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The Great Big List of 75 Budgeting Tools

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It is very important to know about the details of your income and expenses. If you want to know about yourpersonal finance, you should keep an eye on your expense records. Define your expenses in bullets and categorize your income according to your expenses. Also try to save some amount of money that you can use in emergency situations. Fix some portion of your income for your expenses and for some saving account.

 Budget and daily expenses

Maintain Your Family Budget

Now it is very simple to maintain a budget for your family because there are many advance software available in the market to support you. With the help of these soft-wares, you can easily manage your expenses. You can also save a lot of amount from your monthly income.

Availability of Such Programs

These programs are easily available in local market in form of CDs and DVDs. These programs are available online on internet and you can download such programs from different websites. Some of these programs are free and some are available on trail period. You can use your credit card as well to purchase these programs.

Supported By

You can use these programs on your home PC. They are accessible on both MAC and windows. These are very easy to use and any one can use them and can manage the monthly income according to the expenses.

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Paypal Scams – Stay Safe

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When a person thinks of making online payments,there is always a fear of facing online frauds. Online scams and other fraudulent websites have increased in the last few years . Often you would receive such emails that guarantees easy and quick online payments. However, all such claims and guarantees tend to be fake. Even legal online money transfer companies have to face hackers or spammers who lure people into their fraudulent schemes using the company’s name and logo.

One company which has faced the highest number of problems is PayPal. This is an online card payment system which allows you to pay off your bills and transfer money. Scammers have tried to use the name of PayPal to attract payments from people.

Protect Your Passwords

Often when you login into your PayPal account, it requires you to enter the password. If you login through any other site which has PayPal’s logo then you could be calling trouble for yourself. Paypal’s website is one and only. Read the full story

Deposit Your Cheque By Using iPhone

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No more time wasting in going bank to deposit a cheque, technology is making your life easy and more easy with every second of clock.cheque-cashing-iphone-app

A new  iPhone application is introduced that will enable a person to  deposit a cheque in his/her account.

In daily routine a person who want to deposit a cheque to his account, he either go into the bank and have follow the procedure with bank agent or deposit it through the bank ATM.

How can we  avail this unique time saving application?

A depositor have to take picture of both sides of the cheque, after taking images these will be sent to the bank for deposit.

Depositor are required to keep their cheque’s original hard copy for further reference.

Only USAA Bank allow its user to use the iPhone application for depositing their cheques.  Hopefully if it worked then other banks will soon join the company.

Top 20 BlackBerry Applications

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RIM after a long waiting time finally released its app marketplace. And we have scoured the store to show you the greatest ones.

As many knows BlackBerry App World, Research in Motion’s new mobile app store, already includes 500+ programs. All of which can be added to your handset thru a dandy portal that sets up perfectly on your BlackBerry’s home screen. As it is just been around for a couple of days, the store Is not complete yet. A few users have wavered at first-week bugs like its sluggish functioning, and the requirement for a PayPal account, and some other things.

However, there is lot of time to iron out the particulars. For now, it is simple to browse, purchase, and set up apps and that’s all which really counts, right? We have brought together the finest applications presently available in the store including few of our favorite ones that we think make it there shortly. If you are searching apps that can save—or kill— your time, you are adhered to get just the thing. The greatest thing is: Most of them are absolutely free.

Apps to keep you in Touch and well Informed

Facebook (Free)

Facebook for BlackBerry is not much good for each other-it is actually the same app it was when it was brought out almost a year ago. As a result, it does not manage comments, hidden feed details, or any type of advanced Facebook changes on your desktop. However, the native mobile app still stands as the quickest way to see your friends’ status updates, convey messages, and upload picture easily from your BlackBerry.


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List of Black Listed Domains: Known Scam Sites

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You can find below a list of all know scam (online fraud) websites that should be black listed on all servers. Scam is a slang widely used for fraudulent activities. Its a pattern of activities some one knowingly engages in to con some one either for money or just for the fun of it. Phishing is one of the largest Internet related scams. Other scams can include advanced fee frauds such as fake lotteries and 419 scams – where individuals are sent notification that they have either won money or will obtain a percentage of a large amount of money belonging to a dead or missing individual sharing the same name. Individuals are tricked in to paying large sums of money to help facilitate the transfer of funds. The term 419 is derived from the number in the Nigerian Penal Code corresponding to this type of fraud.

If you know about a site that should be listed here, please leave us a comment and we will update this list.

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