Wanted Review

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Need for Speed; Most Wanted is considered best among NFS series, with improvement from its previous parts. Game is also in a multiplayer version.

NFS; MW has a great thing in it that the way cops pursuit you and you have to run from them and evade. The sound effects are really good and match the situation in which you are playing the game. Graphics are really improved, then the previous parts. In the game there are videos played when you defeat a blacklist member and also in the start of the game, in these videos there are graphics mixed with real peoples, all the blacklist members and the some police officers are real people, walking in the game and talking to us.

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List of Black Listed Domains: Known Scam Sites

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You can find below a list of all know scam (online fraud) websites that should be black listed on all servers. Scam is a slang widely used for fraudulent activities. Its a pattern of activities some one knowingly engages in to con some one either for money or just for the fun of it. Phishing is one of the largest Internet related scams. Other scams can include advanced fee frauds such as fake lotteries and 419 scams – where individuals are sent notification that they have either won money or will obtain a percentage of a large amount of money belonging to a dead or missing individual sharing the same name. Individuals are tricked in to paying large sums of money to help facilitate the transfer of funds. The term 419 is derived from the number in the Nigerian Penal Code corresponding to this type of fraud.

If you know about a site that should be listed here, please leave us a comment and we will update this list.

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