The 10 Best iPad Apps for Business

Posted on 05 October 2011

iPad is one of the hottest and best selling device by Apple. Their of thousands of business apps available at iTunes which are exclusively developed for iPad. If you are a business person, then you will probably find these apps very handy with your business. Here is a list of Top 10 best business apps for iPad.

1. AirDisplay 1.2 for iPad

You can now turn your iPad into a second LCD for your MAC or Personal Computer. AirDisplay 1.2 can cater you outlook account and also your twitter account and can put them on the screen as long as your iPad is attached with your other media device.

2. Bento

With over 25 different database templates, Bento has proved to be a very useful assistant for your business matters. You can organize your business related stuff in this database system very easily. Its easy to use interface allows even common people to maintain their activities in an efficient manner.

3. Calculator for iPad Free

Calculator may be counted as the basic need in every sort of business. Now you can carry your calculator everywhere with you in your iPad. The simple and scientific modes can be selected as per need. The user friendly interface with large screen allows the user to operate it very easily. 

4. Citrix Go To My PC

This is a very handy app as you can control your computer with you computer through your iPad with this amazing app. When you are away and you are worried about your work on computer, this app will help you to keep in touch with your computer. Although it lacks the multi-tasking feature but still it is good enough to be in your iPad. 

5. Dragon Dictation

This is an internet enabled app. You will no longer need your personal assistant to write notes that you dictate him or her, as you can now dictate all your important notes on this app and it will transform the voice signals into text. You can also send or receive emails and use facebook through this awesome app. 

6. Dropbox for iPad

Keep all your important files in organized manner with Dropbox.

This app keeps all the files synchronized and combined. However no file editing feature is available in this app which makes it a little bit less efficient but still you can do a lot with this handy app.

7. FileMaker Go

If you are on the move and you have to urgently make some files or charts, you can do it with the help of your iPad by using the FileMaker Go app. You can store a huge numbers of files in the database and can access any time when required.

8. GoodReader

You can now create and share your text documents from your iPad. The best thing about GoodReader is that, it is internet enabled, so that you can share your text files any time if you have access to WiFi.

9. iWork for iPad

iWork suit is one of the most handy business apps on iTunes. Any sort of work related to business, whether it is a text file or a chart or even a presentation, you can handle all through this amazing app.

10. Jobs

This is the best job hunting app developed for iPad. If you are in need of a job or you want to advertise for a vacancy in your firm, you can easily do this through Jobs.

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