VoIP an Innovative Technology

Posted on 13 October 2011

VOIP that is Voice over Internet Protocol is set of protocols used for communication purpose. Transmission of voice over internet is procedure consist of multiple steps. These steps include signaling, conversion of analog signals to digital signals, encoding, packet transmission, over networks. This is one technology which has evolved in short period of time and change the face of communication all over the world.


Initially the VoIP based system was developed in 1990 by Israeli company named Vocaltec for the purpose of communication with the help of internet. After that by 1998 some commercial companies launched their PC to PC and Pc to Phone software based on VOIP technologies. As primarily these services were introduced as cost free services thus, large numbers of people were attracted and used these solutions. According to the statistics VoIP based calls were 1% of telephone calls by 1998 however this percentage increased up to 25% by 2003.

VoIP Technology

VoIP is real time broadcast of voice with the help of internet connection. Voice signals are basically analog type of signals. With the help of VoIP technology these analog signals are converted to digital signals. The digital signals are transmitted over long distance with the help of internet protocols. These digital signals are in form of packets. Voice packets contain source and destination information along with voice data. The address of destination helps the packets to detect right network. When reach to destination these voice packets are decompressed. VoIP technology has reduced the cost of long distance communication and revolutionized the industry of IP Telephony.


It was first realized by Corporations the importance of VOIP technology and its potential advantages to global business. Free online communication has been one of the biggest blessings of technology. Telephone was used as only quickest means of communication over long distance for long time. Due to the reason it had cost hundreds of dollars monthly to people. With the introduction of computer technology along with IP telephony this cost is reduced to great extent. Why should people pay extra money for telephone services when computer along with DSL can serve the both purpose.

VOIP technology is not only beneficial for home users but it is also of great advantage for business, corporations and industry of technology. Industry related to VOIP technology has earned huge profits by releasing software and hardware required for IP Telephony. One such example is VOIP based software SKYPE which has been recently bought by Microsoft worth 8.5 billion dollars.

On the other hand people related to other business are using this technology to expand their business globally. Video conference, online voice interviews, meetings with the help of VOIP based software are important business tools nowadays.


As IT technology is growing leaps and bounds. However, there are still many parts of the world where computers and technology is still new to people. It is difficult to attain full advantage of technology without understanding the concept. This is the reason due to which VOIP is still not known terminology in many parts of the world. Like broadband is still not available in many rural areas of US. In these areas voice communication over internet is still not appreciated.

Mode of Transmission

Broadband is the primary need of VoIP communication. As there is lots of transmission and conversion of digital signals takes place in this technology therefore, broadband can support the system. In case of other connections like dial up there is lots of disturbance and delay transmission of signals has been observed. Quality of signal depends on system and mode of transmission of signal. This requirement of technology has increased the cost of VoIP communication; however, this is one time cost.

With all its advantages and disadvantages VOIP is still one technology which has influenced the telecommunication industry to great deal. VoIP Technology is milestone in the world of communication and evidence that there is a lot more to come in world of technology.

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