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10 Most Dangerous Threats on the Web

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While surfing on the web, you might feel that you have taken all the preventive measures to protect yourself from web bugs but this might not be true. At any point during surfing, you could be a victim of malware infection, a phishing scam or an invasion of online privacy.

The web today is full of such scams, bugs and malwares that gains access to your PC without you realizing it. Due to this reason we have highlighted some major threats, that you need to look out for.

Threat 1: Avoid Flash Files

The Adobe Flash Player has been a victim of this due to a large number of malware systems taking advantage of this player’s flexible attributes. The malware often comes with the flash cookies which creators can use to save flash related settings. However, if you do use the flash player then make sure you have the updated plug-ins installed and privacy is set on high.

Threat 2: Avoid Shortened Links

You must have realized that within the last few months, URL’s on facebook and Twitter are now appreaing in much smaller links. Read the full story

Microsoft Antivirus Software

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Microsoft is used by everyone these days. It has always been  offering different software for the protection of computers. Microsoft also introduces anti virus software these days. As computers are being used by everyone . You may not know if the data which is being transferred from the other computer is virus free or not. For this purpose Microsoft has introduced various anti virus software which protects our computers from any kind of virus which can harm our computers.
Microsoft offers these software for a free test to the customer using it. You have a free test of the anti virus software and then may use it if you think it is protecting your computer completely.

Top 10 Windows 7 Booster Apps

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After Vista, Windows 7 does seem a lot better, with its convenient OS in particular, but it can’t be considered as perfect. In order to improve your Windows 7′s looks, functions, and to make it much more easier, safer, and more convenient to upgrade to, install these 10 downloads and make your windows experience worthwhile.

1. Install All Your Favorite Apps At Once

Re-installing an operating system can be quite time consuming, especially when you have to download all of your necessary apps such as Firefox, Picasa, an anti-virus app, WinAmp, uTorrent, and others from the net. Ninite is the solution to your problem of redundant installations. Simply go to the web site, check the apps you need from a wide range of good, free software, and download the resulting customized installer app. Once the download starts, you can proceed with doing something else constructive while Ninite installs everything you asked for in the background, with very few, if any, questions or prompts.

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Restore Deleted Items From a Hard Drive

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Losing an important document that you have painstakingly worked on and stored on your computer can be a disaster situation. When you discover files somehow have been deleted from your hard drive. Whether it happened by accident, or because of a virus or mal ware infection, hopefully, your deleted items still exist on your system. A variety of recovery software are available that can scan your system to locate your deleted items for Macintosh and PC platforms. Most Windows operating systems also are equipped with built-in recovery tools.

It is best if you do not turn your system off, or restart your computer, before running this software. Otherwise your missing documents and deleted items may no longer be stored in your recent documents cache, making it that much more difficult to find your deleted items.
Follow these steps to restore deleted items from a hard drive.

Things You’ll Need:

· Undelete or recovery software

· Anti-virus program

· Mal ware detection software

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How to Speed up Your Computer in 4 Easy to Steps

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Is your computer being very slow in shutting down and switching on? Are you clouded with the pop up errors that suddenly comes when you switch in your system or always when you are using your PC.

Is your computer stuck while you are trying to browse internet, there are some ways you do to make your computer execute faster.


  • Step 1

Close all the currents programs you are running down like internet browser, Microsoft office, etc.

  • Step 2

Follow these steps now, first of all clean up your Disk. For this follow these steps:

Go to all programs> Go to Accessories> System Tools> Finally Disk cleanup.

Now select the drive you have to clean up, and that is most probably C drive. Now follow the instructions that pop up with in the window. When it goes to the final box before choosing continue you may check out uncheck some of the options given with the check boxes.

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How to Upgrade Your Operating System To Windows 7

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Microsoft’s Windows 7 comes with many advanced features, and some updates to the existing problems from the earlier Windows Vista version.

This includes solutions to the occasional freezing of computer screen, program crashes and out of memory errors.

Here is how you can update your current operating system to Windows 7, in five simple steps.

1. Prepare For Installation

First of all, shift all of your important personal data present on your computer to a DVD or a USB Flash drive. This process will take almost 30 minutes depending on the amount of data. Also, create a recovery DVD for Windows Vista, which will be useful for you in case the installation fails. Run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor by downloading from Microsoft website, in order to determine the software and hardware compatibility. Next, update your current Windows Vista and uninstall program incompatible with Windows 7.

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Tips for Protecting Your Laptop

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Protecting your laptop from viruses is very important because laptop is a very expensive device and can be easily affected badly from these viruses. Here are some tips to help you maintain your laptop and secure saved files and documents in it.

Even in offices there is always an IT department that performs the function of periodically updating laptops and computers. Moreover, these departments should also give employee some instructions regarding where to save their important files in order to prevent data loss.

Few points to remember

1. Anti-Virus Updates

Most important point to remember while maintaining your laptop is to update your Anti-Virus software on weekly basis. These softwares alarm you of the virus that might infect your system when downloading a specific file or visiting a certain site.

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