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Samsung Galaxy 7 Inch Tablets

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Tech-heads are drooling over the prospect of a second-generation iPad, widely expected to be unveiled in the next month or so. The aforesaid news is old. The breaking news is that finally we have a competitor of iPad in the face of Tablet PC. Tablet PC is all set to confront the iPad. The announcement of “Tablet PC Production” has been made in the past month. After such announcement, tech-lovers are comparing the Tablet PC with iPad. Both appliances are equipped with the state-of-the-art features. The most common comparison between the two is; Tablet PC is meant for business than any other and iPad is heaven for gadget-freaks. Anyhow, the liker of Tablet PC will feel privileged – just because the Tablet PC is available in many versions. Every Tablet PC brand has its own unique features unlike the iPad. The all prestigious brands of computers are in the feet to produce Tablet PCs. It means the consumer will have more variety of Tablet PCs at his or her disposal. One can get the Tablet PC according to his or her own requirement. There is variety of Tablet PCs available in the nearby store. Here we listed below the best 7 Inch Tablet PCs. Enjoy the list!

Samsung Galaxy TAB (7 Inch Tablet)

Samsung Galaxy TAB (7 Inch Tablet)

Much has been written on 7 Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab’s performance. Many analysts have compared the features of Samsung Galaxy Tab with Apple’s iPad. Without being biased, it is very hard to compare the two revolutionary products. This is so because Samsung Galaxy Tab is mainly produce keeping in mind the daily routine of an employee of corporate sector. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the need of businessman. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was first revealed before tech-savers in Berlin last year. Much media hype had created by Samsung then. This Samsung Galaxy Tab is definitely giving the hard time to iPad. Samsung Galaxy Tab is delicate in using outdoor and indeed the stylish one too. The features of Samsung Galaxy Tab are unmatched. Put Samsung Galaxy Tab in your pouch or man purse or ladies purse, whatever! It will fit due to its slim body. Samsung Galaxy Tab will also work as your part-time cell phone, because it has all phone functions. From video calls to voice chat, 7 Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is all fit in your desires to have a PC in your pocket. This Samsung Tablet PC has not yet overtakes the iPad market. Samsung Galaxy Tab may take some time to kill the iPad. However, it is clearly seen that Tablet PCs will be leaders of next generation technology. The data operating speed in Samsung Galaxy Tab is much faster than any other Tablet PC. The 7 Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab supports the Android software. This is an iconic feature in Samsung Tablet PC. Samsung has introduced the adjustable automatic screen display in this 7 Inch Tablet PC.

Features of Samsung Galaxy TAB

The heavenly features of this magnificent Tablet PC are:

3G, GPS, HD recording, video chat, WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, geo-magnetic sensor. One can get a lot of accessories for the 7 Inch Samsung Galaxy TAB, including a stylus, TV Out cables for video playback on a bigger screen, QWERTY keyboard, car dock, cases and covers and so on.

Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry Playbook

RIM seems to have put together a very tasty Tablet PC. It might be a strange name in the shelf of Tablet PCs. BlackBerry PlayBook is the fastest Tablet PC ever with true multi tasking & face-to-face conversations. The PlayBook, however, has the same price as the iPad – maybe more, maybe less, as it is still making its place in the market. But the PlayBook has already showed the signs of capturing the iPad market. It bodes well for any iPad competition by appearing to be of the same value and worth as the iPad. However, the Blackberry PlayBook do not equipped with 3G technology. It certainly means that a Blackberry cell phone will be needed to connect to the Internet in case of no WiFi Hotspots. This difference would surely not keep the consumers away from buying the Blackberry Playbook, as there is enough stands out options in this Tablet PC. Access to the Android applications is a huge plus for owners of the Playbook.

The main features of Blackberry Playbook are as follows:

  • Support Android Applications
  • Own store of applications like the Apple’s store
  • It is equipped with a Flash. Even the iPad does not have the Flash.
  • QNX Operating System
  • 7” LCD, 1024 x 600, HD Display, Sharp and True Colors
  • 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Dual HD cameras and HD video recording
  • Weighs less than a pound

Archos 70

Archos 70

We can call it a multimedia Tablet PC. It supports almost all multimedia formats. Archos 70 is available in two different ranges; one is equipped with SSD 8GB Drive and the other with a hard drive (250 GB).

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Best Android Apps for Mothers

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Mobile companies are introducing many attractive mobile applications to make their product more famous. This is all done because of market competition and market expansion. Android is the only mobile company that is providing many useful applications for the mothers. These applications are really helpful for the mothers who are at home for their children.

Best ten android applications for mothers

Android is providing hundreds of applications for mothers.

Android Apps for Mothers

These applications are especially designed according to the satisfaction of mothers. Out of the hundreds of android mother applications, following are the best ten applications.

1. Our groceries

This is the most famous and useful application for mothers and house wives. This application provides you a facility to maintain a list of groceries. If you are a mother or a house wife this android application also enables you to synchronize you android mobile phone with your husband’s mobile phone.

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Best Strategy Games for Android

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Different mobile companies are working in the market and are offering their useful applications. There are also some companies that are providing android mobile phones. There are also many android applications. These applications are very useful, attractive and interesting for the android mobile users. These applications also contain many games. Android games are very famous and are loved by many people.

Best five android mobile games

There are many games that are offered by android mobile company. These games also include some RTS and strategy games.These games are very famous and are highly addictive games. These games are available with very good sound effects and high graphics. Out of thousands of android games, following are the best five android RTS and Strategy games.

1. Robo Defense

This is an android game and is very famous in children and youngsters. This is a tower defense game. In the player has to defense the tower with the help of maps and tracking devices. This game has amazing graphics and is also available in 3-Dimensional graphics for advance android mobile phones. You can purchase this android game for only 3 dollars.

2. Battle for maps

This game is designed especially for the android operating system.

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5 Problems Yet to be Fixed in Android 3.0

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The best dilemma of man’s nature is, his hunger can be satiated and he continuously wants more, more and more. After Motorola Droid, people started running Android 2.1, one still wishes for petty things that it could be better and Google can work on it instead. This Android has also spectacular features like ability to play flash videos and easy sharable details over Bluetooth. The criticism which it faces was that spell-check cannot work consistently across the platform, and its flash support didn’t even allow watching Hulu videos on your cell than how come it is a sophisticated, trendy and user-friendly phone.

Steadiness is needed

Smaller things add up to make a thing better. The irritating experience is if you commit a spelling mistake while searching, it won’t correct you. For most devices accelerometer works when phone is tilted. In the case of Android, this experience is even more worsening with top interference and extra layers, and thus it is hard to update a phone. Only brand affinity of consumers cannot pay off every time but there must be something in the product you are offering. HTC and Motorola reflected some consumer requirements but now it should be recognized that it needed to change some of its functions.

Market needs to rearrange

To serf through applications is a tiring and irritating task. Sorting on the basis of rating or recently added is not available. The developers limited its release notes and introductory description to just 325 words. In this world limit the chances to explain the benefits of its features is restricted. Read the full story

Top 10 Best Music Android Apps

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Android introducing large number of apps for android lovers and many lovers want to enjoy music on their mobile phone such as android phones. So in this article I arrange top ten android apps for music, I hope you will like it.

01: Pandora-an enduring genres music app

Pandora is one of the best android app for music and very entreating for the android user. Through this app you can create radio stations for your favorite songs as well as for your favorite artist.

02: Rhapsody Read the full story

Best Android Applications

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In 2008, when T-Mobile launched very first Android powered handset (G1) it looked as a small revolution in world of apps and it really did a good business also. But past few months are going good for Google.Android Applications

Recently several new high profile Androids handsets like Motorola Droid, HTC Hero and Motorola Cliq had changed the whole scene. It made the initial stream of apps into a flowing river. Now there are over 10,000 apps and counting, as Google’s Android Marketplace presents applications almost about everything. Something that really makes difficult for us that what we choose.

As every body haves his own choice and favorite applications differs from person to person, keeping that thing in mind, I made the categories of different favorite applications so that the new users can get an initial guide to get more from their phones.

These categories are:

Top Android Apps

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Android is now the ruling mobile operating system, as it is entirely open source and each day, new applications are being constantly added to its platform, making it the most flexible mobile OS ever. Though it has been around just for a year or so, it’s applications market has grown tremendously and each day developers are adding to the ever growing list of applications, that could make your cellular life a lot more fun and exciting than just mere phone calls and text messages. It is therefore hard to keep any standard list of which app is the best and which ones score the top ten charts, as each user states his own experience with the various apps. However, here is a brief look into some of Android’s top apps, compiled from hundreds of Android apps.

1). Internet browsers: One of the most innovative ideas is that of integrating browsers such as the Opera Mini and Dolphin browsers to the cell phones. This allows you to have full access to websites just like you do on any regular PC. It is not limited like built in traditional mobile browsers.

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What is Android?

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Mobile phones are now not limited to mere receiving and making calls, rather it has now become a whole gadget geared with all the tools of communication, music, internet browsing, multimedia applications and an entire virtual world within the palm of your hands. What makes this possible is the use of various mobile operating systems that helps a user to experience something more than traditional mobile services. One such operating system is the Android OS developed by Google and designed specially for mobiles, which aims to provide a rich experience for mobile phone users.

Android was built on the basis of developing applications that could make your mobile phone act like a mini PC, encouraging you to perform multimedia activities, without much of a hassle. Android is built on the open Linux Kernel and it integrates in itself a virtual machine that merges memory and hardware resources in a cell phone.

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HTC Legend Review

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The HTC Legend is a successor to the famous HTC Hero. Having almost similar specifications, there are some hardware differences present that include AMOLED display, aluminum body, faster CPU at 600MHz and increased amount of RAM, i.e. 384MB against 288MB.

If you compare the softwares, the Legend runs on Android version 2.1 and has an updated HTC Sense interface.

The handset has been created from solid metal, similar to the Nexus One. Although it doesn’t seem possible by looking at the design, but it is quite easy to remove the battery from the device.

Having a resolution of HVGA, the screen is 3.2 inches wide and supports multitouch, but doesn’t seem great when put in direct sunlight.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is a phone that truly doesn’t have any competitor in the market right now, that has the capability to meet its hardware specifications.

Being the first Android device from the manufacturer, the software has successfully attracted a lot of attention as well. Some of the main features that make the phone special include a 4 inch amazing screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor together with a 8.1 megapixel camera.

Due to the huge 4-inch display it carries, the phone is quite huge. However, the weight of the phone has been balanced properly making the cell phone easier to carry around.


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