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Top 30 Free Fast DNS Servers

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There are different problems that occur during browsing the internet. These problems are caused due to several reasons. Some times sites are working properly and fast. But some times there are some problems occur with our servers. Our servers open BSNL and opens DNS servers, so that they can update the server. To solve this problem, you can use DNS server to open any specific website.

DNS meaning

DNS is the abbreviation of Domain Name System. This is a computer language to define any address or URL.

The DNS is in short, defines the address of different websites. For example, if you type any website in the address bar of your browser, it will automatically find the DNS server so that it could connect with the website. Without the DNS server it is not possible to connect to any website. On DNS server demand the server answer that contains an IP address. This IP address actually determines the location of the source.

Use of different DNS, when DNS default is slow

This is a normal problem when domain is moved and ISP banned the server to connect with any website. In such a case you can not view the websites and content of the page.

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10 Best Add-ons – Making Firefox Private and Secure

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Everyone seems concerned about his Privacy and Security while browsing web, but not everyone knows how to stay secure and how to make things private. Many of you will already be using some software or different kind of tools to maintain their security, but here is a list of free add-on which are available to be used with Firefox. You may install and download them if they suits your needs. Sorry to users of IE, Safari and other web-browsers and I can not spend my time surfing for add-ons working on those browsers as well.


If you want to browse in a private mode, then you should go for Stealther. You will be provided an environment to browse the web which can note be traced. It temporary disables the following:

  • Browsing History (also in Address bar)
  • Cookies
  • Downloaded Files History
  • Disk Cache
  • Saved Form Information
  • Sending of ReferrerHeader
  • Recently Closed Tabs list

There are some other extensions available for Firefox which also let you browse securely but none of them is as good as Stealther. This is what is claimed by Stealther.

The add-on is affective on version 1.0 to 3.o of Firefox.You may download it from here

Close ‘n’ Forget

As the name suggests, just close the current tab and forget what you were browsing. Related cookies will also be closed as well as the full domain is also cleared. To clear the domain, configuration is required.

The add-on is effective for Firefox 2.0 and higher versions. You may download it from here


If you are looking for a shield which can warn you from risky websites which are scamming their visitors, or spending spam or delivering malware then you must give WOT (Web Of Trust) a try. WOT works as a front-line layer preventing your computer against online threats. WOT has color-coded icons which show you ratings of the websites. Just like a traffic signal, WOT is composed of three colors, each giving you a special meaning for a website. Lets understand what each color means for WOT:

  • Red: to stop
  • Yellow: caution
  • Green: to go; website is safe

WOT also lets you sets a protection level for children by blocking inappropriate content.

WOT works with Firefox 1.5 and above versions. You may download WOT from here.

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Windows Shortcuts and Commands

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Some people especially from DOS Era still think that here is life beyond GUI and mouse clicks. Keyboard is still a very productive tool for any OS. It makes life lot easier if you know the right keyboard shortcut for the job. A true IT guy is the one who can use windows just from the keyboard & even without the mouse if the need be so… & It is far less strain on your hand and wrist if you know even a few keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts and high precision mouse skills can become a killer combination and can even set the screen ablaze and leave your friends amazed…. try them … they are worth every minute you spend reading and memorizing them.

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