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Why Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a Failure

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Samsung has just added a new tablet to its lineup for Galaxy Tab Series. Its new edition is called Galaxy Tab 10.1. In my humble opinion, it is a total failure. A disaster for the company and disappointment to fans all over the world.

The design is good, sleek and stylish. But in an attempt to compete with iPad, It made loads of compromises on functionality and usability. It is not a phone and its not a computer as well, so what is it good for? Browsing the internet! Yeah, you can do that on it.samsung-galaxy-tablet-10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has Flash enabled browser. That’s great. But the good news stops here… For everything else, you need an adapter.  I hate lists but here is my list of things I hate and love about new tablet.

Things I Love about Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  1. Its Andriod 3.0 HoneyComb
  2. It has WiFi Built-in
  3. It has Flash Support so web browsing is great
  4. It is light-weight
  5. It is slim
  6. It is cheap
  7. It multi-touch

Things I hate about Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  1. It has short battery Life
  2. Back Camera is 3.0 Mega Pixel and front is 2.0
  3. No GPS
  4. No Mobile Network
  5. No 3G Network , No Edge Connectivity
  6. No USB Port
  7. No SD Card Slot
  8. No HDMI Output
  9. Non Standard Charger Cable 30pin
  10. No Stylus
  11. No TV out Cable

So verdict is out, I have 11 reasons to hate and only 7 to love the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. I will not have it even if someone pass it as a gift to me.

Hackers Can Install Android On iPhone

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There is a buzz going on over the internet that some hackers have successfully exploited a weakness present in the iPhone, by managing to install the Google open source Android operating system into the iPhone.

The hackers have successfully installed Android OS 1.6 on the original iPhone, forming a multi OS device that will be capable of running both the older versions of two of the biggest smartphone operating systems.

The whole process can be seen on a You Tube video, with a step by step process explaining the complete procedure. However, it does not function that well as the camera fails to work and some apps might face some problem running.

Watch March Madness Games Live With Your iPhone

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For the first time, you can now watch March Madness games live with your iPhone, from anywhere over AT&T’s 3G network.

The application which is available on iTunes, will cost about $9.99, which is twice as much as the last year’s version that was available on limited WiFi networks.

Good news is that a free, limited version, which has been sponsored by Microsoft has also been provided that supports on-demand video highlights from every game, live scores, and and news coverage.

Solar Charger Case For iPhone

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The huge variety of apps available for the iPhone depict its extensive usage. Although we all love to play on our iphones and use its wide range of apps, we have to cute down our entertainment time due to low battery. And especially when you are traveling and want to kill some time, the low battery can lead to a real mood swing.

Good news is that a new solar battery charger has been created by Novolink, named Surge solar iPhone case.

Available for $80 only, the Surge case can be used as a solar charger and a case. The integrated solar panels give an output of about 5.5 volts in full sunlight.

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Apple iPad Available For Pre-Order

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In order to expand its sales beyond the iPhone and iPod, Apple has begun taking pre-orders for its iPad multimedia tablet from now onwards.

According to the company, customers who order one of three Wi-Fi versions of the device, will be able to receive their device on April 3rd, no matter whether it is for home delivery or store pickup. However, reservation is limited to two per customer only.

Best Tech Gadgets To Present On Valentine’s Day

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Although you might be thinking that February 14th is still days away, but time flies quickly and before you know it, valentines day will be here.

So, what to get for your loved one this valentines? Some people go for heart-shaped boxes of candies, others choose sweet things like cute, plush toys, but according to us, there is nothing like a nice cell phone to keep you connected at all times.

Therefore, here is a list of some of the trendy phones that your loved one will surely find irresistible.

Apple iPhone 3GS

Ok, all phones apart, there is nothing like the iPhone 3GS. Giving you endless hours of entertainment with thousands of apps, superb web browsing capabilities and awesome user experience, it is the best present anyone can give, i.e. if you can afford it.

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Now Video VOIP Calls Over iPhone 3G

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Apple focused its attention on iPad at Wednesday’s press event, and it was not an ordinary announcement only, but was affected immediately. Apple surrendered its restriction from VoIP calls over 3G data network on the iPhone, and to reflect the allowance also changed the SDK. So now your carrier also has to allow Voice over-IP calls to work over 3G in supplement to Wi-Fi. And AT&T got the board first in U.S.

The iCall application got the ground and they are first to announce the 3G compatibility news to its VoIP users. Fring, Skype, SIP with voice and chat applications, and also video calls application soon will follow iCall. To check the Fring reliability we turned off the Wi-Fi and then made few calls.

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Google Nexus One Review

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The Nexus One is the most talked-about Android phone. It is fast becoming the best Android phone for two reasons: Hardware and software.

In spite of the growing buzz, it’s not really ground-breaking. Not because of the way it’s being sold as it is convinced that Google will soon allow it for use on the Verizon network. But people have been doing this for years by buying unlocked GSM phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson and hooking them on to any GSM provider. It’s just not an incredible step forward like people were expecting.


The Nexus One—built for Google by HTC—has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB RAM, 32GB-capable microSD slot, a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display at 800×480, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and 720×480 video capture @ 20FPS, dual microphones for noise canceling and a trackball. There is no slide-out keyboard—everything’s done with the onscreen virtual keyboard.

On paper, those specs are impressive. In actuality, each bit has its own quirk that makes the Nexus One less than perfect and just good. The 5-megapixel camera is built by HTC in such a way that the bezel around the ring juts out noticeably from the otherwise smooth back. The bulge protrudes just enough to either scratch surfaces that it’s placed on, like your glass table or your laptop, or even scratch the lens if you’re unlucky enough to rub it over something rough.

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