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Best Leather Cases for Your iPad

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Leather cases always look smart and are handy, whether it is one for your laptop, cell phone or your own iPad. Considering the fact that leather cases are mostly expensive and unaffordable for most of us, here are some of the leather cases, which will make your iPad look classy, and are affordable at the same time. Though they are not made of pure leather, these will last for a few years. So if you plan to change you’re iPad in a few years, these are the cases which will solve your problem, and you can buy online.

1. Marware Eco-Vue

You must have guessed from the name that it is not made from pure leather; instead it is made from eco-leather. Eco leather is made through a process which is environment friendly, which means that its production process does not affect the environment in any way.

This leather case is a multi-functional case, and acts as a leather case as well as an iPad desk stand in two positions. One position can be used for typing, whereas other, which makes it stand in a vertical position can be used for viewing media files and browsing through the internet.

It is very easy to handle, as a strap is fitted on its back ensures its safety when you hold it. The strap makes this case fit securely to your hand. It opens like a book, and its interior is made up of scratch-proof micro fibres.

2. Ctcstore Leather Convertible Book Jacket For Apple iPad

This is also a dual-function case which as well acts as an iPad desk stand. However, it is comparatively convenient.  With this jacket, you can view your iPad in different angles with multiple angle adjusting.

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Cool IPad Cases; Make Your iPad Look Better With a Case

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Make your iPad look better with a case and use it in the easier way while you are traveling or out of station for some business or something else. It will increase styling point as well as protect it. Is iPad is protected in case cover? Yes iPad’s gorgeous screen is really saved from scratches and dust. If you are traveling across some where with your device, it is also very safe to keep iPad in case cover.

Cool IPad Cases

From functional to fashionable, sure you’ll find a case of your taste, there are many up coming cases in very near future. Have a look below and let us know which bag, sleeve, cover or case you like the most and might be gracing your Apple’s iPad.

1. Marware Eco-Envy

Marware provides a leather envelope with a soft new room inside to hold your iPad. Its cost is starting from $40 to $50. Marware iPad cover comes in colors like, Black, white and blue. Black cover has a coarser feel, and white cover is a little glossy.

2. KingCase iPad Hard Case

KingCase for new Apple iPad, there are many cases of iPad from KingCase It gives hard grip holding an extra style with zebra skin material and have many colors in checker plaid design. It protects the back of your iPad. KingCase iPad hard case is available in about $14.99. It does not intertect with iPad’s functionality and control.

3. Maple Wood Grain Pattern Skin

This wooden cover, It protect your iPad from back and does not cover the screen of your iPad. This Maple Wood cover is paper thin. It can be easily remove and apply when ever you want.

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Best iPad Cases

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These days, gadgets feature big screens and sensitive touchy stuff. Due to this, they need to be protected from harm, and that’s why you go through a lot to protect them for the initial days at least. A carrying case is handier than a sleeve case as it is portable and durable. Presented below are few of these carrying cases for your apple iPad.

1. Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase

If you want to make a good impression or enter some place with style then Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase is the thing for you. It not only feels great with the special durable oiled tanned premium leather exterior, but it looks very good as well. Targus is so confident with this product that they are giving a life time warranty with this slip case. With the protection, it gives against scratches and a magnetic closure. And Yes, the price is worth it to protect your apple iPad.

2. Piel Frama Premium Leather Case with MAGNETIC Closure

If you have the money and like to get the best stuff then don’t look any further, the Piel Frama Premium Leather Case with Magnetic Closure is the best thing you can get. Made from handcrafted Spanish leather with black color and a tan lining. The feel you get from touching it and the special magnetic closure makes it an item to collect. As with most of the cases the Piel farma case can be used as an iPad stand, and it has two viewing angles as well. One is for reading and another for writing/typing.

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Best iPad Hard Cases

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There is no doubt in the popularity of the iPad. However, it is incomplete, unless you add some necessary accessories which ensure improvement in the protection or even functionality. Speaking of protection, iPad cases qualify as the basic necessity of your iPad. And out of the vast ocean, some of the top products are discussed based on their practicality. Among other types, hard cases for iPad provide your gadget with best protection.

Advantages of iPad Hard Case

  • Doesn’t make your iPad look bulky.
  • Provides protection against scratches and stains.
  • Makes your iPad stand out among a million others.

In short, an iPad hard case makes your gadget much stronger and resistant to physical damage.

Top Products

Here best hard cases in market are listed. The criteria for selection of these top products are as follows:

  • Appearance
  • Cost
  • Assessments of users.

1. Incipio Destroyer Overkill Brushed Titanium – $119.99

The cost for a hard case that has not even been released yet does appear to be outrageous. However, only when you take a closer look into the specs of this case, will you realize that this actually is the Ultimate Top Product for the protection of your iPad. The Incipio Destroyer Overkill is made of a hi-impact military spec nylon (Zytel), which has two side rails; made from CNC machined billet aluminum. This triple layered case includes a silicon shock absorbing skin, which holds the iPad tightly. Apart from all the protection, the bi-colored black and titanium finish looks commendable and fits in perfectly on the iPad, posing to be a part of the iPad’s original design.

2. Otter Box Apple iPad Defender Series Case – $49.99

There are cases that pose to look tough, and then there are cases, which are actually tough on the inside. The Otter box Defender series case is the latter. It has three layers of polycarbonate material all around its structure. The back splits into two, one of which covers and protects the most vital part of the iPad – the screen – when on the move.

When you need to sync/charge your iPad, there’s no need to take the case off. The Otter box Defender comes with a snap-off portion that can easily be removed, which also acts as an ideal desk stand for the iPad, making typing and reading on the iPad much more comfortable. This hard-case cover seals off your iPad’s ports with Silicon plugs so you can use it in even rough environments. The price for this kind of protection is not bad at all.

3. Hard Candy Cases Street Skin – $37.45

The name candy probably gives the wrong impression of this tough case. The tabulated rear surface looks like an ancient armor, but at the same time it acts as one too. Just one look at it is enough to ensure you that this Hard Candy Street Skin is designed to last. Along with the protection, it gives you access to all the controls of your iPad. The TPU rubber skin tightly snuggles your iPad for increased protection, minimal stretching, and virtually effortless cleaning. The snap-on integrated screen enclosure makes the installation really easy. This Hard Candy Street Skin Case for your iPad also comes in Pink and clear, along with black.

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10 Best iPad Entertainment Apps

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Applications of any gadget make it more attractive, entertaining, informative, and make you more productive. Free or paid applications for Apple’s iPad have wide range, like social networking, business, communication, games, entertainment, creativity, and more. Following are the best 10 iPad entertainment Applications

Entertainment Applications

These Applications Make your iPad more enojyable in real sense.

1. ABC Player

This FREE application allow your iPad into a TV and entertain you with full episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the stars, and much more popular shows in your hand. These full-screen high quality definition videos look sharp and smooth, with limited commercial interruption.

2. Barnes And Noble Nook For iPad

This is a Free application for Apple’s iPad. The Concept of this application is to provide you a free library of E-Books. You can share titles with friends using “LendMe” technology. iPad running Nook software allow you “Lifetime Library” features accessible from your device.

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Best Ipad Apps

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Applications in a mobile phone determines the worth and use for that mobile phone. This is the reason that many mobile companies are introducing many useful and advance applications for the users. Due to the expansion of markets and competition in the markets, mobile companies like iPhone and iPad are introducing many interesting applications to make their company more famous in the market.

Best iPad applications

You can modify your Apple iPad by uploading a lot of applications to it.

You can use an iPad for many reasons. It all depends upon the type of applications that you are using in your iPad. There are more than thousand Apple iPad applications for the iPad users to make an iPad best in the market. Out of those thousand iPad applications, following are the best applications for the iPad users. These applications are interesting as well as beneficial for an iPad user.

Are you left-brained of right-brained

This is a free iPad application. This application is especially designed by the psychologists and scientist to determine that weather a person is right-brained or left-brained. This iPad application provides an iPad user a quiz with different questions. The answers of these questions determine the mind of the users.

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Top Apps for iPad

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Different mobile phone companies are working in the market and are providing many useful and interesting applications for their users. IPad is also one of the best mobile phone company in the mobile market. IPad is also providing many applications for its users. These applications are the main reason that why iPads are very famous in the market.

Five Best iPad applications

There are thousands of Apple applications that are available at Apple Application Store. These applications are also available online on different websites. Apple iPad is also providing many useful and interesting applications for the iPad users. Out of the thousands of useful iPad applications, following are the best five iPad applications.

best ipad apps

1. Left brained or right brained

This application is very interesting and provides a quiz of different questions to the iPad user. The user has to answer the questions and this small intelligent iPad application will determines that are you a right brained or left brained person. It is proved by the scientists and psychologists that right brain is intuitive and holistic, while on the other hand left brain is logical and symbolic.

2. Facebook

This is a free application that is provided by the iPad for iPad users. Facebook is one of the best and famous social networking website and almost every one is a member of this site. This iPad application is designed according to the use of users.

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Best Task Managers for iPad

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Management is the biggest problem for any one. Successful means, managing the tasks in a very good way. For this purpose iPhone is introducing many interesting and useful applications for the iPhone users. It is very useful to manage your daily life on an iPhone, but it is more easy and convenient to manage the things on iPad. Very large screen of iPad provides the user more ease and confident to touch the schedule. Besides all these properties, iPad also saves a lot of time that you might waste on writing your schedule on papers with a pen. These are very useful time saving applications by Apple.

Best five task managers for iPad

There are many task managing iPad applications that are available at the Apple App Store. These applications are very famous in business field. These applications are also used by many students. From the thousands of task managing applications, following are the best five iPad applications for iPad users.

1. Pocket Information HD

This is the best iPad application for the iPad users. This application is based on GTD task manager. There is a calendar available in the application that enables the iPad user to make a to-do list on daily basis.

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Best iPad games

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IPad is the best phone for the year 2010 because of its amazing applications and new games. IPad is offering many new exciting applications and hence, it is on number one in ranking of mobiles. The most selling applications are Apple games for iPads.

Best Apple iPad games

There are thousands of iPad games available in the market. You can purchase these games from Apple App Store. Out of thousands of iPad applications that include different games, following are the best games for iPads.

angry birds

1. Angry Birds

This is an iPad game and is available at any Apple App Store for just 0.99 dollars. This is a very attractive and exciting game. In the game there are different buildings that are constructed by the pigs; the player has to destroy those buildings by using a group of birds. There are different modes in the game and on each mode the difficulty level increases by one, automatically. In higher levels, the player has to destroy more complex and huge buildings.

2. Doodle Jump

This is an iPad game and is available for 0.99 dollars. In this game the player has to travel through different tracks. The player has to cross different galaxies by destroying the monsters and their weapons.

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Top 6 Best Movie Apps for iPad

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The iPad has been a sensation all over the world. If you are a movie or television buff, then you’ll definitely love it too. It has lots of  fantastic iPad movie apps, which has Apple users addicted to the iPad. We shall discuss some of them.


It offers excellent service. It was installed on the iPad before the iPhone, and many were surprised by this. It is a one-window browser that loads a tailored version of the site.

This app allows the you to watch any movie in its instant watch collection. There are other features included in it as well. You can delete or add any movies you like. It is a free app but the subscription is 9$ per month. There is a free 30 day trial so you can try it for yourselves.


For full access you will need a subscription. The subscription is about 10$ per month. However, there is a free gallery where you can view single episodes of some good shows. The subscription will not exempt you from the periodic adds that appear during playback. Read the full story


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