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Best Calendar Apps for Android

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Android is an operating system of the mobile device. All applications for Android platform using the Java programming language. It becomes very popular in small devices. The Android SDK provides the APIs and tools to develop applications for Android mobile devices with or without touchable functionality. By using these applications get your alert for important meetings, tasks, birthday, and more.

5 Best Calendar Apps for Android

There are numerous free applications for Android or any other system, like best five calender for Android system that helps you in every professional field. To get schedule your business life. Following is some famous calendar with different features according to different fields like, business, personal life, teaching, etc.

1. Touch Calendar (BETA)

Touch calendar is more interesting calendar application of all the Android apps. It takes advantage of the Android v2.0. interface. Touch Calendar includes a pinch zooming, avoiding for the long tap use double tap to enter events, allows scrolling horizontal or vertical. You can jump to any date from the menu, search calendar from menu or phone, and much more.

2. Smooth Calender

Smooth Calendar is very much easy to use. It is highly configuration screen for the built in calendar app. Smooth Calendar is not a very good application for you if you have more than one event in a single day. Smooth Calendar has one screen size of 4X2. At this size, your calendar only can display your event names if more than one or detailed one event at a time.

3. Cal Widget

Cal Widget, This Calendar application stands alone in Android mobile system. It is one of the best widget calendar applications.

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Best Android Apps for Mothers

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Mobile companies are introducing many attractive mobile applications to make their product more famous. This is all done because of market competition and market expansion. Android is the only mobile company that is providing many useful applications for the mothers. These applications are really helpful for the mothers who are at home for their children.

Best ten android applications for mothers

Android is providing hundreds of applications for mothers.

Android Apps for Mothers

These applications are especially designed according to the satisfaction of mothers. Out of the hundreds of android mother applications, following are the best ten applications.

1. Our groceries

This is the most famous and useful application for mothers and house wives. This application provides you a facility to maintain a list of groceries. If you are a mother or a house wife this android application also enables you to synchronize you android mobile phone with your husband’s mobile phone.

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Top 10 Best Android 3.0 Features

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The Android 3 can be made widely popular amongst the customers with the incorporation of following features:

Battery Life/Power Management Improvements

The most popular Android enhancements is battery life. The smart phones are infamous because of having little battery time period.  Android is, however, best amongst the worst lot. This feature varies between the different handsets. Nonetheless, some of the Android phones are really with pathetic battery life.

Now with the splashing technological breakthrough and more active magnitude of power usage, Android has been much ahead of its competitors in having a better battery life

Homing/ Tracking Facility

This feature has must amazed many of the customers, especially those who want to keep a track of their friends and loved ones; certainly with their permission. Tracking is also a good choice, especially in case of loss of your phone; generally you will require another phone or a personal computer to locate your missing phone.

New Android Market

There has been an exceptional growth in the Android marketing.  However, it is very unfortunate that technologically Android is not compatible with thousands of applications.  You don’t really find a good way to look for the applications that you have not used so far.

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Using Google Shopper For Android

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For shopaholics, this app would be the most loved app on their Android Phones. With the help of your phones camera, Google Shopper helps you find the product information quickly. This means with the camera can recognize the cover art of books, CD, DVD’S and video games and even speak the name of the product you’re looking for. Shoppers use this in order to make smart decisions about what needs to bought, at which price and where to buy it from.

Why Google Shopper might be recommended against other apps is because of this ability to find the cheapest product for you at the right price which the other app’s might not be efficient with and would also take time. Read the full story

Best Applications for Android Phones


No matter which part of world you’re living in, your Android phone will keep you entertained and won’t let you feel alone. Besides having a great MP3 player, your phone can literally turn into a entertainment centre looking after all your needs.

Your portable media centre can be synced with various applications ranging from different categories. It could help you sync your entire media library, help create your own music and videos, also be able to stream live radio and video’s etc. All in all, this phone would cater to all your needs hence proving to be more than just any ordinary phone. Below we have analyzed few of the applications that will give you a media entertainment experience that you never would have imagined ever before since it’s all possible with Android.

1. Best Media Syncing App: Double Twist

This is one of the top leading applications as it is designed for use with your Android phone. Unfortunately, this software is not available in market as it is a desktop application for your Mac or PC. One of the most important features of this app is that it helps you convert any media file to the required format but just dragging and dropping it. Recently they also launched its own media player which would work on your android phone and has a very slick look. However it’s still missing some certain things which hinders its progress from being the best media player. Read the full story

5 Things That Google Should Try to Improve

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Google has got its fame world wide. Through Google we can search and find whatever we want. But along with this there are many things which they should improve. There are plenty of smaller things  which Google should  fix. Just like in Android. The first thing which Google needs to improve is that:

More consistency should be present:
This is the biggest thing which Google should correct which becomes very annoying for everyone. If you make a spelling mistake while searching  for an app in Android market, Android does not correct you. This becomes annoying because while you search a thing you need to have its correct spelling and when Android does not correct it, this irritates many of the users. They need to improve this rather then coming up with stuffs which annoy people and are complicated. Read the full story

Top 10 Best Music Android Apps

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Android introducing large number of apps for android lovers and many lovers want to enjoy music on their mobile phone such as android phones. So in this article I arrange top ten android apps for music, I hope you will like it.

01: Pandora-an enduring genres music app

Pandora is one of the best android app for music and very entreating for the android user. Through this app you can create radio stations for your favorite songs as well as for your favorite artist.

02: Rhapsody Read the full story

Top Android Apps

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Android is now the ruling mobile operating system, as it is entirely open source and each day, new applications are being constantly added to its platform, making it the most flexible mobile OS ever. Though it has been around just for a year or so, it’s applications market has grown tremendously and each day developers are adding to the ever growing list of applications, that could make your cellular life a lot more fun and exciting than just mere phone calls and text messages. It is therefore hard to keep any standard list of which app is the best and which ones score the top ten charts, as each user states his own experience with the various apps. However, here is a brief look into some of Android’s top apps, compiled from hundreds of Android apps.

1). Internet browsers: One of the most innovative ideas is that of integrating browsers such as the Opera Mini and Dolphin browsers to the cell phones. This allows you to have full access to websites just like you do on any regular PC. It is not limited like built in traditional mobile browsers.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is a phone that truly doesn’t have any competitor in the market right now, that has the capability to meet its hardware specifications.

Being the first Android device from the manufacturer, the software has successfully attracted a lot of attention as well. Some of the main features that make the phone special include a 4 inch amazing screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor together with a 8.1 megapixel camera.

Due to the huge 4-inch display it carries, the phone is quite huge. However, the weight of the phone has been balanced properly making the cell phone easier to carry around.

Top Seven Apps For Nexus One

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The long awaited Google phone, Nexus One, successfully fulfilled all our expectations. Just as predicted, it is giving the iPhone a tough time, appearing as its competitor.

It has now acquired a large share in the market. So here is a list of the top seven applications that will make your Nexus One more useful.

1. Dialer One

This app a good substitute for the stock dialer present in Nexus One. It enables the user to search for a contact using dialpad alphabets, giving details about the last call logs, which can be set by the user by specifying the time period ranging from 1 week to unlimited entries.

2. Gesture Search

This clever little app lets you write on the screen with your finger when you want to search for a contact and feel too lazy to use the keyboard. You can also configure it to work with the browser, apps and music folders.

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