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Pornography Blocking Software

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Black hole effect caused by pornography on mental health is not new to anyone; therefore now it has become necessity to install pornography blocking software which can block such material on computers which are used by whole family or even by individual.

Pornography; A drug of choice:

In America this matter is becoming routine day by day, the comedians are making it more hilarious by using them in their comedies. However consequences of all this is far more threatening than expected.  Men are specially falling prey to it, just like a drug addiction. Those who never think of taking drugs and are much healthier and intelligent but are addict of watching sexually explicit material are actually taking drugs in another form as this is destroying their psychological health. This can be regarded as drug of choice as it has same effects as the drug have, like drugs this addiction is also numbing, debilitating, and killer of healthy relationships.

Spoiling Relationships:

Sometime salt water fails to satisfy a person who is extremely thirsty same is the case with pornography the more you use the more you fells thirsty. Most of wives complain that their relation was good, but suddenly it went wrong due to some unknown reasons, creating trouble in their married lives. But one day or another they came to know the actual cause behind all this. Usually loving and caring man become insensitive, pointing out flaws in their wife’s physical features all this is because of their addiction to pornography they started looking for something more, expecting more from his wife and one she fails to meet up expectations, man loses their interest in his wife spoiling his married life.

Reasons Behind Using Sexually Explicit material:

In rare cases even a wife can hesitate too, to install blocking software on computer. It’s really very rare that along with man, woman also keeps interest in pornography, women are created by God not for visually driven but for relationship driven when it’s about sexual matters. As someone has rightly said that the healthy marital relationship starts from breakfast with love and kind words and consider the conversation which continues till the end of the day.

However for a man words are not enough, they don’t go for conversations, or well dressed wife, there need is something else and all this is due to pornography. Read the full story

End Of The World Machine Large Hadron Collider

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Till Now, the largest particle accelerator in the World is The LHC- Large Hadron Collider, which will start its working very soon. LHC is the largest machine on the planet, its parameter is almost 27Km and  it is beneath the Franco-Swizz border near Geneva, Switzerland, and 9,300 superconducting magnets in its interior. And it was build with a budget of 4 Billion Euros.
The LHC, Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest and highest energy particle accelerator, it is propose to collide the opposing beams of any Proton at an energy of 7TeVper particles, or lead nuclei at an energy of 574 TeV per nucleus. It will allow the progress according to expectations in the deepest laws of nature, and it is an estimate that it will address to the most fundamental questions of physics.

Read the full story

Black Hole Created By Swiss-France Particle Accelerator Will Eat the Earth?

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As final preparation for turning on the Swiss-France Particle Accelerator are underway, there is a growing concern among physics scientists and students that the collision of particles at near light speed can create a black hole that will start to suck-in the time and space around it. It will be matter of hours that the whole earth will be sucked into it.  This Particle accelerator is 3 story tall and 27 kilometers long. So far this is world’s largest and most expensive particle accelerator.

A Sliced Section of Swiss-France Particle Accelerator

This machine accelerates the PROTONS using a method similar to a bullet train. What these mad scientists are going to do is they will accelerate the protons to near light speeds (that is each proton will rotate more than 11,000 times around the huge tube in a second).  Read the full story


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