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How to Choose an ECommerce Web Host ?

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Usually shared hosting is chosen by newer or smaller online businesses through one of the many popular online hosting providers, such as Just Host or FatCow. For ecommerce companies shared and dedicated hosting providers offer a range of options, who in turn save money on software licensing, backup systems, bandwidth, and the hardware required for self-hosting.

What to Look For in an ECommerce Business Web Hosting Service Provider?

It is important to choose a compatible web hosting solution due to the reason that moving an existing online business to a new host can be quite complicated.

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Singapore Web Hosting Company Offers Content Delivery Web Hosting Plans

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Leading web hosting service provider in Asia has continued to improve themselves and introduce new services so that they may better cater to their base of consumer and business clients.

The majority of Internet users are willing to have things fast, and they are willing to be able to view web pages quickly. There must be instant downloads, and streaming videos and sound clips must stream smoothly without stutter. If a website is not able to fulfill their demands, then their visitors simply move on elsewhere.

Having keeping that in mind, leading web hosting company Vodien Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd has released new content delivery solutions for those companies that are interested to deliver their content to their users at blazing fast speeds.

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An Introduction to Web Hosting Services

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Are you in a search for a trusted and reliable web hosting company and getting more more confused with each day that pass away? You are not only one to face this situation, in fact there are many small business owner, beginners that go through this dilemma some or the other time. A space is given to you by web hosting service providers for your website and they also provides you one unique domain name so that your website can get identified easily.

What to do to have a good hosting Service?

If you want to get all the service perfectly then it is required that you check the company’s reputation and definitely for that you need to talk to multiple companies in order to check the best offers among them.

For instance, for any web hosting service provider it is very important to give support through mails. But, if you search out you can find plenty of such companies who claim to provide the best services but the very basic things like support and emailing is not provided by them. There are some new and popular types of hosting that are day by day becoming very popular among all. Now we are now going to know them in detail.

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Top Ten Reasons to Choose a Web Hosting Company

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Every website possess specific set of needs and you are required to find a web host that provides the needs that are specific to your website.

However, there are certain things that you have to look for when choosing a web-hosting service. In this article I have provided you the ten most common things people should be looking for. It is not necessary that they are in the order of priority, because as I said every website has different needs and your priorities might not be the similar to the other website owner.

1. Tech Support:

In any business venture Tech support is always important. As a website owner , the tech support is going to be crucial to your business. If in case your website is offline or not working properly it will cost you sales.

The money that is being spent by you on your ad campaign, AdWords program or other traffic sources is going right down the drain. You cannot afford to choose such type of a web host that does not respond quickly when face a problem.

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What is Reseller Hosting?

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A reseller is a name given to a middle-man who sells web space on somebody else’s server. There is a wide variation in reselling schemes.

Categories of Reseller Web Hosting

They are categorized as follows:

Category A:

The reseller perform the role of an an agent for the web hosting company. He advertise the service as being with the actual web hosting company. People buy directly from the web hosting company but if customers mention the reseller’s name then the reseller gets a cut.

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Finding the Best Web Hosting Service

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To find the best hosting service for your website might have some complications. There are almost endless options and by all of them it is claimed that they are the top hosts or the least expensive service, and this can make it almost impossible for webmasters to sort the real from scam. The best way that I suggest to select a quality web host is to take the selection process one step at a time:

Assess Your Needs

The very first thing that you have to consider in selecting the best hosting service for your needs is to actually identify what are those needs. What sort of website you are looking to host? The criteria for small personal homepages will be different from the criteria of large company websites. It is important to determine exactly what you plan to host now in order to find the best hosting service for you, and you should also take into consideration anything you are planning to host in the immediate future.


There is a large variety of rates that is offered by different hosting companies. The rates offered by companies that are providing dedicated servers will be substantially higher than others offering budget hosting with limited bandwidth.

You should not consider price only, and if you have planned on using your website in a professional capacity, then for that it is important to move beyond free web hosting. For small family or fun sites, free hosts are great, but they are not suited to the needs of internet marketers, even those who are just starting out. Rate should never be a top determining factor until you have narrowed a list based on other criteria, these factors are:

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Expect Big Things Through Small Business Web Hosting

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In the generation in which we are living today, web hosting has proved to be one of the most effective way for promoting a business or company. It has been shown by the studies that an advertisement online is clicked up to hundreds and thousands of times each day. Therefore, we can say that web hosting is a great tactic in promoting a product, service and etc.

Most suitable means of promoting Business

The thing that is not realized by many owners of small businesses is that small business web hosting happens to be more suitable for them as compared to other means of business promotion. This is mainly due to the reason that it is not costly but yet very effective.

Although it is true that small business web hosting is very effective, but it might not be as easy as it seems to set one up. So let me share with you ways by which you can approach the proper web hosting provider and what should you look for when choosing the proper site and so on.

Decide about your requirements

Before looking into any offers and deals online, the first thing you must do is to know the requirements that you want in your web hosting site. You should try to decide that how big your disk space should be and also you have to decide that how large you want your bandwidth to be.

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Run Away & Hide! When A Hosting Company Offer You Unlimited Bandwidth And Disk Space.

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These days “Unlimited packages” being offered by many web hosting companies and web hosting reseller. Be it dedicated server or virtual private server, people are just looking for cheap webhosting.  demand for unmetered bandwidth and unlimited ftp space have become increasingly common. Companies are claiming to provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This is just an advertising gimmick.

Bandwidth is the quantity of data that is transferred, from and to your server. Let me do some math. Let’s assume, you have an HTML file that is 60 kilobyte in size. If anybody accesses that file. he will use 60kb of bandwidth in that particular data transfer.

Let’s assume your website gets 100 hits a day. This means 6000kb of bandwidth utilization per day. If we expand it to monthly basis. the total bandwidth required would be 180MB

6000kb * 31 days = 186000kb (roughly 180 MB)

Using the method I mentioned above, anyone can determine their bandwidth requirement. Also you can decide if you need a dedicated server or a virtual private server called vps.  (by the way in webhosting linux is better than windows vps)

Size of your website and it’s popularity are the basic and most important factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a web hosting package. A little website with just a few static HTML pages containing some images can easily fit into a small hosting package that offer 200MB space and 1GB monthly bandwidth. On the other hand, if you have a website that is huge and contains audio and video files and it is visited by thousands of people every day – you must consider a package that is large enough to keep all you files and should allow at least 300GB of monthly bandwidth aka data transfers.

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How to Optimize Your Internet Connection to Get 100 % Bandwidth

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Most of Internet connections are working below capacity. A simple bandwidth test would reveal that your own Internet connection is working well below its capacity. some times below 60% of the bandwidth is utilized. Below are some of the tricks I have collected that may help you get most juice out of your internet connection.

Increase bandwidth by tweaking QoS in Windows XP Pro

The following tweak applies only to Windows XP Professional edition. The default system behavior is that all 100% bandwidth is available, however, if there is a running application that indicates to the OS it needs to send high priority/real time data, then as long as it has the socket open, Windows XP will restrict “best effort” traffic to 80% of the bandwidth so that high priority traffic can be accommodated. Basically, applications can make this request to the operating system for QoS support using the QoS application programming interfaces (APIs) in Windows and this only applies if a specific app is requesting QoS.

If you’d like to change how much bandwidth is reserved for QoS (the default is 20% of the total bandwidth), do the following:

  • Make sure you’re logged in as “Administrator” (not just any account with admin privileges).
  • Navigate to START>Run and type: gpedit.msc
  • Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Administrative Templates > Network > QOS Packet Scheduler
  • In the right window, double-click the limit reservable bandwidth setting
  • On the setting tab, check the enabled setting.
  • Where it says “Bandwidth limit %”, change it to read 0 (or whatever percentage you want to reserve for high priority QoS data)
  • Click OK, close gpedit.msc
  • Under START > My Computer > My Network Connections > View Network Connections, right-click on your connection and under Properties (where it lists your protocols), make sure QOS Packet Scheduler is enabled.

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